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Store managers are responsible for overseeing the daily operations of retail stores, from supervising employees to managing inventory. With minimal entry and education requirements, right now could be a good time to search for this kind of role. Our store manager resume examples outline job-specific experience and skills most in demand by hiring managers, so you can start your career search off on the right foot.


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What Is a Store Manager?

Store managers are responsible for directing the daily operations of a variety of stores, including clothing, food, electronics and other types of retail locations. Critical tasks often include managing inventory, preparing staff schedules, monitoring daily sales and analyzing activity reports to reach sales goals. Store managers are often in charge of handling potentially difficult customer interactions, such as complaints and refund requests. Store managers collaborate with employees, sales representatives, customers and vendors on a regular basis. They also meet with store owners and other management on a regular basis to discuss sales objectives and goals.

What Makes This a Great
Store Manager Resume Example?

Whether you’re seeking your first role as a store manager or have many years of experience, you’re likely looking for a job that offers work-life balance and opportunities for career advancement. With our store manager resume examples, you can create a resume that showcases your qualifications in the best light possible. Here’s how they’ll help hone your resume:

  • Professionally written content: In this resume example, the job seeker offers compelling language like “Recommends merchandise based on customers’ wants and needs.” This is an effective use of the content crafted by our resume experts, as it highlights their experience in tangible terms.
  • Proper resume format: This example resume belongs to a job seeker who already has managerial experience. Fittingly, they chose a chronological format to highlight those relevant experiences. If the applicant was less experienced, a functional or combination format might have been more appropriate, as those emphasize skills more than a work history timeline.
  • Picking appropriate temples: Your resume’s style should reflect the position and industry to which you’re applying. The resume template chosen for this example is effective because it’s clean, sophisticated and professional, with just a pop of color to grab a recruiter’s attention.

3 Store Manager Professional Summaries Examples

The professional summary is one of the most important components of any resume. It highlights your most relevant experience and accomplishments in one location right at the top of the resume. In addition to our resume examples, our resume builder can assist you in writing a compelling professional summary by offering phrasing suggestions you can personalize using your own information.

Here are three examples of what our builder might suggest:

  1. Dedicated store manager with five years of experience providing employee oversight, store expansion, sales management and customer service. Proven success in designing store strategies to prevent loss and increase sales. Maintains a positive, logical attitude in high-pressure situations.
  2. Seasoned store manager with extensive experience in merchandising, pricing and inventory. Effective leader skilled in developing and training highly productive, sales-driven teams. Proven ability to establish rapport with clients, gain trust, and encourage repeat business.
  3. Entry-level professional seeking employment as a store manager. Dedicated individual with over five years of experience as a retail sales associate in clothing and electronics stores. Strong background in customer service, sales and business management.

3 Store Manager Work Experience Section Examples

Our store manager resume examples show job seekers how a strong work experience should look in order to attract potential employers. To help you write your own experience section, our resume builder offers pre-written, industry-specific content for store managers that can be customized to reflect your specific experience and accomplishments. Here are several work history examples our builder might suggest for a store manager resume:

  1. Oversaw operations for leading general merchandise retailer with approximately $2 million in annual revenue.
  2. Devised and implemented a new inventory control system that reduced inventory loss results from 7% to 2% within a year.
  3. Addressed customer complaints professionally and tactfully, offering reimbursements when appropriate.


Top Skills for Your Store Manager Resume

Large retailers typically utilize applicant tracking software (ATS), systems that scan resumes to identify potential job candidates. Our builder helps you optimize your resume for an ATS by recommending the skills that are highly desired for store managers.

Here are some hard and soft skills that might help improve your store manager resume:

Hard Skills

  • Merchandising
  • Vendor management
  • Inventory planning
  • Recruiting and staffing experience

Soft Skills

  • Written and oral communication
  • Self-starter
  • Customer service
  • Detail-oriented

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Store Manager FAQs

What are the duties and responsibilities of a retail store manager?

Retail store managers are responsible for overseeing the daily operations of a single retail store or multiple retail locations. Their main job activities include managing store staff, scheduling employees, achieving financial and sales goals, performing inventory management, communicating with vendors and interacting with customers. Store managers may also be responsible for establishing pricing policies and marketing merchandise.

What are the tasks and challenges of a store manager?

The tasks involved with being a store manager include overseeing employees, maintaining inventory, achieving sales goals, merchandising and interacting with customers. The challenges of being a store manager may include managing difficult employees, employee retention, establishing a consistent customer base, achieving high sales goals and maintaining an effective inventory system.

How do you become a store manager?

First, you will want to earn a high school diploma or an equivalent. Then gain experience as a retail salesperson or cashier to learn more about the industry. You can then continue to advance through an organization by becoming a department manager and eventually a store manager. Gaining a degree in business can also help you obtain a role as a store manager.