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Hiring managers often have to look over hundreds of applications before calling candidates for interviews. Every hopeful jobseeker wants their resume to shine, but in order for yours to stand apart from the herd, you must master the craft of resume writing. Our loan officer resume template for Word has writing tips and examples you can reference when editing your rough draft into something more polished like the resume below. All the important sections are covered: your summary statement, skills, work history and education.

Loan Officer Example Resume

Writing Your Summary Statement

A strong resume should begin with an enticing introduction. Think of your summary statement as a short blurb outlining your best attributes, skills and experiences. This is your big chance to make a good first impression, so you should strive to go all the way. Tailor it to the job description you’re interested in by reading that posting closely to identify keywords and required skills.

Our loan officer resume template for Word has valuable examples you can study when writing your perfect summary statement. Note that it should be contained to only three sentences or three bullet points. It is also suggested you include the following:

  • Your professional job title with years of experience

  • Strongest two or three skills and abilities

  • A professional trait or accomplishment

Example 1

Enthusiastic loan officer with over 10 years’ experience providing mortgage solutions to clients. Customer-oriented, with a high sales record and personable demeanor. Knowledgeable about the home buying process and lending options.

Example 2

Experienced loan officer with 5 years of experience consulting with clients about their home buying options. Highly personable professional who enjoys assisting clients through every step, from application to closing. Leader capable of motivating a team.

Example 3

  • Three years of sales experience, including team leadership

  • Highly competitive, with excellent communication skills

  • Personable consultant knowledgeable in industry lending and refinancing

Example 4

  • 20 years of mortgage sales experience

  • High sales record; consistently awarded top earner

  • Excellent communicator with competitive drive

Writing Your Skills Section

This section dives deeper into your professional abilities. Like the summary statement, it should be easily scannable and contain compelling keywords and phrases pulled from the job description, along with a few of your own additions. Don’t worry about bogging this section down with complete sentences. Simply reference our loan officer resume template for Word to learn how you can make your resume stand out just by using bullet points. Remember to

  • Keep your list between six and eight bullet points

  • Stay general – specific accomplishments will be explained in the next section

  • List the skills most vital to the position first

A loan officer job often requires a skill set similar to this example:

  • National SAFE test certified

  • Excellent communication, both verbal and written

  • Highly competitive, with excellent salesmanship skills

  • Adaptable and motivated team leader

  • Ability to thrive both independently or with a team

  • Strong organizational skills

  • Excellent problem-solving abilities

Writing Your Work History Section

Your work history section is the meat of your resume. It should be longer than all the other sections. Your specific accomplishments and experiences are briefly outlined in bullet-point form for your current and past positions. Taking the time to craft compelling descriptions shows hiring managers that you are able to perform the skills you’ve outlined. Our loan officer resume template for Word can get you started on putting your best foot forward.

Here are some tips on writing a quality work history section:

  • Include a formal job title, the name of the company, its location and the duration of your employment

  • Include at least two former positions, three if you’re experienced

  • Limit your descriptions to five to eight bullet points per position

  • Start each point with an action verb

  • Include specific metrics, important achievements and awards

Compare your loan officer bullet descriptions with these excellent examples:

  • Educated potential clients on their home mortgage options

  • Sold an average of five loan products per week, earning recognition as a top salesman in 2013

  • Assisted clients through application and refinancing paperwork

  • Coached a team of seven sales professionals, providing feedback

Writing Your Education Section

You should conclude your resume with an easy-to-read education section at the bottom of the page. While some positions stress educational requirements more than others, a poorly written section will almost surely be noticed by recruiters. Use our loan officer resume template for Word to learn how to craft an effective summary of your background.

Follow these best practice guidelines:

  • Start with your highest level of education

  • Include certifications, trainings and memberships

  • Don’t include your high school, and avoid mentioning your GPA unless you recently graduated

Example 1

University of Iowa – Iowa City, IA

Bachelor of Science in Management – May 2012

Courses: Effective Sales Techniques, Consumer Home Lending, Economics 101

Example 2

Michigan State University – Lansing, MI

Bachelor of Arts in History – May 2010

Certification: National SAFE test through the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System – Harper Community College – July 2010

Membership: American Association of Home Financing – 2012

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