Electrical Contractor Resume Objective Example

Electrical contractors provide their expertise to install and maintain electrical systems in buildings, houses and industrial structures. Your resume objective should highlight your talents, knowledge and experience in electrical systems and communication. Prospective employers focus on the objective more than any other part of the resume, so use this opening statement to clearly convey your qualifications.

What The Electrical Contractor Resume Objectives Should Tell Prospective Employers

While every state’s licensing requirements differ, Electrical Contractors have usually completed an intensive apprenticeship program that covers training in work safety, electrical theory and National Electrical Code. Job duties and hours can vary widely, including administrative work, customer service, installation, maintenance and continuing education. Successful contractors have effective communication skills, both verbally and in writing, allowing them to work productively with a range of clients. Your resume should emphasize both practical experience and communication abilities. The right combination of these traits shows hiring managers that you are the best-qualified candidate for the position.

Sample Electrical Contractor Resume Objectives

When applying for an Electrical Contractor position, always include the name of the company to show genuine interest in working for them. Use your objective statement to highlight qualifications, experience and skills. Here are a few examples;

1. Efficient electrical systems specialist seeks Electrical Contractor position with ABC company that enables use of exceptional knowledge in commercial wiring, electrical safety and system maintenance to successfully install new systems.

2. Seeking position as Electrical Contractor with ABC company to support safe and efficient construction through demonstration of code and regulation knowledge, safe installation practices and extensive experience in industrial systems installation and maintenance.

3. Electrical expert with 10+ years experience installing and maintaining electrical systems seeks position with ABC company to provide efficient, high-quality installation as Electrical Contractor.

4. Obtain position as Electrical Contractor with ABC company that enables utilization of 8+ years of field experience, extensive knowledge of electrical safety practices and effective communication skills to perform regular maintenance on company buildings.

5. Experienced, efficient electrician seeks position with ABC company as Electrical Contractor to perform installation on new projects utilizing exceptional knowledge of electrical theory and field experience for safe and efficient system development.

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