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Auditors travel often to conduct audits at various branches or facilities of an organization. This perk, coupled with the investigative qualities of the role, make it one of the most exciting areas of accounting to get into. However, to secure this job, you must first make it through the recruitment process, which starts with a great resume. LiveCareer provides the best auditor resume examples for you to use. Our builder also helps you customize your final document in mere minutes for each job application.


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What is a Auditor?

Employers rely on auditors to review financial documents. These professionals use their skills to ensure documents meet requirements for accuracy and compliance. In some instances, auditors become responsible for reviewing accounting records to identify discrepancies or illegal activities. Many also play an advisory role to employers to point out areas of overspending and provide advice on cost-saving measures. Because of how technical their work is, a bachelor’s degree is mandatory for even entry-level auditors.

What Makes This a Great
Auditor Resume Example?

Our auditor resume examples are written by certified resume writers who know what hiring managers look for in top candidates. Studying these is a great way to get a sense of how to create your own polished resume.

Here are some of the benefits of using our resume examples:

  • Demonstrates the right keywords and phrases:Whether this is your first auditor resume or your 15th, finding the right words to describe your skills and experience is crucial to getting an interview. Our resume examples show you how to best package your skills, work history and education using text written by certified resume writers. Using a resume builder can help, too. Ours suggests professionally written text as you write your resume. Use it as-is or personalize it with your most impressive professional achievements.
  • Shows the right resume format. Choosing the right resume format is critical to putting your most impressive credentials in the spotlight. Auditing is a field that relies on practical application, so employers are generally more concerned with experience than education, as long as the applicant has a bachelor’s degree. For this reason, a combination resume format, which highlights skills and experience, is a popular choice for job seekers looking for auditing roles.
  • Professional templates. Choosing the wrong resume design can make a bad first impression. Your template choice should take the industry into consideration. For job seekers in the accounting field, like those seeking auditing roles, a conservative resume design is a safer bet than one with a more whimsical design. Our resume examples show you which designs are most appropriate for the accounting field.

3 Auditor Professional Summary Examples

If you’re struggling to complete the professional summary section of your auditor resume, working with resume examples can help you get unstuck. Our builder provides pre-written samples for your auditor resume that you can use word for word or modify as you see fit.

Here are a few examples to consider:

  1. Seasoned auditor with 15 years of experience and a strong commitment to keeping organizations compliant and advising on risk-aversion methodologies. Proven ability to develop proactive measures to reduce further discrepancies. Successful track record of uncovering errors and inconsistencies that saved past employers up to $1 million dollars.
  2. Experienced auditor focused on maintaining the integrity of financial documents on behalf of employers and clients. Six years of experience in the banking and finance industry, and two years of experience in insurance and retail. Strong commitment to improving qualifications through obtaining certifications and attending annual workshops.
  3. Investigative auditor with 15 years of experience working with clients on a variety of projects, including divroce investigations and corporate fraud. Assisted in uncovering millions of dollars in hidden assets and illegal activities. Eager to put these skills to use at an organization dedicated to financial integrity.

3 Auditor Work Experience Examples

Finding useful resumes online can prove challenging. By using our resume builder, you get access to professionally-written resume content to take your document to the next level. Customize them to fit your auditor work experience and add your most impressive metrics.

Here are three auditor work experience entries you might create using our builder:

  1. Uncovered areas of overspending that saved the company more than $500,000, which was then allocated to research and development
  2. Liaised with accounting team at various branches to develop preventative measures for recurring errors, which was costing the company upwards of $5K per quarter
  3. Investigated areas of fraudulent activity involving suspected “ghost employee paychecks” that cost the company tens of thousands of dollars over a one-year period

Top Skills for Your Auditor Resume

Auditors are no ordinary accountants. These seasoned and top-tier accounting professionals must understand accounting concepts and practices better than most other accountants to study records and identify discrepancies. Because of this, recruiters look for specific skills when looking to hire this professional.

Here are some of the hard and soft skills you might consider adding to your auditor resume:

Hard Skills

  • Accurate accounting
  • Exceptional numeracy skills
  • Risk analysis experience
  • Strong investigative skills

Soft Skills

  • Attention to detail
  • Communication
  • Problem-solving
  • Customer service skills

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Auditor FAQ

What are the responsibilities of an auditor?

Auditors are responsible for the accuracy and compliance of the financial documents they review. Their exact responsibilities in relation to the review process depends on their employment relationship with the client. For instance, an internal auditor becomes responsible for finding errors and correcting them. In contrast, an auditor hired by law enforcement agents might become responsible for finding fraudulent activity and testifying against the accused in court.

What are the duties of an auditor?

The exact duties of auditors also depend on their relationship to the client. Here are some common duties:

  • Ensures documents comply with applicable laws and reflect accurate revenues, expenses, liabilities and assets
  • Identifies discrepancies that may point to legitimate accounting errors or fraudulent activities
  • Prepares reports to communicate auditing findings with relevant parties

What are the powers of an auditor?

Auditors get their powers from their employers. For instance, an internal auditor may have the right to review all financial documents, make changes to existing accounting systems and resolve errors. An auditor hired by the IRS might not have the power to make changes or recommendations during a government-mandated audit but has the right to report findings to the affected agencies.