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The shipping and logistics industry has witnessed exponential growth globally in the last five years.According to a recent study by Martin Associates, the ports and shipping industry was responsible for 26% of the United States GDP in 2018. This growth has increased demand for professionals such as logistics coordinators who are adept in handling and monitoring logistics and supply chain operations.

To build a career in this field, you can use our logistics coordinator resume examples to write a strong resume for yourself which will help you get noticed by the recruiters.


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What is a Logistics Coordinator?

A logistics coordinator oversees and facilitates supply chain operations at a shipping or logistics company. They assume responsibility for managing all aspects of shipping routes and delivery and ensuring smooth operations. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 188,200 jobs existed for logisticians in 2019, making this a role with opportunities for interested job seekers.

What Makes This a Great
Logistics Coordinator Resume Example?

Landing the role you want is about more than just being qualified. A well-written resume will help you make a strong first impression with a recruiter by showing your most impressive qualifications. A certified resume writer writes our logistics coordinator resume example to show you all the elements that make up a powerful resume.

Here how our resume examples will be useful in writing your logistics coordinator resume:

  • Professionally written resume content: Learning how to articulate to hiring managers that you have the right mix of skills and experience is critical to landing a logistics coordinator role. Our resume writers understand the industry and wrote the logistics coordinator resume example above to show you the keywords and phrases hiring managers look for in top candidates. For more help writing your resume, use our Resume Builder, which offers pre-written content suggestions for every section of your resume.
  • Applicable resume format: Choosing the right resume format is critical to putting your most impressive credentials front and center. The resume example above uses the combination format, which is ideal for a professional who wants to show off their work experience and impressive skill sets. Senior or entry-level candidates may choose a chronological or functional resume format to highlight their skills and qualifications better.
  • Industry-appropriate designs: Logistics is a fairly conservative field, which means it’s likely a good idea to use a buttoned-up resume template, like the examples above. However, if you are applying for a logistics coordinator in a more creative field, consider selecting a more colorful, creative design from our library of resume templates.

3 Logistics Coordinator Professional Summary Examples

The professional summary is the first thing a recruiter reads while assessing a candidates resume. Therefore, it of utmost importance to write a compelling professional summary that will impress recruiters and entice them to read your entire resume.

Study our logistics coordinator resume example to see what a strong professional summary looks like, or consider these three additional examples:

  1. Experienced logistics coordinator with a strong eye for details. Qualified in inventory management and data-based analytics. Proficient at identifying redundancies in the supply chain system and streamlining operations to ensure smooth functioning. Adept at handling and communicating with various logistics staff.
  2. Detail-oriented logistics coordinator with years of work experience at a multinational shipping company. Well-versed with the concepts of logistics and transport industry. Adept at coordinating with numerous internal divisions and external agencies to ensure rapid, accurate, and timely delivery of shipments.
  3. Dynamic and dedicated logistics coordinator with a penchant for solving problems and achieving goals. Committed to enhancing operational efficiency and adept at working within a team setting. Possess in-depth knowledge of supply chain management with excellent communication abilities and computer competencies.

3 Logistics Coordinator Work Experience Examples

Your work experience section plays a vital role in showing potential employers the concrete ways you contributed to a previous employer’s success and what you will bring to the table if hired. To show off their accomplishments, applicants should focus on including measurable achievements and skills by using data and metrics to land their desired position.

Our logistics coordinator resume example shows you how. Here are three work experience examples to use for inspiration:

  1. Managed and oversaw the scheduling of approximately 100 trucks daily for a well-regarded national transport company.
  2. Monitored shipments and coordinated with delivery staff every day to ensure on-time, accurate deliveries with a success rate of 85%.
  3. Developed a new reliable tracking system that reduced delivery times by 10% and reduced the time required to locate lost parcels by three days.

Top Skills for Your Logistics Coordinator Resume

The skills section of your resume should be to the point and concise. Our Resume Builder can provide you with an extensive list of hard and soft skills to add to your logistics coordinator resume to attract hiring managers.

Here are some skills that our builder might recommend for your logistics coordinator resume:

Hard Skills

  • BOL, AES filings
  • ERP systems
  • Inventory management
  • Failure analysis program

Soft Skills

  • Communication and interpersonal skills
  • Multitasking
  • Attention to detail
  • Collaboration and customer service

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Logistics Coordinator FAQs

What is the minimum education qualification required to get the job of a logistics coordinator?

There is no specific minimum education qualification required for a logistics coordinator’s job the company itself determines the requirements. Generally, companies like to hire candidates who are at least graduates for this role. Large logistics or shipment companies may want a B.Sc. or B.A. degree in business administration, supply chain management, or a relevant field.

What are some primary responsibilities of a logistics coordinator?

Coordinating and monitoring supply chain operations, optimizing logistics and shipment procedures, and ensuring effective communication between different supply chain channels are the primary responsibilities. They also need to train and coordinate with logistics staff, supervise orders, manage inventory, communicate with suppliers, retailers and customers, and maintain logs and records of stocks and orders.

What are the challenges a logistics coordinator may face?

While a career in the logistics and supply chain industry is exciting, there are challenges. You may be asked to work across varied locations as there is no standardized work setting in this sector. Also, you may have to work in a high-pressured environment as the operations within the company would be highly dependent on you. Moreover, there is very little scope of error in this field as it might cause an unusual pause or delay in operations.