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In this competitive job market, landing a job as a cook in a top restaurant means job seekers need to create a standout resume. To help those seeking these roles, our cook resume examples demonstrate exactly how to create a document that will get you the job you want. Study our examples to see how resume design, format and content come together to create a powerful resume.


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What is a Cook?

Cooks follow specific recipes to make dishes for customers in fast food establishments, dine-in restaurants, cafeterias and other facilities. They may oversee a certain food service station, such as salads, grill, sauté, dessert or cold food prep, or oversee the entire menu. Cooks have to abide by food safety standards and practice cleanliness as they work. A large percentage of cooks come into the profession with only a high school diploma and learn about food preparation and the restaurant’s menu through on-the-job training.

What Makes This a Great
Cook Resume Example?

If applicants want to be a part of the lucrative restaurant industry and get the ultimate satisfaction that comes with making incredible culinary masterpieces, they need to create a great resume. Our cook resume examples are written by certified resume writers to show you exactly how your resume should be formatted, designed and written. Here’s how our resume examples can help:

  • Examples of strong content. A great resume tells a story and this resume example shows you how to craft your own. Written by a certified resume writer, this resume example shows you how to incorporate the keywords and phrases hiring managers look for. Our resume builder can help you write your own by suggesting pre-written content for every section of your cook resume.
  • Suggestions for an impactful format. This cook resume uses a combination of two different format styles, chronological and functional, to showcase both the skills and experience of the applicant. This format is a great choice for a mid-career professional. For inexperienced cook applicants or for cooks with many years of experience, choosing another resume format might be a better choice.
  • Appropriate resume template. The resume design the applicant uses in this example is also effective. It’s a simple design that limits color to a small pop of red to get the employer’s attention. The template is professional and easy to understand, with important information in bold and bullet points. However, if you are applying for work as a cook in a very conservative establishment, such as a country club, you might choose a more traditional resume template.

3 Cook Professional Summary Examples

Cooks have to demonstrate their potential to hiring managers in a strong professional summary. A powerful professional summary like the one in the example above shows recruiters at a glance what you’ll bring to the table if you are hired. If you need more help, our resume builder will make suggestions that you can then customize. Here are three examples our builder might make for your cook resume:

  1. Talented cook with three years of experience working in a fast-paced restaurant chain. High scores on customer surveys of food quality. Capable of working with a team of other cooks and encouraging others to work efficiently.
  2. Knowledgeable cook with a background in cooking on busy food trucks. Experience cooking a variety of cuisines and styles. Understanding of different flavor profiles, food temperatures and techniques that result in tasty dishes.
  3. Dedicated cook capable of working on any food service station in a restaurant. Passionate about food and customer satisfaction. Team player eager to learn as much as possible about culinary science.

3 Cook Work Experience Examples

Work experience details are the bread and butter of every great resume. Our resume examples show you how to write and format your work experience section in a way that will get the attention of recruiters. For more help, our Resume Builder will suggest pre-written bullet points for your job history section. Here are three suggestions our builder might make for your cook resume.

  1. Broiled and plated approximately 25 steaks per hour in a busy steakhouse restaurant.
  2. Prepared a variety of Mexican dishes using a grill and broiler for a popular chain restaurant.
  3. Used corporate recipes and specific measurements and weights to create meals according to company standards.

Top Skills for Your Cook Resume

An effective skills section gets you noticed. Our cook resume examples show you how. Or, use our builder, which will suggest the most sought after skills in the culinary world today. Here are some examples of hard and soft skills restaurants look for:

Hard Skills

  • ServSafe
  • Knife skills
  • Understanding of food allergies
  • Food storage knowledge

Soft Skills

  • Fluent in Spanish
  • Reliable
  • Works well on a team
  • Able to stand all day

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Cook FAQs

What are the duties and responsibilities of a cook?

Cooks are responsible for preparing food items in a kitchen for a restaurant. They may assist with the first steps of food preparation, such as washing and cutting meat and vegetables or mixing baked good ingredients. They also use different types of cooking equipment, such as stoves, ovens, broilers, grills, blenders, culinary torches and rotisseries.

How do you describe being a cook on a resume?

Job seekers aiming for a cook job must describe themselves as organized, reliable and skilled in following food safety standards. They also need to convey their knowledge about food preparation techniques, such as grilling, sautéing and baking. They should show off this commitment to the art of culinary science and an understanding of meeting customer demands.

What is a good cook?

A good cook is someone who can manage time effectively while preparing multiple meals at the same time in a busy restaurant. This is a person who maintains a clean, organized workspace and focuses on preparing excellent food of the highest quality. Great cooks follow a recipe’s directions exactly and understand how different ingredients come together to create excellent cuisine.