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Research-oriented institutions like universities, government agencies and other private organizations often rely heavily on the help of research assistants, many of whom go on to lengthier careers as full-fledged researchers.

That’s one reason why research assistants have long been in-demand, and continue to be so. To help you land one of these critical roles, LiveCareer’s team of certified resume writers have crafted research assistant resume examples that make clear which skills and qualifications hiring managers seek. Here we’ll explain how these and more of our services will help get you hired.


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What is a Research Assistant ?

Research assistants work under the guidance of a lead or senior researcher to conduct various technical and administrative duties. This can include assisting to prepare reports, manuscripts and presentations related to research. It may also entail lab experimentation, data collection, maintaining research documents and more. Needless to say, their contributions to the field are significant.

Research assistants commonly find work in scientific, economic or other business-related fields. They typically require a bachelor’s degree related to their specific field. Many graduate students simultaneously work as research assistants to enhance their field knowledge and later pursue a research-oriented career path.

What Makes This a Great
Research Assistant Resume Example?

To convince recruiters of your capability as a research assistant, you need to have a strong resume. Our research assistant resume example is crafted by certified resume writers who know what your role requires. You can rely on this example as a guide to write a resume that will land you the job you want.

Here’s how our resume example can help you write a resume:

  • Pre-written professional content: A resume is your professional life summed up, and recruiters decide whether or not to interview you based on this summary. Our resume example provides expertly worded content using key phrases relevant to each role, like “numerical modeling” and “technical writing” in this example. Use these as inspiration for writing your own resume, or check out our Resume Builder for additional assistance and pre-written content.
  • Help choosing a formatright for you: A research assistant should arrange the sections of their resume according to their level of experience. The resume example above uses a combination format that displays the applicant’s skills just above their also-emphasized work experience. Once they’ve spent more years in their field, a more experience-centric chronological format may better suit them.
  • A wide array of templates: Research assistants can work in various industries, and our builder makes it easy to choose a template for any industry. Keep in mind, however, that researchers often work in academic or other more formalized fields, so a more traditional resume template may be wiser.

3 Research Assistant Professional Summary Examples

A professional summary should highlight your skills and experience in a concise and captivating way. You can use our research assistant resume example as inspiration to write your own, or use our Resume Builder to customize a pre-written professional summary crafted by certified resume writers to grab a recruiter’s attention.

Here are three examples of professional summaries we might suggest for you:

  1. Enthusiastic research assistant with two years’ experience in healthcare research. Experienced in preparing questionnaires, data collection, summarizing interviews and report generation. Regularly read medical literature for self-enrichment and write bi-weekly blog posts on said topics.
  2. Inquisitive graduate with two years of experience in global finance, pursuing master’s degree in business administration. Experienced in data collection and analysis, budget analysis and report compilation. Proficient in SQL, MS Excel and PowerPoint. Collaborative with excellent communication skills.
  3. Entry-level research assistant seeking opportunities in agricultural research. Possess excellent organizational and record-keeping skills. Familiar with four distinct statistical modeling and mapping tools. Proficient in QuickBooks, MS Excel and SQL.

3 Research Assistant Work Experience Examples

While many of a research assistant’s qualifications will be based on academic experience, it’s important to properly highlight any relevant work experience you have. Use our resume example to outline your own page, or take advantage of our Resume Builder to write and customize your resume in minutes.

Here are three work history examples our builder might recommend for a research assistant resume:

  1. Presented research progress to board and secured additional $10,000 in grant funding to expand research parameters.
  2. Developed a data model to avoid data duplication that increased efficiency of post-analysis and strategies, and reduced analysis time by 28%.
  3. Maintain thorough documentation and accurately proofread nearly a dozen reports per semester to maintain research integrity.

Top Skills for Your Research Assistant Resume

A research assistant should always ensure their resume includes skills sought by recruiters. Our resume example are full of skills recommended by our team of certified resume writers. You can also explore a long list of skills related to research assistant roles via our Resume Builder.

Here are some skills you our builder might recommend:

Hard Skills

  • MS Excel
  • Data collection
  • Math and Statistics
  • Data analysis

Soft Skills

  • Communication
  • Organization
  • Ethical and objective approach
  • Teamwork

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Research Assistant FAQs

What are some benefits of working as a research assistant?

Research assistants work under the guidance of seasoned researchers. You can acquire expert knowledge as a research assistant and even approach researchers for mentorship. Working as a research assistant early in your career gives you exposure to your field that is beneficial while seeking future research-oriented jobs or studies. It is also an excellent opportunity to develop your network with senior researchers and funding organizations.

Is in-depth knowledge required for the role of a research assistant?

Research assistants are not necessarily responsible for the outcome of a research project and regularly receive guidance. This means that while their mentors and senior researchers do require in-depth knowledge about relevant subjects, research assistants typically need only foundational knowledge of the subject they’re helping research.

How much work experience is considered sufficient for this role?

Research assistants are often hired without traditional work experience, though relevant knowledge of a particular field may be necessary. Organizations often accept graduate students in these roles. Candidates should still have excellent communication, organizational and observational skills,and be proficient with basic technical tools required for research.