(555) 432-1000,
Montgomery Street, San Francisco, CA 94105
  • I enjoy building and leading teams that do what most people say can’t be done.” Summary: Mature & Focused Leader with 20 + Years of Transformative Technology Business Building Experience – Inspirational Leader of High-Performance Business Teams. Global Deployment and Operations of the Technology Platforms that Enable the World’s Largest Data Cloud & Media Companies. Qualifications:
  • Designed / Construction / Executive Operational Management primarily focused on the mission critical related industries, with expertise in Project Management, Procurement, Project Development, Organizational Development, Asset Management, and Logistics.
  • Experienced managing all levels of multiple projects, including budgeting, financial and strategic management, customer relations, and employee development.
  • Experienced Agile Leader – Utilizing Advance Agile Methodology.
  • Experienced in Azure DevOps
  • Experienced in Cisco Networking / Deployment WAN/LAN Worldwide.
  • Vendor Manager Experience (ATOS/Cisco/Siemens/Others)
  • Extensive knowledge of wireless technology, GSM, EDGE, CDMA, UMTS, LTE, VoWiFi, VoLTE, IMS.
  • Developed innovative approach to the management of risks in a manner that effectively manages the risks while meeting the needs of internal customers and minimizing business impact.
  • Highly capable Leader with strong logistical and problem-solving skills. Articulate, analytical and results oriented with a record of success in achieving complex objectives in dynamic and stressful environments.
  • Experienced in all phases of construction including schedule development, execution and remediation for every Microsoft built Global Data Center from 2000-to current.
  • Extensive experience managing multi-cultural teams globally.
  • US Government “Secret” Clearance

Capable [Job Title] with proven history of enhancing [Industry] operations. Proficient in best practices, leadership strategies and employee motivation to boost productivity and job performance. Well-coordinated in addressing problems, investigating root causes and implementing successful resolutions. Hardworking Senior Sales Consultant recognized for exceeding sales goals and demonstrating superior customer service. Excellent problem-solver with talents in [Skill] and [Skill]. Adept at meeting daily sales goals and effectively tracking sales activity to effectively manage workload. Offering [Number] years and exceptional sales expertise. Focused [Job Title] with proven record of outperforming sales objectives, exceeding service standards and outpacing performance goals. Solid [Industry] background with in-depth knowledge of related practices and market fluctuations. Motivated, team-oriented and enthusiastic about using skills to boost sales and support company success. Strategic Senior Consultant with [Number] years in [Type] industries and extensive knowledge of [Area of expertise]. Known for successfully implementing [Type] systems to save money, enhance earnings and maximize revenue. Goal-oriented problem-solver with training in [Software]. Industrious Senior Consultant with excellent critical thinking and team-building talents. Familiar with the policies and procedures of product development and operations. Competent in staff management, data modeling, and proposal development. Thorough Senior Consultant professional with competency in developing project and implementation plans. Gifted with strong analytical and project management skills. Successful in meeting new challenges and finding effective solutions. Structured Lead Consultant with excellent troubleshooting, issue resolution and [Type] skills. Dependable and driven with record seeing complex projects through to completion. Forward-thinking Senior Consultant with outstanding knowledge of [Area of expertise] and [Industry] protocols. Expert in [Software] with proven history of effective problem-solving and optimizing [Type] systems. Dedicated to efficiency, entrepreneurship and long-term results. Driven Senior Consultant with [Number] years' experience in the [Consulting Field Name] consulting field. Adept in collaborative problem solving, risk management, and creative solutions. Passionate about bringing changes in businesses. Proficient in conducting primary and secondary research. Experienced Senior Consultant with a [Number] year background in [Consulting Field Name] consulting. Strong client handling and interpersonal talents. Skilled in managing, delegating and assigning complex timelines and projects. Proficiency in [Program Name] and [Program Name]. Adept individual with more than [Number] years of consulting for [Type] organizations. Determined and experienced in building lucrative client relationships and implementing effective processes and procedures. Hardworking Consultant gifted at turning prospects into clients by delivering exceptional presentations. Engaging and personable with expertise managing key milestones and delivering exemplary customer service. Outstanding motivator possessing first-rate intercommunication skills to work at all levels of organization. Talented Consultant with excellent client oversight, issue resolution and presentation skills. Highly effective at juggling multiple tasks and projects. Accomplished Consultant drives organizational improvements through leveraging expertise in research and system enhancement. Well-versed in collaborating with employees and leaders to resolve control and procedural problems negatively affecting business operations. Dedicated to cost, process and resource optimization. Multi-tasking Consultant well-known for successfully taking projects from beginning stages to completion. Polished and professional offering proficiency in [Type] technology. Commended for consistently meeting new technical challenges and finding solutions to satisfy customer needs. Reliable Communications Technician with hands-on training and experience troubleshooting and installing [Type] and [Type] systems. Physically fit and agile with the ability to lift over [Number] pounds and work in cramped spaces. Extensive knowledge of wires and cables used in [Type] communication networks. Industrious Telecommunications Engineering Specialist with [Number] years of industry experience and talent in [Skill] and [Skill]. Solutions-oriented professional with proficiency in [Software]. Diligent Communications Technician successful in [Area of expertise] and [Area of expertise]. Over [Number] years of hands-on experience working as a [Job title] for [Industry] businesses. A strong team player with the ability to work with little to no supervision. Excellent abilities in comparing technologies and finding quick solutions. Talented Communications Technician eager to secure a [Job title] role in [City] or the surrounding area. Consistently in the top [Number] in performance metrics and over [Number]% in customer ratings. Adept at troubleshooting and installing [Type] and [Type] products to a large diverse customer base. Meticulous Telecommunications Engineering Specialist with [Number] years of experience. Gifted in both technical troubleshooting and customer service to deliver exceptional user support. Team-player consistently praised for [Skill] abilities.

Hawthorne University Salt Lake City, UT, Expected in 02/2001 BS : Computer Science - GPA :
RCH Technical Institute Seattle, WA, Expected in AA : Computer Programming - GPA :
  • Operated Microsoft application implementation and migration – Microsoft Teams, Outlook, SQL, Windows 10, Office365
  • Supervised Migration Application Deployment to Azure to include Telephony, Network Management, Security Infrastructure, Helpdesk Support.
  • Decomming older Windows Servers while upgrading, implementing and migration to Azure Platform.
  • Planned and implemented SAN, MS SQL cluster, web farm, and data center migration
  • Deployed and supported Office, Dynamics, Visual Studio, MS SQL Server, and Exchange
  • Enterprise Network Management, Microsoft, WA | World-Wide Networks, Microsoft, WA | Cisco Enterprise Internetworking Course, Microsoft, WA | Six Sigma – Core Strategies and Applications, Microsoft, WA | Kaizen Leadership Certificate, Microsoft, WA | Agile Leadership, Microsoft, WA | Money Ball Leader, Microsoft, WA | Project Management Professional, Microsoft, WA | Distributed Antenna System One, Renton, WA | Microsoft IT Customer Presentation Professional, Microsoft, WA | ITIL Version 3 Foundation, Loyalist – Microsoft, WA | Risk Assessment Leadership, Microsoft, WA | Project Planning, Scheduling and Budget Control, Microsoft, WA | MOF Changing Quadrant, Microsoft, WA | Microsoft Career Coach, (Mentoring), Microsoft | WAOSHA – 10 Hour Construction Safety and Health, Microsoft, WA | MS-100 O365
  • Agile, Networks
  • Attention to detail, Network
  • Budget planning, Prime
  • Budgets, Process improvement
  • Budget, Processes
  • Cabling, Project Management
  • Cisco, Project plans
  • Coach, Project Planning
  • Communication skills, Public speaking
  • Strong interpersonal skills, Reporting
  • Consulting, Risk Assessment
  • DAS, Safety
  • Delivery, SAN
  • Documentation, Scheduling
  • Edge, Servers
  • Executive management, Shell
  • Functional, Six Sigma
  • ITIL, Sound
  • Leadership skills, MS SQL Server
  • Leadership, SQL
  • Managing, Supervision
  • Mechanical, Telephony
  • Mentoring, Upgrades
  • All Microsoft, Upgrading
  • Exchange, Visual Studio
  • Money, WAN
  • Office
  • Outlook
  • Microsoft Project
  • Windows
  • Migration
  • Enterprise
  • Network Management
  • System diagnostics
  • Business needs analysis
  • Network administration
  • Consulting
  • Scalability planning
  • Systems Analysis
  • Software Management
  • Business planning
  • Flexibility
  • Strategic Planning
  • Teamwork mindset
  • Operations management
  • Staff Management
  • Business Development
  • Commercial awareness
  • Financial Management
  • Employee supervision
  • Ability to lead
  • Negotiation
  • Contract Management
  • Supply chain logistics
  • Project Management
  • Business administration
  • Project Documentation
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Industry processes
  • Budgeting
Aaa Auto Club - Senior IT Consultant
Portage, MI, 10/2019 - 04/2020
  • Supervised Teams scenarios for core operational outcomes in both the public and private sectors.
  • Onboard and oversaw customers to CloudFit Administered Scenarios for core operational.
  • Created single point for Documentation Storage for CloudFit.
  • Guide and assist customers through the operationalization of their applications to DevOps and Cloud.
  • Maintain technology and methodology approaches to guide CloudFit’s customers through the pros and cons of every decision.
  • Technical IT delivery (or consulting) experience in Dev, Test, and Cloud.
  • Real-world DevOps and DevSecOps experience, delivering continuous integration and continuous delivery.
  • Service Engineering Experience in Cloud.
  • Delivering optimal solutions facilitated by Azure Dev Ops, Jira, Microsoft Project and agile methodologies like Scrum.
  • Public speaking experience.
  • Strong attention to detail and collaborative communication.
  • Manage Change and Adoption throughout the lifecycle of the Data Centers.
  • Contributed to success of client's organization by improving performance, motivation, job satisfaction, hiring practices, training programs and management systems.
  • Identified business issues through careful collaboration with key stakeholders.
  • Monitored and managed staff performance to attain target metrics both individually and team unit.
  • Exceeded customer requirements with accurate and deliverable solutions in [Number] weeks.
  • Troubleshot issues by understanding issue, diagnosing root cause and coming up with effective solutions.
  • Directed work completed by team of [Number] consultants.
  • Interfaced with field managers to establish pricing for clients consistent with company's financial objectives.
  • Prioritized projects and project tasks depending upon key milestones and deadline dates.
  • Streamlined [Type ] process for entire department by implementing method that cut call hold times by [Number] minutes.
  • Evaluated clients' needs and created plan of action to provide solutions.
  • Developed [Type] solutions based upon clients' strict requirements.
  • Improved [Type] systems by completing [Task], resulting in [Result].
  • Presented project scopes to employees and executives, proposing timelines, budgets and specifications for over [Number] projects.
  • Streamlined [Type] processes to cut downtime and optimize employee productivity.
  • Assessed [Type] needs for [Type] projects and made proposals to senior executives with [Number]% success rate.
  • Developed service plans in consultation with clients, and performed follow-ups assessing quantity and quality of services.
  • Monitored technology use and program functionality, updating programs and making changes to enhance output.
  • Contributed to continuous improvement of [Business Name] based on learning from ideas, client implementation, and previous experiences.
  • Identified [Number] new revenue ideas and opportunities in [Year].
  • Performed business research and analysis, including financial analysis.
  • Gave budget suggestions for projects worth over $[Amount], outlining financial needs and forecasting.
  • Increased company revenue [Number]% through restructuring processes and advising executives on important decisions.
  • Created and optimized records management strategies to coordinate and protect information.
  • Closely monitored and updated company systems for efficiency, output and other factors to improve overall productivity [Number]%.
  • Determined areas for improvement and implemented processes to alleviate problems.
  • Hired and trained over [Number] [Type] employees, crafting team of efficient, qualified employees for [Type] tasks.
  • Supervised [Number] employees during [Type] projects, identifying areas in need of improvement and implementing plans to rectify issues.
Mercury Systems - Senior Principal Program Manager
Hudson, NH, 12/2018 - 05/2019
  • This is an overly complex role that required one to bring a strong data center facility build out and expansion experience to the company.
  • Accountable for creating and executing flawlessly to deliver on critical programs.
  • Responsibilities include clearly defined milestones, reporting project status, issues/risks, mitigation plans, and creating operational documentation for deploying and maintaining data center facilities.
  • As a key member, I have worked closely with vendors and internal teams to drive on time and on budget delivery of key projects including providing executive management project updates, budgets, and risks identified.
  • Strong technical knowledge, which encompasses data center technologies, design, electrical distribution, mechanical, and IT infrastructure.
  • Effective communication skills with all levels of management.
  • Ability to succeed through collaboration and working through other internal and external organizations and individuals.
  • Strong leadership capabilities and strong interpersonal skills required.
  • Ability to learn quickly and adjust to changing priorities while maintaining a positive, can-do attitude.
  • Extensive understanding of data center cabling design and standards.
  • Ability to apply independent and sound business judgment to solve complex issues.
  • Work independently with minimal supervision required and can lead cross-functional teams to complete projects and major initiatives using judgment, experience, and leadership skills.
  • Engaged with customers, partners and constituent groups to create positive, trusting and professional relationships.
  • Identified system needs and designed processes to support business requirements.
  • Designed infrastructure solutions to resolve business issues and improve delivery processes.
  • Performed program research and analyzed data collection to develop cost estimates and budgets.
  • Collaborated with development teams, internal customers and product line management to verify delivery of desired quality requirements to distributors.
  • Verified parts and materials through audit inspections and independent checks.
  • Devised tools and benchmarks to improve team performance and monitor production.
  • Tracked and reported [Timeframe] program results to customers and stakeholders to facilitate change management activities.
  • Directed [Number] simultaneous projects to boost business opportunities by [Number]%.
  • Networked in local community by [Action] to identify business opportunities.
  • Trained [Number] [Type] teams in [Area of expertise] to accomplish [Result].
  • Launched [Type] program and gathered functional and business requirements to support team and mitigate risks.
  • Collaborated with [Type] staff to define legal and operational parameters.
  • Mentored and supported [Number] [Type] department employees to create strong workplace culture.
  • Mentored and led new employees to enhance [Type] program production.
  • Drove remarkable revitalizations of [Type] and [Type] operations to bring about exceptional [Type] results.
  • Evaluated employee performance on [Timeframe] basis and conveyed constructive feedback to improve skills.
  • Planned marketing initiatives and leveraged referral network to promote business development.
  • Evaluated suppliers by assessing quality, timeliness and compliance of deliveries to maintain tight cost controls and maximize business operational efficiency.
  • Performed supplier risk evaluations and supported regulatory inspections.
  • Drove year-over-year business growth while leading operations, strategic vision and long-range planning.
  • Effectively supervised staff of [Number] personnel by implementing company policies, protocols, work rules and disciplinary action.
  • Facilitated change management activities for department and staff of [Number] individuals.
  • Executed regular process updates to reduce discrepancies and enhance scheduling across [Type] calendars and programs.
  • Maintained professional demeanor by staying calm when addressing unhappy or angry customers.
  • Greeted and welcomed new members, establishing and updating memberships to [Company] [Type] programs.
  • Conducted supplier risk evaluations and assisted [Job Title]s with regulatory inspections.
  • Improved productivity while reducing staffing and operational costs by [Number]%.
  • Negotiated manufacturing service agreements and quality standards.
  • Used [Type] strategies to promote exceptional customer service and create positive environment for employees and clients.
  • Communicated best practices among on-site and external personnel to align efforts and goals.
  • Directed training and retraining of employees to boost performance and enhance business results.
  • Applied performance data to evaluate and improve operations, target current business conditions and forecast needs.
  • Set, enforced and optimized internal policies to maintain efficiency and responsiveness to demands.
  • Devised, deployed and monitored processes to boost long-term business success and increase profit levels [Number]%.
  • Engaged prospects and customers through various events, including trade shows, seminars and workshops.
  • Coordinated site investigations, documented issues and escalated to executive teams as needed.
  • Oversaw global product development and partner relationships, enabling footprint expansion into new markets.
  • Oversaw and improved [Product or Service] deliveries worth over $[Amount] per year through efficient coordination of daily operations.
  • Boosted team productivity and efficiency by leveraging top-notch [Skill] and [Skill] abilities.
  • Improved staffing during busy periods by creating employee schedules and monitoring call-outs.
  • Established and administered annual budget with effective controls to prevent overages, minimize burn rate and support sustainability objectives.
  • Maintained store equipment, including computers, printers and fax machines.
  • Enhanced [Type] initiatives while managing effective marketing campaigns.
  • Developed and implemented productivity initiatives, in addition to coordinating itinerary and scheduling appointments.
  • Reviewed established policies and procedures to take on temporary leadership positions, motivate employees and facilitate smooth [Type] operations.
  • Evaluated existing operations and current market trends to identify necessary improvements and capitalize on changes.
  • Supervised site investigations, reported issues and escalated those that required further assistance.
  • Managed quality programs to reduce overdue compliance activities.
  • Designed modern employee recognition program which boosted productivity and improved morale.
  • Set aggressive targets for employees to drive company success and strengthen motivation.
  • Recognized [Type] areas needing improvement and implemented [Type] program, enhancing productivity [Number]%.
  • Managed internal operational standards and productivity targets for [Area of expertise].
  • Utilized exemplary negotiation skills to obtain manufacturing service agreements and assure quality standards.
  • Coordinated all companies, business executives and site leadership teams by interacting effectively and establishing communication best practices.
  • Streamlined and monitored quality programs to alleviate overdue compliance activities.
  • Used [Industry] expertise, customer service skills and analytical nature to resolve customer concerns and promote loyalty.
  • Increased operational efficiency by developing improved filing systems for confidential client records and reports.
  • Recruited and developed [Number] employees for [Type] department.
  • Excelled in every store position and regularly backed up front-line staff to keep expertise fresh and relevant.
  • Opened and closed location and monitored shift changes to uphold successful operations strategies and maximize business success.
  • Enhanced and redefined organizational structure to maintain company's competitive edge across territories.
  • Performed customer needs assessments and coordinated resolutions with supply chain and quality teams.
  • Modernized and improved operational procedures to increase efficiency and profitability while tightly controlling costs such as labor and preventing waste.
  • Maintained financial accuracy when handling over $[Amount] in revenue each day.
  • Estimated expected changes in business operations and made proactive adjustments to employee schedules and inventory levels to address needs.
  • Improved staff morale and reduced employee turnover by [Number]%.
  • Identified and communicated customer needs to supply chain capacity and quality teams.
  • Achieved substantial [Result] by using market expertise and business knowledge to make proactive decisions.
  • Directed group of [Number] [Type] associates handling daily and complex requirements of [Type] department.
  • Decreased head-count from [Number] to [Number] while driving productivity by [Number]%.
  • Spearheaded overhaul of company best practices, leading to significantly increased staff retention rates and top-ranking as industry leader.
  • Conducted forecasting to determine possible changes and issues for supply chain business.
  • Taught [Job title]s and [Job title]s effective customer service techniques, boosting client satisfaction rates [Number]%.
  • Devised new promotional approaches to boost customer numbers and market penetration while enhancing engagement and driving growth.
  • Reduced workflow inconsistencies by recruiting and hiring capable staff members.
  • Led company to successful product launch and growth by developing initial product roadmap and go-to-market strategy.
  • Performed forecasting to identify necessary changes for supply chain business.
  • Produced regular [Type] and [Type] reports to evaluate performance, adjust strategies and maintain agile, sustainable operations.
  • Entered data into [Software] system, implementing tight safeguards to secure financial and personal information.
  • Defined clear targets and objectives and communicated to other team members.
  • Created, managed and executed business plan and communicated company vision and objectives to motivate teams.
  • Chaired weekly meetings with executive leadership to identify opportunities for improvement, establish milestones and tailor products to individual markets.
  • Oversaw supply chain and supported tech transfer projects, batch release testing, change management and resolution of customer complaints.
  • Prepared quotes for new products and services and composed budgets.
  • Oversaw supply chain and supported tech transfer projects, batch release testing, change management and resolution of customer complaints.
MIcrosoft - Global Strategic Program Manager
City, STATE, 02/2000 - 12/2018
  • I have had extensive experience in Data Centers and in the Bleeding Edge of Technology that impacts business Internal and External customers Worldwide.
  • This includes Data Center Infrastructure, Core and Shell, Network, Telephony, Security, Server Infrastructure, Mechanical, and Electrical.
  • Reliable for creating, building programs, managing large budgets up to $300 Million, communicating and executing project plans and enhance Microsoft Service offers for our customers through improved processes and tools.
  • Additionally, I possess a strong understanding of process improvement, supporting toolsets in infrastructure operations space.
  • Manage a large capacity of Special Projects with a 100% success rate of completion.
  • Accountable for managing the team which includes the preparation and tracking of the team’s budget, its expenditures, and budget planning which exceeds $300M annually.
  • Managing scopes related to new construction projects and capital improvement projects in existing facilities utilizing internal and outsourced resources.
  • Coordinating the work of consulting architects, engineers, and prime contractors to ensure the projects are completed on time and on budget.
  • Commissioning mechanical, electrical, and control and instrumentation systems required for project compliance.
  • Performing final closeout and punch list procedures required for final acceptance and completion.
  • Created and established standards across all Microsoft owned and leased sites.
  • Kaizen Leader within Microsoft trained and executing opportunities for improvements, additional training under SHINGGIJUTSO Lean Revival the Masters of Lean.
  • Directed [Number] simultaneous projects to boost business opportunities by [Number]%.
  • Mentored and supported [Number] [Type] department employees to create strong workplace culture.
  • Completed [Type] tests under tight deadlines to meet client demands and project timelines.
  • Identified system needs and designed processes to support business requirements.
  • Verified parts and materials through audit inspections and independent checks.
  • Devised tools and benchmarks to improve team performance and monitor production.
  • Mentored and led new employees to enhance [Type] program production.
  • Designed infrastructure solutions to resolve business issues and improve delivery processes.
  • Delivered clear presentations during meetings with clients and colleagues, using effective public speaking skills.
  • Collaborated with [Type] staff to define legal and operational parameters.
  • Performed program research and analyzed data collection to develop cost estimates and budgets.
  • Trained [Number] [Type] teams in [Area of expertise] to accomplish [Result].
  • Deployed [Type] and [Type] processes, resulting in cost-effective implementations and high level of customer satisfaction.
  • Collaborated with developers and project managers to assess program capabilities, features and testing demands.
  • Engaged with customers, partners and constituent groups to create positive, trusting and professional relationships.
  • Kept stakeholders updated on project changes or issues and provided details for resolution.
  • Proposed development and testing improvements to positively impact usability, function and performance.
  • Networked in local community by [Action] to identify business opportunities.
  • Validated [Type] and [Type] programs to meet strict design standards and quality benchmarks.
  • Collaborated with development teams, internal customers and product line management to verify delivery of desired quality requirements to distributors.
  • Launched [Type] program and gathered functional and business requirements to support team and mitigate risks.
  • Created test cases and test scripts to maintain cohesive team approach to product development.

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  • Senior IT Consultant
  • Senior Principal Program Manager
  • Global Strategic Program Manager


  • BS
  • AA

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