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A Fraud Analyst is the person in charge of investigating fraud crimes like theft and forgery for customers on behalf of their bank. If you want to become a Fraud Analyst, then focus on creating an excellent objective statement. Be sure to highlight any experience you’ve had as well as your specific skills to give employers a picture of you. This is the first section they read, so remember to make it clear and confident.

What the Fraud Analyst Resume Objective Should Tell Prospective Employers


Fraud Analysts investigate fraud crimes for customers. They have the ability to trace transactions made and they can monitor all account activity. They must then determine if the customer is at risk and if there are any suspicious transactions occurring. A good skill to have as a Fraud Analyst is exceptional attention to detail to be able to catch things others may not. They must also have an inquisitive mind so they know to ask to proper questions. If a Fraud Analyst is working over a long period of time, they must have the ability to determine unusual patterns. They may utilize software to do their jobs as well.

Sample Fraud Analyst Resume Objectives


Add a company name to your objective statement to show an employer that you want to work for them. Here are some example resume objectives:

1. Obtain a Fraud Analyst position with (company name) that will enable the use of exceptional attention to detail and research and technical skills.

2. A detail-oriented, organized individual with 10+ years of experience investigating fraud cases looking to secure a Fraud Analyst position with (company name).

3. Looking for a position as a Fraud Analyst with (company name) that can successfully utilize experience in the field as well as technical skills and attention to detail.

4. Seeking employment with (company name) as a Fraud Analyst where an individual can utilize five years of experience as well as technical and research skills.

5. A hard-working, dedicated individual who cares about customers’ protection and has exceptional attention to detail searching for a Fraud Analyst position with (company name).

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