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Resident assistants, also known as resident advisors or community assistants, help students adjust to life in college dormitories. Tasked with making students’ on-campus living experience a pleasant one, resident assistants assume a leadership position and are typically selected from the student community itself.

Among the 115,200 resident advisors employed in the U.S. in 2019, resident assistants can be found in most colleges that value fostering a student-friendly atmosphere in their residence halls. If you’re a returning college student hoping to nab one of these opportunities yourself, use our resident assistant resume example as a writing guide to help you fill that role.


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What is a Resident Assistant?

Resident assistants are usually upperclassmen students who build inclusive environments and enforce university policy in on-campus residence halls. They’re responsible for students in a particular wing or a floor, where they typically also live. Resident assistants introduce new students to university life, counsel fellow residents regarding academic and personal issues, resolve student conflicts, provide emergency assistance, ensure residence hall safety and take steps to foster residents’ academic and social growth.

In other words, they’re every resident’s point person for any assistance they need. As of 2019, since they’re most often students themselves, resident assistants saw an average annual pay of $29,450 and rarely hold a college degree.

What Makes This a Great
Resident Assistant Resume Example?

Applying for a resident assistant role, you’ll be eyeing a position on which many other students may have set their sight. Build a resume that sets you apart from the rest by following our resident assistant resume example, crafted by certified resume writers.

Here are three advantages to using our resume examples:

  • Professionally crafted content: Our resident assistant resume example shows how to weave job-relevant phrases, such as “trained in emergency response,” and “prepare detailed infraction reports,”into your resume to grab a recruiter’s attention. You can also use our Resume Builder for even more pre-written content suggestions for each section of your resume.
  • Showcases solid format selection: Molding your resume in the format that best highlights your qualifications is a great way to leave the strongest impression possible on employers. The example above uses a combination resume format, which is perfect for mid-level applicants, as it puts equal importance on their work experience and skills sections.
  • The right template for the role: It’s wisest to choose a resume template that’s appropriate for the job at hand. Don’t stress too much about the design of your resume when submitting it for a resident assistant position, but be sure to pick whichever of our resume templates best suits the person mostly likely to read it over.

3 Resident Assistant Professional Summary Examples

The professional summary is the first part of a resume that recruiters typically read, and it sets the tone for how they’ll perceive the rest of your professional background. Craft a strong summary by referring to our resume examples, or borrow additional suggestions from our Resume Builder.

Here are three more example summaries to consider:

  1. Resident assistant with two years of experience and ability to foster positive social environments by organizing engaging house activities and stimulating group conversations. Experienced providing emergency medical aid. Possess strong communication skills and practice strict discipline while maintaining a friendly attitude with residents.
  2. Responsible individual with a year’s experience as a resident clerk. Excellent policy implementer with professional communication skills strengthened in the youth wing of the rotary club in Illinois. Outgoing person with a flair for mediating problems, and possess strong time management and organizational skills.
  3. Committed resident assistant with two years of experience managing a group of 47 residents. Experienced in counseling and conflict resolution. Available around the clock and have a track record of negotiating with college authorities to fully address all resident concerns. Possess strong social skills and can successfully balance work responsibilities with academics.

3 Resident Assistant Work Experience Examples

Your resume’s work experience section should showcase relevant past job duties and measurable accomplishments that speak to your success in those roles. Write a strong work experience section with our builder’s pre-written content, which you can customize or use as-is.

Here are three work experience examples suitable for a resident assistant’s resume:

  • Awarded by dean for maintaining lowest incident rate for two years consecutively.
  • Ensured the safety of 78 residents during the campus-wide emergency lockdowns by instantly implementing established emergency protocols
  • Coordinated with a team of 12 other residents and advisors to host a minimum of eight community events per semester.

Top Skills for Your Resident Assistant Resume

A hiring manager’s first glance at your skills section can make or break your hiring chances. Take a look at our resident assistant resume example and Resume Builder to learn which sought-after skills your resume will need to get noticed.

Here are some more hard and soft skills that our builder might recommend for a resident assistant:

Hard Skills

  • Report preparation
  • First aid 
  • Policy and guideline implementation
  • Conflict resolution

Soft Skills

  • Outgoing communicator
  • Time management
  • Leadership 
  • Disciplined and ethical

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Resident Assistant FAQs

What are the benefits of being a resident assistant?

While being a resident assistant (RA) requires dedication to the job, it also offers various benefits. In addition to decent pay, many colleges offer free accommodation and meals to RAs in exchange for the work they do. Resident assistant openings are opportunities for applicants to build their leadership skills and be a role model for students on campus.

Are resident assistants required to stay in the residence halls all the time?

Resident assistants are regular students and do not get special treatment from the college in regards to academics. Although RAs are not required to stay in their allocated building all the time, they are required to spend an ample amount of time on their assigned floor to foster relationships with residents and to address their needs. RAs are required to stay in their room during their on-call shifts, which may happen on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

What is the training process for resident assistants?

Colleges and universities offer training programs for resident assistants, with many offering online courses, too. The topics covered include welcoming new students and helping them adjust to residence hall life, conflict resolution, RA wellbeing, crisis intervention, using work-related technology and much more.