(555) 432-1000,
Montgomery Street, San Francisco, CA 94105
Professional Summary
Pursuing a challenging and rewarding role as a Consultant / Analyst which allows me to use creative technologies and methodologies to solve critical issues which result in positive impacts to projects while adding value for clients. Creating status updates reports for management and facilitated management status meetings. Developed KPI's specific for program or department leadership Developing and leading training secessions for business teams and key stakeholders. Ability to work with legal, regulatory, IT and Business teams to asses vendor agreements and identify any gaps in security which would need to be addressed prior to contract negotiations to be finalized Communicated with business stakeholders new enhancements to access controls and assisted in management of user community profiles Working knowledge of six sigma methodologies, GAP analysis strategies and JAD sessions.
Core Qualifications
Knowledge and understanding of the various stages of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) *Business experience working with JavaScript, Cisco, Avaya and Voice Recognition units. MS Suite, Enterprise Intranet Search Engines, JavaScript, Legacy Systems, Cisco Wireless, Avaya VRU's. Agile and Waterfall development, Visual Basic, Visual Studio 2008, Microsoft Fast Search, Google Enterprise Search, SharePoint 2007 and 2010, SQL server, cloud computing Basic working knowledge of JIRA
, Expected in 5/1/2016 PMP/Competency in Business Analysis certification : - GPA :
DePaul University , Expected in 2003 Bachelor of Science : Finance - GPA : Finance
DePaul University , Expected in 2003 Bachelor of Science : Information Systems - GPA : Information Systems
Ihs Markit - Sr. Process Consultant III
Us Remote, CT, 05/2016 - 01/2015
  • Health Care Management Assisted in the development of Vendor Management Systems to integrate Blue Cross Blue Shield Healthcare reform systems Interacted with Medical Directors to develop new/enhance Care Management Programs.
  • Worked closely with Blue Cross Blue Shield Directors to create strategy roadmaps to support clinical review teams.
  • Interviewed internal and external RN's to ensure streamlined processes are in place to submit authorization requests, adjudicate claims and enhance member experience.
  • Worked with IT security teams to help create Operational risk assessments to create Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to report to Sr.
  • Management Acted as a liaison between IT and Business Stakeholders to develop security to reduce Medical Claims Fraud.
  • Worked with IT management teams to implementation solutions using EMC RSA to create strategies which allowed members access to member centric data while ad-hearing to regulatory standards within the medical workspace Worked with Sr.
  • Leadership to development strategic business capabilities in conjunction with IT Security Team protocols to manage member data.
  • Assisted IT reporting and analytics teams to define standard reporting metrics to be used at an enterprise, program or departmental levels Assisted in maintaining application security requirements playbook / library and assessed impacts to various applications.
  • Tracking/managing/monitoring cross-functional integration points.
  • Managed project interfaces & dependencies, risks, issues and performed GAP reviews to ensure data consistency Identifying all impacted applications and impacts to third party vendors Engaged with IT security teams to perform security assessments and monitoring of external IT security technologies.
  • Assisted in the design of blueprint that defines how business strategy is supported Design and assisted technology groups to transform initiatives in business transformation Developed current and future state process maps for existing and new initiatives within the organization Interacted as a liaison between security team and business stakeholders to develop requirements specific to legal requirements and contracts between HCSC and external Hospital and Network Providers to access and transmit information via secure communication channels Engaged Leadership and Management in the development of Capabilities, Processes, Projects & Initiatives to add value on investments Assisted IT teams with application performance assessments and IT audits of regulatory compliance to ensure all SLA's are being meet as negotiated.
  • Communicated both vertically and horizontally with internal customers and external third party vendors to ensure data management and security risk mitigation in contract discussions.
Voya Financial Inc. - Consultant
New York, NY, 08/2016 - 04/2016
  • Tek Systems Lead implementation / conversion teams to define new business processes required for conversion of HSBC's Private Credit Card Label of Best Buy's, Sears, and General Motors credit card to Capital One Credit Card portfolio systems.
  • Worked with PLCC team to identify and prioritize phases of entire conversion to ensure milestones are targeted and achieved and validated prior to ensure successful deliver of overall conversion.
  • Worked closely with Call Center Directors to improve call center operations and automate various processes to support critical business functions Assisted business and IT team to identify scope of conversion from HSBC systems PLCC to Capital One's Target Systems during the Planning stages of the conversion.
  • Worked with multiple teams to identify and understand the impacts of separating existing HSBC data and interfaces which would need to be converted as part of the conversion.
  • Assisted Security teams to develop requirements to encrypt customer demographics and banking information while transitioning from existing to new credit card platforms Identified gaps in process and communicated those to Project Management Team and worked with IT leads to mitigate data discrepancies.
  • Assisted PMO to identify work streams to work in tandem to perform tasks simultaneously to reduce project timelines.
  • Lead the effort of revamping correspondence and statements to Capital One's target system.
  • Developed UML diagrams to identify key systems within HSBC PLCC and leverage any synergies and/or identify gaps to migration of new credit card systems Worked as a liaison between business groups and technology teams to develop and enhance operation strategies.
  • Lead the initiative to identify High Security applications and identify gaps in software and network infrastructure.
  • SME to assist in the development of requirements needed for enhancements and modification to front end user applications.
  • Assisted technology and business organizations to analysis impacts and exposure to risks and other regulatory constraints.
  • Used Risk Based Project Management (RBPM) methodology to drive projects through concept, initiation, planning, execution and closure.
  • Worked with Business Continuity and Training teams to develop process to train employees on project changes and monitor application uptime and develop manual work a rounds to mitigate risks.
  • Lead JAD and requirements gathering meetings with Customer Service and Collections (Operations) groups identify problems and created solutions specific to the needs of the group.
  • Provided direction as a SME to scan for new external standards of controls in the development of web and mobile applications.
  • Worked with IT Development teams to ensure requirements are being created to address the secure communication and integration of API's and interfaces between front end customer banking applications with back end systems.
  • Coordinated with BA team managers to identify key requirements need to simply operations workflows and automate security controls or regulatory requirements prior to communication to customers to reduce regulatory violations.
  • Assisted in creation of business continuity and redundancy planning for large private credit card portfolio client and performed IT security scans to ensure plans and applications are meeting standards.
  • Developed Clear Choice documents after analysis of requirements in conjunction with technology solutions architects and functional SME's to present to key stakeholders to decide best way to proceed to a technology solution.
  • With input from technology teams created baseline project cost estimates (Level Zero) and re-analyzed project Health matrix at various points in the development lifecycle.
  • Held weekly project status meetings with key stakeholder and sent out weekly project update broadcasts to impacted end users.
  • Developed requirement for various program Rapid Response and Resolutions teams to scan for external threats and breaches into client data.
Ihs Markit - Sr. Business Analyst
Us Remote, MA, 05/2016 - 07/2016
  • Lead requirements gathering secessions with various business team for the Inbound/Outbound logistics area.
  • Assisted in the creation or process improvement methods for fleet drivers by reviewing As-Is and creation of To-Be process maps for senior management prior to implementation.
  • Forward facing point of contact for key stakeholders and key business users.
  • Helped with the maintenance of SharePoint site content for our team.
  • Experience developing and maintaining RFP's and negotiating proposals with third party vendors.
  • Knowledge of writing and reviewing documents with different business terminology.
General Dynamics - SharePoint Consultant Independent consultant
Long Island, NY, 01/2016 - 05/2016
  • Worked with various lines of business and technology groups to develop SharePoint 2010 installation roadmaps for key stakeholders.
  • Develop and own key deliverable documents such as BRD's, RTM, Implementation Plans, and assisted in the creation of the post production support process.
  • Subject Matter Expert in user experience and usability matters.
  • Facilitated meetings and JAD sessions with various groups and management to define project scope and resource planning.
  • Work with internal and client technology organizations to develop the infrastructure/architecture required to host applications while managing to SLA's.
  • Consulted with business teams and management teams in the design of updates to existing applications to improve productivity.
  • Acted as a liaison with technology and support teams to identify methods of improving reporting capabilities.
  • Ensure best practices are applied and integrity of data is maintained through security, documentation, and change management.
  • Experience using Oracle SQL Developer to run SQL statements, scripts, and edit/debug code.
Ihs Markit - Consultant
Us Remote, MI, 01/2016 - 12/2016
  • Subject matter expert in the definition of requirements for a large sales and financial applications for internal and external teams.
  • Worked on Accenture Enterprise Search Team projects to develop strategies to improve portal search collaboration amongst over 40 internal and external client teams.
  • Used Microsoft search technologies to scan over 200 internal team to retrieve search results for different to be used by teams enterprise wide environment.
  • Assisted in the requirements gathering to determine the scalability of number of documents indexed and physical hardware requirements.
  • Developed "As Is" and "To Be" process maps to re-engineer existing processes and eliminate redundancies and optimize processes.
  • Developed SharePoint and Lotus Notes databases to assist in workflow management amongst departments.
  • Created UML documents such as Use Cases and Process Flow and Deployment diagrams using tools such as MS Visio.
  • Managed continuous updates to changing Business Requirements Documents and handled change management issues and escalation procedures on a case by case basis.
  • Conducted / Lead various GAP Analysis reviews to ensure requirements are not being left out and helped developed new processes which were identified as potential gaps.
  • Developed and assisted in the requirements gathering of ASP.Net applications.
  • Acted as a SME for our technical / business stakeholders and as a primary point of contact for project related matters.
  • Used PowerPoint as a means to communicate project status updates to senior executives and other key project stakeholders.
  • Managed expectations and communication to keep C-Suite and other key stakeholders apprised through continuous status updates and regular project status meetings.
  • Lead project team resources, budgets and scope management issues using tools such as MS Project to ensure projects followed the critical path and timelines.
HSBC Technology & Services - Sr. Business Systems Analyst
City, STATE, 07/2016 - 06/2016
  • Participated in analysis of scope definition, design, development and implementation sub-prime 3rd party collections management application into HSBC's systems Participated in development of processes and methodologies; contributed to planning, designing, building, testing, and delivery of technical solutions.
  • Lead effort to map Collections and demographic data about customer from General Motors Source systems to HFC and ultimately HSBC's systems.
  • Created strategies to support call center operations teams and improve performance metrics.
  • Worked with IT teams to create multiple test environments to perform various testing outputs such Structural testing, Smoke Testing, Performance testing, Unit, integration Sys Test and end user Acceptance Testing.
  • Lead effort to create Business continuity of correspondence plans to ensure there are no gaps in coverage and limit downtime between systems and data migration specifically focused on Call Center operations and Correspondence delivery to customers.
  • Provided Post implementation support war room environment tackle issues identified by existing client/customers while transition took place.
  • Identified timelines for new rebranded cards and statements to be mailed to customers and created rollout plans based upon demographics of members within portfolio.
  • Assisted web application teams to ensure integration between General Motors web customers to Register and log into HSBC systems to review account.
  • Developed various Statement of Work (SOW's) and managed vendor deliverables and timelines.
  • Performed analysis of existing Service Level Agreements and ensured HSBC parameters fit existing SLA's Assisted Testing teams with test data creation and validation to ensure data and fields are mapped as specified.
  • Created RFP's, and managed to operational budgets and resources while adhering to project scope.
  • Initiated and conducted feasibility studies of new and modified operational procedures.
  • Assisted with the preparation of business, functional and technical requirement documents.
  • Actively identified and assisted with business units and end user identify issues and risks.
  • Experience with small to large scale projects and the use of management tools such as MS Project and Niku6.
  • Assisted with identifying key processes and improving process methodologies and efficiencies and identified program problems and developed feasible solutions.
  • Used Performance based logistics based upon metrics while developing accountability for key process owners to focus on adding value to key areas.
  • Created numerous Access Databases to help internal groups manage critical data which was originally being stored on excel spreadsheets on individual desktops.
  • Assisted in the development of functional specs to create scripts to automate complex processes and procedures and ensure regulatory compliance Worked with senior management team on a regular basis as a point of contact to provide project updates and facilitate other ad-hoc task.
Morgan Stanley - Finance/Business Analyst
City, STATE, 01/1 - 04/2016
  • Organized 401(K), and IRA rollover presentations for Corporations such as Lucent Technologies, Nortel Networks, BP Amoco and 3Com.
  • Assisted in researching and preparing 2001 Fiscal and Economic Indicator Report.
  • Created equity reports on various stocks and funds for clients.
  • Collaborated with Financial Analyst to create equity evaluation reports for clients.
  • Weekly research reports and projects to analyze various stocks, bonds and mutual funds for investment opportunities.
Health Care Services Corporations Blue Cross Blue Shield - Consultant
City, STATE, -
  • Ensure enterprise collaboration, communication and integration both internally and externally with vendors Involvement in all aspects of the SDLC development of complex enterprise wide Health Care Reform Projects Understanding of Affordable Care Act and other government regulations for exchanges and their impact on our applications.
  • Worked with external third party payers to ensure their IT communications channels aligned with our internal standards as required by our legal teams Performed analysis of member centric data to ensure communication channels between applications meet specific security standards.
  • Worked as a SME to create real time KPI metrics and dashboards to report up to program delivery managers and leadership.
  • Performing data analysis and reporting on projects and reporting to senior executives Created weekly scorecards to address program / workstream gaps, external regulatory impacts and to define new parameters to be built to support compliance changes Partner with BA's, SA's and Design teams to gain better understanding of current processes as well as future processes and application impacts and integration points.
  • Partner with Operational Readiness team to ensure our systems and integration points are reading for production.
  • Update enterprise ecosystem views/context/architecture diagrams and operation manuals as needed.
  • Create other documentation and presentations as needed.
  • Work closely with all IT teams to ensure and provide line of site into various program activities.
  • Worked with Business sponsors and IT application teams to ensure design, development, testing and environment availability was in line with project plans.
Accenture LLP - Sr. Business Analyst / Specialist
City, STATE, -
  • Coordinated development lifecycle activities such as planning, requirements, design, testing, implementation, communications planning, training, and help desk support.
  • Acted as a liaison to help manage key user expectations, requirements, issues and relationships with internal and external vendors and clients.
  • Acted as a liaison with our internal teams and depot partner and provided support where necessary.
  • Experience in supply chain management, negotiating vendor contracts.
  • Managed supply chain and product development while working with vendors to negotiate contracts and ensure service level agreements are being met.
  • Extensive experience with PowerPoint to deliver presentations and project status updates.
  • Held various roles in the project management office which included planning, forecasting and strategy development.
  • Established critical benchmark dates with vendors and managed processes to ensure mission critical dates are being meet as contractually agreed upon.
  • Managed proposal reviews, resource/teaming agreements, claims, and alliance agreements with vendors and various internal organizations.
  • Experience with Cost / Benefit analysis to determine value of existing systems against the cost of developing internally versus installation of vendor applications.
  • Assisted in the creation of design concepts, wireframes and Use Cases via MS Visio.
  • Embedded wireframes and use cases in presentations to gain buy in and illustrate enhancements to business process.
  • Oversaw and managed contracts, program schedules and reporting and worked with suppliers/vendors to resolve critical issues.
  • Extensive experience using MS PowerPoint to embed use cases, wireframes, and design diagrams as a method of communication with business stakeholders.
HSBC Technology & Services - Bankruptcy Portfolio Business Analyst
City, STATE, -
  • Analyzed bankruptcy filings against mortgage portfolio and review market trends.
  • Evaluated portfolio risk factors and estimate credit loss reserves through statistical analysis.
  • Assisted in the development of operations budget for the Collections and Customer Service groups.
  • Monitored portfolio delinquency status to and develop strategies to lower loan loss.
Professional Affiliations
Member of the Project Management Institute *Member of TAP (Tax Assistance Program) to assist low income families with tax filing preparation *General Secretary and Cultural Chair with local church *Volunteer at community elementary school with various activities as Fun Fair, Science Fair.
ASP.Net, 3Com, ad, Agile, API, automate, Avaya, BA, banking, Basic, blueprint, bonds, budgets, budget, Business Analysis, business process, business processes, business strategy, C, Call Center, change management, Cisco, hardware, concept, content, contracts, negotiate contracts, conversion, Credit, client, clients, Customer Service, data analysis, data management, data migration, Databases, delivery, designing, desktops, direction, documentation, drivers, edit, train employees, engineer, equity, senior management, Fast, feasibility studies, financial, Financial Analyst, focus, forecasting, functional, funds, government regulations, help desk support, investments, IT management, JavaScript, Leadership, legal, regulatory compliance, logistics, Lotus Notes, managing, market trends, meetings, Access, excel spreadsheets, office, MS PowerPoint, PowerPoint, MS Project, SharePoint, migration, negotiating, Enterprise, Network, Networks, Nortel, Search Engines, Developer, Oracle SQL, presentations, prime 3, Processes, improving process, process improvement, product development, Project Management, project plans, proposals, proposal, protocols, reading, real time, reporting, requirement, requirements gathering, researching, research reports, RFP, sales, SDLC, scripts, Service Level Agreements, SLA, Software Development, SQL, SQL server, statistical analysis, strategy, strategic, strategy development, supply chain, supply chain management, tandem, UML, validation, Vendor Management, Visio, Visual Basic, Visual Studio, workflow
Additional Information
  • ACTIVITIES Member of the Project Management Institute Member of TAP (Tax Assistance Program) to assist low income families with tax filing preparation General Secretary and Cultural Chair with local church Volunteer at community elementary school with various activities as Fun Fair, Science Fair.

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  • DePaul University
  • DePaul University

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  • Sr. Process Consultant III
  • Consultant
  • Sr. Business Analyst
  • SharePoint Consultant Independent consultant
  • Consultant
  • Sr. Business Systems Analyst
  • Finance/Business Analyst
  • Consultant
  • Sr. Business Analyst / Specialist
  • Bankruptcy Portfolio Business Analyst


  • PMP/Competency in Business Analysis certification
  • Bachelor of Science
  • Bachelor of Science

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