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Room attendants, often employed in places like hotels or hospitals, make sure guests are comfortable and that their rooms are tidy and hygienic. Top-notch customer service and cleanliness are vital to these businesses’ success in their industries, so room attendants fill an extremely important role.

With the current number of 16,800 room attendants in the U.S. expected to grow significantly over the next decade, our resume writers are here to help those ready to take on this role. Below, read about how our room attendant resume example can help set you apart from other candidates.


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What is a Room Attendant ?

Room attendants typically work in the hospitality industry. They provide customer service and maintain facilities by cleaning and attending to the needs of customers. Room attendants vacuum, dust and otherwise clean guests’ rooms. They may also change bedsheets, stock supplies, provide amenities to guests and coordinate with other staff in case of emergencies.

Room attendants should have complete knowledge of the housekeeping policies of their particular employer. They should also be proficient in handling the maintenance of equipment like coffee or tea machines, vacuum cleaners and more. Housekeeping staff in the United States, on average, are paid an hourly wage of $11.95 (or $24,850 annually).

What Makes This a Great
Room Attendant Resume Example?

A well-written resume is often the first step toward a good job. Our room attendant resume example was written by an expert to include the kind of content recruiters want to read. Here are three ways our resume examples can help you.

  • Expert-crafted example text: Our certified resume writers make sure our examples include industry-specific terms and phrases that hiring managers seek, like “guest relations” and “trash removal” in this example. Use these as a jumping-off point in your own resume writing, or use our Resume Builder for even more pre-written, customizable content that’s sure to impress.
  • Help choosing the best format: Selecting the right resume format ensures your qualifications are presented as impressively as possible. The combination format used in the above example, for instance, puts equal emphasis on the candidate’s skill set and work history. More experienced or entry-level candidates should instead use chronological and functional formats, respectively.
  • Choosing the right templates:Your resume’s design can communicate to recruiters whether or not you’re a cultural fit for their company. Workplaces for room attendants typically require a more straight-laced or professional presentation from employees, so some of our Resume Builder’s more traditional resume templates may suit you well in your job search.

3 Room Attendant Professional Summary Examples

A professional summary should tell recruiters almost everything they need to know about a candidate. Our room attendant resume example can show you what a strong professional summary looks like, and how yours can keep a hiring manager engaged.

Below are three professional summaries you might see on a room attendant’s resume.

  1. Efficient and friendly room attendant, experienced maintaining cleanliness of rooms and public areas. Highly compliant with local health and safety codes. Attentive and highly proficient in the use and maintenance of basic cleaning equipment.
  2. Experienced room attendant with residential management skills and excellent communication abilities. Experienced leading team of junior attendants to ensure proper facility upkeep. Adept in managing team workflow and providing simultaneous supervision across entire facilities.
  3. Organized room attendant experienced in adapting well-honed cleaning skills and procedures to any organization. Exce llent time management skills and flexibility to work in any environment. Positive and pleasing demeanor; respectful of guest privacy. Able to work calmly under pressure and trained to handle emergency situations.

3 Room Attendant Work Experience Examples

The work experience section describes your most significant achievements and abilities used in past room attendant roles. Our room attendant resume example, written by certified resume writers, shows you how to communicate these accomplishments using quantifiable figures. Here are three work experience examples you might use as a guide for your resume:

  1. Cleaned rooms, public areas and cafeteria according to company policy; increased surveyed customer satisfaction of cleanliness by 37%.
  2. Documented all materials used in cleaning and factored this into budget, saving hotel an extra $2,000 monthly.
  3. Replenished supplies in an average of 35 guest rooms per day and adjusted stock reports accordingly.

Top Skills for Your Room Attendant Resume

Room attendants assist customers to help them feel comfortable and at ease at all times. Both our room attendant resume example and Resume Builder provide lists of skills that recruiters look for on room attendant resumes.

Below are additional examples of those hard and soft skills:

Hard Skills

  • Plumbing and carpentry knowledge
  • Making and managing reservations
  • CPR and First Aid certification
  • Inventory control 

Soft Skills

  • Planning and administrative oversight
  • Excellent English-speaking skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Customer service

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Room Attendant FAQs

Are there any specific requirements to be a room attendant?

Room attendants need to maintain a positive attitude when interacting with customers. They need to keep customers comfortable and assist with any requests in a pleasant manner. Good communication skills are required for all room attendants. They should know about the various services provided by their organization and do their best to comply with those standards.

What is a day in the life of a room attendant like?

Room attendants attend to rooms or guests assigned to them, and ensure that guests are comfortable and their needs are met. They clean rooms, change sheets, replenish supplies and ensure that faucets, switches and other amenities function appropriately. If they do not, they need to coordinate with the correct departments to schedule repair before more incoming guests arrive.

Do room attendants have to undergo any training?

There is no formal training required to become a room attendant. You will get on-the-job training and experience. You will also be provided with some training as soon as you join the organization regarding their policies and regulations, as well as training on what your specific job entails. A high school diploma is generally preferred as the primary educational qualification for room attendants.