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Working as a babysitter can be a personally and professionally fulfilling experience. According to O*Net, childcare work fits people with work styles that include concern for others, integrity, cooperation, and self-control. LiveCareer’s babysitter resume examples empower you to get your ideal job. Use them as a guide for your own resume, which should be customized to match each job opening for which you apply. Below, learn more about our resume examples and get samples of key resume sections for babysitters.


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What Is a Babysitter?

A babysitter is a type of childcare worker who provides temporary care on behalf of a child’s parents or guardians. Babysitters are primarily responsible for the safety and well-being of the children in their charge. They also plan and supervise activities such as games and playdates. In some cases, babysitters may help with homework, cooking, transportation, and other duties. Babysitting is, by its nature, a very social occupation. According to O*Net, 83% of childcare workers indicate that their work involves constant contact with others.

What Makes This a Great
Babysitter Resume Example?

Finding the right babysitter position is easier with a compelling resume. It allows you to highlight your experience, skillset, and other convincing attributes. LiveCareer’s babysitter resume examples provide valuable insight into what an effective resume looks like. Here are a few ways that our examples help you get the job you want:

  • Study pre-written content: Our examples are professionally written based on industry-specific keywords, phrases, and skills. Study them to better learn to write professional summaries, skill sections, work histories, and more. You can copy or modify content such as “utilize background in education to better customize study plans to fit student needs.”
  • Identify the best format: Your resume format should emphasize your top qualifications. In the above example, the job seeker selected a combination format. This evenly highlights their childcare skills, such as managing routines and monitoring screen time, and their work history’s timeline.
  • Find an effective template: An eye-catching, industry-appropriate template draws the attention of potential employers. The example job seeker chose our “Esteemed” template. This uses green text and a vertical line that enhances the visual organization of the resume. Our examples demonstrate the impact that different templates can have.

3 Babysitter Professional Summaries Examples

Make your “elevator pitch” for why you are the right candidate in your professional summary. You can use this section to highlight years of experience, childcare skills, professional philosophy, and more. Let LiveCareer’s babysitter resume examples serve as guides to follow when writing your summary. These are three examples of effective babysitter professional summaries:

  1. Dependable and thoughtful babysitter who has cared for 35 children over the past three years. Experienced as both a long-term and date-night sitter. Trusted by families and skilled at establishing a mutually affectionate relationship with children between six months and 10-years old.
  2. Knowledgeable babysitter with experience caring for children over periods of one to 12 hours. Previously sat for a family with two children, including picking them up from school, helping with homework, and preparing meals. Reliable and detail-oriented with a warm and caring attitude.
  3. Hard-working and enthusiastic babysitter with over two years of experience caring for younger siblings. Capable of helping with math, English, and science homework. Possess a safe, reliable car with child seat anchors and have a clean driving record.

3 Babysitter Work Experience Section Examples

Demonstrate your abilities with details and examples of your work history. As a babysitter, you should include info about families you worked with for extended periods. Give numbers such as children’s ages, length of care, and more. LiveCareer’s babysitter resume examples show what an effective work history looks like, and you can customize the recommendations in our resume builder. These are a few example work history bullet points:

  1. Worked as a consistent babysitter for six families with a total of 10 children between age one and nine.
  2. Provided nutritious meals to children; bottle-fed a six-month-old.
  3. Organized children’s schedules, arranging play activities and homework time five days per week.

Top Skills for Your Babysitter Resume

List your most relevant hard and soft childcare skills on your resume to give people confidence entrusting their children to you. LiveCareer’s babysitter resume examples help you to identify your most noteworthy traits. You can also add your own in our Resume Builder. Check out these specific skills for babysitters:

Hard Skills

  • Tutoring
  • Childcare coordination
  • Child monitoring
  • Hygiene routines

Soft Skills

  • Nurturing attitude
  • Clear communication
  • Learning encouragement
  • Reliability

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Babysitter FAQs

What does the babysitter do?

Babysitters provide temporary care for children, typically while the parents or guardians are elsewhere. In most cases, babysitters do not live with the family and do not work full-time for a single family. They may help with cooking, cleaning, transportation, and other ancillary services related to caring for children. The safety and wellness of the children is the top responsibility of a babysitter.

How can I become a babysitter?

Many babysitters get started through experience caring for either siblings or the children of families they already know. Some babysitters have high school diplomas or college degrees. However, this is generally not required. Consider taking a class on babysitting and a course on CPR and First Aid. As they gain experience, babysitters are often trusted with new responsibilities.

How much experience do I need to become a babysitter?

This varies significantly depending on the employing family. Many people expect at least a few months of previous childcare history, and some employers may expect substantial prior experience. Compensation is often closely tied to amount of experience, with babysitters who have worked for years with children able to request higher payment.