Personal Trainer Resume Examples

Personal trainers work in health clubs, recreation centers, yoga centers, and even visit homes depending on the requirements of the client. They may work on weekends and holidays. Employers and individual customers prefer to hire personal trainers with proper training and certifications.

Only one in three adults in the U.S. get the recommended amount of physical activity each week. With many Americans now taking the need for physical fitness seriously, the demand for personal trainers has increased. We’ll show you how to write an attention-grabbing resume to secure a job in this growing field.


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What is a Personal Trainer ?

Personal trainers are individuals who have earned specific training and certifications that demonstrate their level of competency to create and deliver effective and safe exercise programs for individuals to improve their fitness. Personal trainers focus on a healthy lifestyle and oversee fitness programs in gyms, health clubs, outdoors or in private homes.

The projected growth for personal trainers from 2018 to 2028 is anticipated to be 11%, which is much faster than average. Personal trainers are enthusiastic and supportive champions of physical fitness, and are geared towards improving the health and wellness of their clients.

What Makes This a Great
Personal Trainer Resume Example?

Our personal trainer resume example is drafted by a team of professional resume writers with a thorough understanding of what recruiters seek in top candidates. Study our example to learn how to write your own strong personal trainer resume.

Here’s how our personal trainer resume examples can give you an edge over the competition:

  • Professionally-written content: Our personal trainer resume example uses industry-specific keywords that you can use as inspiration as you draft your resume. Or, use our Resume Builder, which offers pre-written text suggestions that will make your resume shine. Use keyword recommendations like “post-rehab exercise specialist certification” and “Experienced in improving motor development,” as-is, or write your own.
  • Choosing the right format: The example provided here is a combination resume that both highlights the applicant’s significant skill set, and provides a detailed work experience section. This format is great for a mid-career professional who wants to demonstrate to recruiters that they meet all the necessary criteria to be successful as a personal trainer.
  • Appropriate template selection: Personal trainers work with professionals from various industries and also work in various health and fitness centers, premium clubs, gyms and private homes. Our Resume Builder allows you to choose the template design that best suits the company, individual or facility that you want to work with.

3 Personal Trainer Professional Summary Examples

A strong professional summary statement should make a great first impression since it can influence whether or not the recruiter reads the rest of your resume. Our resume examples show you how to write a clear and compelling professional summary.

Following are three summary statement examples from our Resume Builder that you can study as you draft your own personal trainer resume:

  1. Motivated personal fitness trainer with a proven record of helping clients of all ages get in shape and achieve their fitness goals. Ability to create focus in the minds of clients to help them adopt lifestyle choices necessary for a healthy and long life. Experienced working with people of all ages and fitness levels.
  2. Experienced personal trainer with 8 years of wellness experience across multiple health centers. Ability to motivate individuals and create a positive environment around the training programs. Improved health center revenue by 23% by creating new fitness programs and retaining clientele.
  3. Enthusiastic and friendly, entry-level certified personal trainer with experience helping private clients reach their fitness goals. Helped a family of four to reduce body mass to the acceptable range within six months by developing personalized fitness and diet programs to suit their individual requirements.



3 Personal Trainer Work Experience Examples

Our personal trainer resume example provides hand-picked, pre-written text recommendations to help you write your work experience section. You can personalize these recommendations to suit your own experience as you draft an eye-catching resume.

Below are three examples the Resume Builder might recommend for your personal trainer resume:

  1. Created a daily exercise and nutrition program for a client to reduce body mass index within healthy levels within nine months.
  2. Provided personal attention to maximize fitness and wellness goals for a group of 22 clients above the age of 55, and devised assessment methods to show their progress.
  3. Helped to increase the health center’s social media base by posting daily five-minute fitness programs through targeted marketing.

Top Skills for Your Personal Trainer Resume

As a personal trainer, your resume should instantly capture the attention of recruiters or clients by presenting your skills that align with the job you’re seeking. Our personal trainer resume example provides an extensive list of skills that are highly sought-after across the field.

Hard Skills

  • Certified ACE group health instructor
  • Expert knowledge of human anatomy
  • Nutrition counseling
  • Pilates and Bootcamp-style workouts

Soft Skills

  • Interpersonal skills
  • Discipline and time management
  • Pleasing and motivational personality
  • Creativity

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Personal Trainer FAQs

What are the certification options for personal trainers?

Professional certification is a mark of excellence and indicates that you follow a strict code of safety practices, which is very important in the fitness and health industry. Some of these certifications can be earned from the American Fitness Professionals and Associates (AFPA), the American Council on Exercise (ACE), the National Strength and Conditioning Association, the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and the National Council on Strength and Fitness (NCSF).

Where are personal trainers usually employed?

Personal trainers can be self-employed and start their own fitness and health centers. They can also operate as fitness instructors at various gyms, health clubs, bootcamps, athletic and sports performance centers, apartment complexes, and companies as part of their corporate-wellness programs.

What are some necessary traits to become a successful personal trainer?

To stand out in this competitive field, you need to develop certain traits. Being patient is one of the biggest assets of a personal trainer. You need to instruct clients and help them follow specific guidelines. To be successful in doing so, you need to be a good communicator. Personal trainers also need to be flexible to deal with different kinds of clients of different ages. It would also help to be approachable, as it’s a trait that will benefit your clients and your business. Being professional, punctual, organized, motivational and enthusiastic are some of the qualities that make a good personal trainer.