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Event planners are hired to conceptualize and organize events of all types to ensure that they go off without a hitch. They professionally arrange several types of events, like business conferences, summits, weddings and birthdays. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, meeting, convention and event planners accounted for 138,600 jobs in 2019 in the United States. Our event planner resume examples, written by certified resume writers, are designed to show you how to craft a resume that will help you land a job in this competitive field.


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What Is an Event Planner?

An event planner works with their clients to dream up and execute every facet of an event. From themes to decor, food arrangement to music, an event planner’s job is to make the client’s dream event a reality. They plan for the clients’ requirements from the ideation stage up until the event is complete.

Event planners are required to effectively plan corporate and private social events. These can include weddings, charity functions, parties, conferences and corporate meetings. For all events, the planner must oversee every detail to ensure a smooth and pleasant experience. Choosing vendors, reviewing proposals, finalizing the venue, arranging logistics, and planning decor, all while staying within the allocated budget, are some key responsibilities of an event planner.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, event planners require at least a bachelor’s degree with some work experience in the field in order to land most roles.

What Makes This a Great
Event Planner Resume Example?

Our event planner resume example, written by a certified resume writer, shows you how to capture a recruiter’s interest by succinctly showcasing your most relevant skills and qualifications in the best way possible.

Here’s how our event planner resume examples can help you write your own:

  • Samples of professionally-written content: Our event planner resume example was crafted by a professional resume writer who knows what hiring managers look for in top candidates. Study them to learn how to incorporate industry-specific keywords into your resume. For more help, use our Resume Builder, which offers pre-written content suggestions for every section of your resume.
  • Choice of resume format: The resume format you choose is a vital step in the resume creation process. Choose one that will best highlight what you’ll bring to the table based on your level of experience. also plays a vital role in ensuring the success of your resume. The resume above uses a combination format that is useful for mid-level candidates who want to put equal focus on their skills and work history. More or less experienced candidates should consider a different resume format.
  • Shows appropriate resume templates: Choose a resume template that reflects your industry. Since event planning is a creative and innovative field, a resume with a pop of color is suitable. Job seekers in more conservative fields should choose a more subdued resume template.

3 Event Planner Professional Summaries Examples

The professional summary is critical to getting a recruiter’s attention. It should highlight your most relevant work accomplishments and skills. Our resume example above provides an example of a strong professional summary.

Below are three additional examples to consider for your event planner resume:

  1. Energetic professional with eight years of experience in event planning. A notable achievement was planning an outdoor birthday party of 300 guests within a short deadline of 48 hours by leveraging my long-standing market connections and vendor relations. Track record of working efficiently under pressure brought me positive word-of-mouth publicity and five-star reviews from clients.
  2. An engaging event planner with four years of experience in social events planning. Experience in planning successful large-scale events with a focus on customer satisfaction. Developed a network of cost-competitive vendors to plan destination weddings in limited budgets. Strong communication and collaboration skills. Effective team leader responsible for managing a team of 10 people.
  3. Detail-oriented event planner with five years of experience in event planning. Specialize in organizing logistics using excellent communication and negotiation skills. Possess thorough knowledge of health, food and service regulations that ensures events comply with all statutory regulations and laws.

3 Event Planner Work Experience Section Examples

The work experience section of your resume is thoroughly read by recruiters to ascertain your suitability for the role. Our event planner resume examples show you how to highlight not just your tasks but the impact your work has had on the success of your organization.

Here are three work experience examples for event planners to consider:

  1. Organized a week-long corporate holiday tour for 150 people across four major cities in Europe.
  2. Organized an international business conference that saw the participation of more than 3,000 delegates and generated business deals worth approximately $400M.
  3. Track record of planning 20 luxury destination weddings across Europe and South Asia with an average budget of $1.5M.


Top Skills for Your Event Planner Resume

The skills section on your resume never goes unnoticed by hiring managers. Our Resume Builder helps you by providing an extensive list of keywords that can be used for your resume’s skills section. Here are some keywords that our Resume Builder might recommend:

Hard Skills

  • Budgeting
  • Vendor research
  • Contract preparation
  • Excel

Soft Skills

  • Communication
  • Problem-solving
  • Customer service
  • Active listening

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Event Planner FAQs

How do you write a resume for an event planner with no experience?

Focus on your transferable skills, or relevant skills you have gleaned through school, volunteering or work you’ve done outside the field of event planning. Concentrate on tasks you have completed that involved detailed planning and project management. Also mention special training that might be helpful in an event planning role, such as professional certifications in event planning.

How long should event planner resumes be?

The rule of thumb is to write one page for every decade of experience. So, if you have nine years of experience or less, your event planner resume should be one page. If you have ten  years of experience or more, you can expand your resume to two pages.

How do you write achievements on a resume for an event planner?

Adding data and metrics to your work experience section is the most effective way to show the value you added to your organization. For example, you might mention the number of parties and events you plan each year. Or, you might use numbers to demonstrate that you were able to come in under budget on a large project. Using data is eye-catching and a simple way to give concrete evidence of what you will bring to the table.