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Be it planning baby or bridal showers, weddings or corporate meetings, there’s always an event coordinator working behind the scenes to ensure that events happen successfully. They are specialists who have a vision, eye for detail and connections to all the right vendors to make an event special. The Houston Chronicle counts event coordinators among the best 30 jobs in the country.

To land a role in this competitive field, you’ll need to apply your eye for detail to your resume. Studying our event coordinator resume example can help. Written by a certified resume writer, it shows you how to draft a resume that will make an impression on recruiters.


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What is a Event Coordinator?

While they sometimes work on their own, most often an event coordinator is the point-person responsible for organizing and executing the broader directives of an event planner. From choosing vendors to managing contract negotiations and staff, the event coordinator is responsible for all the processes relating to an event’s smooth outcome. Scouting venues, maintaining relationships with clients, and creating invoices, are other responsibilities of an event coordinator.

Strong communication and time management skills are critical in this role. According to reports, 74% of respondents have conveyed that they successfully meet strict deadlines as an event coordinator each day.

What Makes This a Great
Event Coordinator Resume Example?

This event coordinator resume example, written by a certified resume writer, is designed to show you exactly how to craft a compelling resume. By studying the skills and experience that recruiters seek in a top candidate’s resume, you can write a resume that will help you reach your goal of getting hired.

Here’s what our event coordinator resume examples offer:

  • Job-specific content: Our resume examples use keywords relevant to the industry like “coordination,” “planning” and “contract structuring.” Use the example above as a guideline to write your own event coordinator resume, or for more help, use our Resume Builder to access pre-written content and job-specific keywords.
  • Helps you choose the right format: Choose the resume format that works best for your level of work experience. The example above uses a combination resume format, which is perfect for a candidate with several years of relevant work experience.
  • Example of an appropriate resume template: The design of your resume template should match the tone of the industry you work in. Since the event management industry is a creative industry, choosing a vibrant resume template, like the one above, makes sense. For more conservative industries, consider a more buttoned-up design.

3 Event Coordinator Professional Summary Examples

The professional summary should highlight your most impressive skills, training and experience in a few sentences to compel hiring managers to continue reading. Study our resume examples to learn how to write an effective professional summary.

Here are three additional professional summary examples to consider for your event coordinator resume:

  1. An event coordinator with three years of experience coordinating myriad events, including Christmas galas, weddings, birthdays and corporate getaways. Known for disciplined execution within deadlines and for stellar customer service. Three years of experience using event registration tools like EventBrite and Brushfire, setting up work dashboards for event monitoring. Expert-level MS Office skills.
  2. Dynamic event coordinator with experience of five years in the events industry, managing up to 12 annual conferences, including Startup World Grind Summit, SaaStr Annual and Collision. Extensive knowledge of the events industry-related norms with substantial experience in contract preparation. Excellent negotiation skills help me achieve cost-competitive deals and solicit more business.
  3. Seasoned event coordinator with 10 years of experience in the events industry with expertise in organizing music festivals and sports events. Experienced in dealing with service vendors and advertisers helps in glitch-free event execution. Strong computer, social media, and marketing skills help generate healthy sales and continually onboard new clients.

3 Event Coordinator Work Experience Examples

Your work experience section should show hiring managers not just what you have done in past roles but what impact your work had on your clients. Our event coordinator resume example shows you how to add data and metrics to your work experience section to accomplish this.

Below are three additional work experience section examples to consider for your event coordinator resume:

  1. Coordinated a three-day tech conclave at a Vegas holiday resort with an attendance of more than 2,000 top delegates and government executives.
  2. Specialize in managing cartoon-based birthday parties for up to 50 children using virtual reality games with their favorite characters like Wonder Woman, Captain America, the Hulk, for their entertainment.
  3. Organized a virtual fundraising event for a leading child rights advocacy group that attracted donations of over $2M.

Top Skills for Your Event Coordinator Resume

Event coordinators are expected to have a mix of hard and soft skills to excel in their job. Our resume examples provide some skills that recruiters seek on a resume. You can also use our builder to access a host of skills that are pertinent to this role.

Here are some of the skills to consider for your resume:

Hard Skills

  1. Contract negotiation
  2. Personnel management
  3. Budgeting
  4. EventBright and Brushfire

Soft Skills

  1. Communication
  2. Customer service
  3. Eye for detail
  4. Time management

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Event Coordinator FAQs

Who does an event coordinator work with?

Event coordinators have a very engaging role in the team. They assist the event planner, manage event coordinator assistants, and also coordinate with the administrative and legal teams at the office. Their work involves a lot of interaction with people outside the organization, too. They schedule meetings with clients, interact with guests, manage the staff, and handle vendors, like the caterers, security, and florists, to make any event successful.

What are the qualifications required to become an event coordinator?

Event coordinators require at least a high school diploma to get this job. However, most employers prefer hiring coordinators with a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in management or related fields. You can look for certification courses and specialization workshops to improve your execution skills. Employers give a lot of preference to internships and summer jobs too. With these on your resume you can pursue internships and volunteering work with reputed event management firms to enhance your skills and add to your work experience.

What are the pros of becoming an event coordinator?

As an event coordinator, you meet a lot of people. As a result, your network grows, and you learn the nitty-gritty of the profession. Apart from being the go-to person for all administrative work, you also get to travel extensively and explore new places. Further, you get to know the legal aspects behind events as you also are involved in contract preparation.