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Jessica Claire
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Career Overview
Talented Android Developer with over seven years of enterprise in software and mobile development and a broad range of industries including News Media, Mobile Payments, B2B, Restaurant Management, Integrated Commerce and Banking. Sun certified Java developer.Solid understanding of full mobile and Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) including Waterfall and Agile methodologies. Well conversant with version control including CVS, SVN and Git. Android experience and Expertise up-to Marshmallow  features including Permissions in M,Navigation Drawer, Parcel, Parcelable, Translucent Toolbar and Material Design and actively working on Nougat features and enhancements after closely following Google I/O. Dedicated to continuously developing, implementing, and adopting new technologies to maximize development efficiency and produce innovative applications.
Areas of Expertise
  • Mobile Technologies: Android - SDK, ADB, DDMS, SQLite, Notification Services including Push, Location Based Services, Content Provider, Various System Services , Broadcast Receiver & Services, RESTful Web Services, HTTP, JSON, IntentService, AsyncTask, Fragments, Maps
  • Third Party Libraries:MOAT, Volley,RetroFit,Stripe, Moneris, Xing, bluRadio,Java Mailx, AsyncHttp, Picasso.
  • Cloud API: OAuth, Facebook, Twitter, Yelp 
  • Programming: Java, Rx Java, Kotlin, XML(parsing DOM, SAX ,Pull), HTML5, SQL, JSON, Multithreading, JavaScript
  • Tools: Android Studio, Eclipse, JIRA, Slack, Clear case, Defect Tracking tools , Rational Requisitepro
  • Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, UNIX
  • Database: Oracle and MySQL - Queries, PL/SQL Stored Procedures, Functions, Triggers
Professional Experience
Senior Android Developer, 02/2016 - Current
Logic20/20 Denver, CO,
Client: Washington Post 
  • Worked as part of a team to completely re-organize and re-architect the Washington Post Android App to implement a newer streamlined UI and improved performance
  • Individually implemented multiple new features including 'swipe to delete', 'save favorite articles', 'recently viewed sections' and more
  • Solely responsible for integrating MOAT libraries, implementing use of API end points, localization of strings and more
  • Learnt new OOP language called Kotlin on the fly and successfully migrated parts of the project to Kotlin
  • Responsible for resolving bugs, production and QA issues
Android Developer, 2016 - 01/2016
Pac-12 Seattle, WA,
  • As the only android developer for the company, very quickly jumped on-board and took full responsibility of the development and operation of the app
  • Implemented multi-credit for amusement industry: Helps user make selections from a list of options to obtain credits to play at the arcades.
  • Implemented Integration of Volley for efficient Network calls.
  • Implemented Push Notification set-up, Deactivation tracking and Flurry-Events
  • Implemented Bluetooth activation and de-activation
  • Performed a complete UI re-arrange to improve the look and feel of the horizontal scroll view used. Created Custom Views to re-arrange the UI
  • Performed bug fixes on existing code and analyzed existing code to proactively detect and fix code. Performed an extensive code review to better understand the entire code.
  • Integrated Volley for better and parallel network calls
  • Used third party libraries such as Stripe, Moneris, Xing, bluRadio and Volley to integrate features and functionality
  • Used Rest APIs to pull server data and display on the app
Android Application Developer, 09/2015 - 11/2015
Amentum El Centro, CA,
Client: VSS Tech
  • Took bottom line responsibility for push notifications, using Javascripts to integrate with the Android app.
  • Designed and developed background jobs to run at regular intervals to send alerts to users who have downloaded the app but not made any progress in ‘n’ number of days.
  • Implemented the background jobs utilizing a complex set of queries into the parse tables.
  • Implemented the receiver and extracted JSON messages from Push notifications to direct it to the target activity.
  • Single-handed design and implementation of Admin module.
Android Application Engineer, 08/2013 - 11/2015
Workiva Tempe, AZ,
  • Worked individually as well as part of a larger team on developing and maintaining multiple client applications
  • Contributed to full life cycle development of applications
  • Extensive use and implementation of the Google Places API (JSON), PayPal OAuth 2.0, RESTful APIs, timer tasks and Google Maps API
  • Worked on multiple emulators to thoroughly develop and test deployment and interoperability on multiple platforms
  • Documented architecture and implementation for internal and external consumption
  • Implemented support for applications using Flickr API, Google Maps API, Facebook API, and Twitter API 
  • Was a visiting faculty for corporate training at FIS Global - for Android.
Senior Software Engineer, 05/2005 - 06/2009
Infosys Technologies Limited City, STATE,
Client: Cisco Systems, Bank of America, Allstate Insurance
  • The Cisco Integrated Workspace provides a platform for order management and storeroom management. My tasks involved building and maintaining main parts of the project using Java and related technologies
  • The Online Banking application at Bank of America dealt with promotional offers that came in with cash advances from credit cards to savings/checking accounts. I was responsible for the Core Java parts of the development and also for managing on-shore off-shore technical communication. Managed customer expectations very successfully
  • Responsible for developing and managing important modules with high visibility for All State Insurance using Core Java, Tenfold and Universal language
  • Finacle is a Core Banking Solution provided by Infosys. My responsibilities included direct interaction with the clients to customize and implement the the Finacle application. Implemented user interface using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Worked extensively on the Fish Bone analysis of recurring defects.
  •  Certifications
    • Sun Certified Java Developer
  • Technical Training
    • Actively mentored, trained and supervised 18 Java Developers on Android components including Activities, Services, BR, CP MAps and Locations, Storage, Web Services and Lollipop Features.
  • Technical Leadership and Delivery
    • Thrived as the Solo Android Developer at Payrange, Inc. - a mid stage startup 
    • Assumed full responsibility for development of Android application and worked on the entire life cycle of application and feature set including requirement analysis, development and delivery
    • Established policies and procedures for introducing new features and functionality in conjunction with project managers and design staff
Education and Training
: Engineering - Computer Science, Expected in 2005
Malnad College of Engineering, Vishweshwariah Technical University - Hassan, Karnataka
Status -
Relevant Project Details
Senior Android Developer, -
Power To Fly, Inc , ,

Description: The Washington Post is a leading daily National newspaper in the US. Working as a core team player has further sharpened my skills with reactive app development, collaboration, Core Java, APIs, Web-Services and has driven me to learn a new OOP language, Kotlin.


Role & Responsibilities:

  • This news app had to be completely re-organized and architectured for a better UI and a performance and my responsibilities included the below:
  • Integration of MOAT library for analysis of Ad display: MOAT is the latest standard for ad display statistics. Technically this required good knowledge of gradle, integrating a third party library and to quickly jump on board with the APIs offered by them, to incorporate them in the right way. MOAT helps companies to give a fool-proof ad display statistics to their clients and was hence a high visibility task assigned to me, which I completed on time and exceeded expectations.
  • Swipe to delete feature: Implemented swipe-to-delete feature for saved articles. The task was to imitate gmail's right-to-left swipe to display the option to delete an article from the list. This job involved a good understanding of UI specs and crisp on-point coding for the feature.
  • Coding the feature to save favorite articles: This feature allows users to favorite an article as they browse through a host of sections each containing many articles. This demanded in-depth knowledge of Rx Java, as the list had to be populated very reactively, and listed when the user visited the new section of "Favorite articles".
  • Moving less important activities to Kotlin: Some parts of the project were moved to Kotlin and it involved learning a new language quickly and writing small pieces of code to migrate from Java on selected portions.
  • Introducing Recently viewed sections: This feature included keeping track of user activity on the app and retaining latest 5 sections that the user visited. It was a straight-forward requirement which I was able to quickly take this to completion because of my clear knowledge of persistent storage features of Android.
  • General involvement in making this re-org a success: A huge change of architecture in an app requires a lot of effort from all team members - especially main players. I involved myself and stayed tuned during planning, code clean -up, suggestions and discussions.
  • Was solely responsible for moving a section of the newspaper from using config to using API endpoints. This requirement involved changing the way we fetched data for the app for a particular section. It involved a deep understanding of current working and the new requirement. This was an assignment that was very critical and visible. I successfully coded the requirement starting with a document for API endpoint specs. My in-depth understanding of how Web Services and APIs work, helped me finish this task without glitches.
  • As a sub-task I moved the network handling from Volley to Retrofit.
  • Worked on Localization of strings as part of White labeling: This was a small assignment which involved knowledge of resource management in Android. The aim was to include Spanish support for a client.
  • General assignments: Apart from the specific tasks and features, I have successfully helped in the smooth running of the app with closing bug tickets, production issues and QA issues. This required knowledge of the app's working, good hold of Android, UI and ability to provide quick and good solutions.
  • Other tools involved: JIRA for task tracking and QA tickets, Slack for general communication and information, fully Agile development, Jenkins for builds, HockeyApp for executable management and offering QA builds and Github and Gitflow for code collaboration and organization. IDE: Android Studio.
Android Engineer, -
Payrange, Inc. , ,
Description: Payrange is a start-up in San Jose which is working towards cashless payment for vending machines. Apps are the backbone for Payrange, since they are concentrating on easy mobile payments for vending machine, similar to how Parking apps revolutionized cashless payments for parking. There was firmware, server knowledge and native Android coding involved in my role.

Android Application Developer, -
PowerToFly , ,
Description: VSS Tech is developing a BtoB app. It connects restaurants to freelance delivery agents. It is serving as the best choice for consumers to get food delivered to their door-step at reasonable time and cost. It is right now serving the Indian market, soon to be released in the US.
App Features:
  • The app picks up orders from restaurants and does a location-based search on delivery agents within 10 miles radius.
  • The app has pass-the-buck feature where if one delivery agent fails to respond, or if the agent’s geo-location doesn’t get changed in 3 minutes, the next best delivery agent is chose.
  • The admin module lets restaurant chains to connect with the Agent teams.
  • Push notifications are sent to maintain order details communication.
  • Parse is used for cloud storage and push. Extensive use of the javascript sdk for Push notifications. 
Android Application Engineer, -
Simbiosys Mobile Solutions, Inc , ,
Application Name: WeLimo
Link to WeLimo
Description: This app has been designed keeping the design principles of Uber, for Limousine. Currently the team is  working on improving our location based features and upgrade permissions to Marshmallow. New UI features and also functionalities are being added.
App Features:
  • 2 Modes: (Driver Mode – for limousine drivers) (Rider Mode – for passengers seeking a limo ride).
  • Passengers can sign-in once using PayPal and consent to future payments for rides.
  • Automatically find passenger’s pickup location. Passenger inputs custom destination address  or place (Google Places AutoComplete provides interpretive suggestions).
  • Drivers can “Go Online” and wait for passengers requesting rides within their area.
  • Rides are requested from drivers based on distance from passenger. Drivers have 10 seconds to decide whether or not they want to “ACCEPT” the ride.
  • Drivers can navigate to passenger for pickup, to final destination, or call the passenger directly.
  • Passenger can call their driver once they have accepted the ride or cancel the ride prior to pickup.
  • Display Driver ETA, Destination ETA, Fare Cost, Pickup/Dropoff addresses on map, location updates
Roles & Responsibilities:
  • Contributed to the full lifecycle development of the application.
  • Used Photoshop, draw9patch, and Illustrator to create UI graphics and resources
  • Used Google Places API (JSON) for AutoComplete TextView to offer suggestions to passenger.
  • Integrated PayPal OAuth 2.0 to save future payment authorization from user.
  • Integrated RESTful API into application to complete transactions via PayPal.
  • Implemented Service (timertask) to update driver locations every 5 seconds.
  • Integrated Google Maps API for showing driver locations, pickup/dropoff locations, etc.
Application Name: One Stop Grocery
Link to One Stop Grocery on Goggle Play Store
Description: This app was developed to improve the list management and expiry tracking facilities for grocery shopping. Duely, the app has the capacity to maintain multiple lists for stores of your choice. This experience is further enriched by the location feature, which gives the 5 locations of the user’s store closest to current location, with an option to navigate. There is a separate section of the app dedicated to tracking the expiry of perishables.
Roles & Responsibilities:
  • Developed and tested the app on different emulators.
  • Developed multiple list management features, and improved it with Cursor Loaders.
  • Included Location finding  to improve user experience. Embedding of Map and also an option for the user to use the phone map.
  • Used Yahoo Console very efficiently, to obtain closest location details and displayed in a listview.
  • Integrated social media features for a great ‘real-time’ experience. The user can connect to facebook or twitter to announce deals, coupons,etc while shopping.
  • Included email feature to make it more convenient to send list to family and friends.
  • The expiry tracker offers calendar to mark the date and set an email reminder.
  • The app has the following technical features: UI features: Spinner, drop-down list, ListView, Image Lock,Calendar.
  • Functionality: Map embedding. Facebook and Twitter Integrated,Image handling for Login. Email without user intervention, using smtp.
Application Name: Inspiro App
Link to Inspiro App in Google Play Store
Description: This was developed for the client Lab2Apps. Inspiro uses Flickr API to get top 100 place photos from their users all around the world. The API refreshes every day, so that the user will see different perspective from difference places every day! They can save the photo, share with friends, or just simply get inspired
Roles & Responsibilities:
  • Implemented SQLite database for  saving photo information
  • Efficiently implemented  Memory and Disk caching to manage limited memory available in Android
  • Flickr API Integration using OAUTH authentication and JSON parsing of response
  • List view used to display given reviews using custom adapter
  • Used Fragments to manage and organize contents
  • Implemented Google map API to display user’s selection on map
  • Contributed to the full lifecycle development of the application, from planning, requirements    gathering, development, testing
  • Implementing Flickr API, Google map API, Facebook API, and Twitter API
Application Name: KNVBC Radio
AppLink to KNVBC IN Goggle Play store
Description: This application is an internet radio application where the user can listen to the live internet Radio, check the program schedule, see a history of the songs he/she has listened to during the day, Interact socially via Twitter with the radio station and contact the station through Facebook, Twitter, email or SMS.
Roles & Responsibilities:
  • In charge of complete SDLC of the application.
  • Implemented JSON parsing of data retrieved from client IceCast server
  • Integrated Twitter RESTful API into application.
  • Implemented observer pattern for updates to history file data.
  • Created XSPF parser to extract song metadata.
  • Implemented Asynchronous timertask to check station server for updates.

Personal Interest Android Application (Pro Bono)
Panache Enfants Daycare
I have created a functional app for this local day care. They are a very well-organized facility, with age-based learning rooms. The app is a simple, efficient way for communication between teachers and parents, where the teachers open the app and update message to the parents. The parents are currently receiving only email updates. A further step will be to have them download an axillary app to interact with teachers on the same platform.
Roles and Responsibilities: 
  • Efficiently designed an app that is simple in its appearance and complex in its internal logic.
  • Managed large amounts of student-specific data.
  • Confidentiality has been maintained between classes and between students.
  • Scalability of the project is very high. There is opportunity kept open for growth, and addition of new features.
  • Technical details:Used TabHost and ViewPager together to achieve horizontal navigation and efficient handling of images and message files. Socket class to communicate to their internal server to store data on regular updates. Other commonalities like customized ListView,Navigation Drawer,etc.
  • Communicated and understood requirements from non-technical users, and customized it to their comfort levels. 

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Resume Overview

School Attended

  • Malnad College of Engineering, Vishweshwariah Technical University

Job Titles Held:

  • Senior Android Developer
  • Android Developer
  • Android Application Developer
  • Android Application Engineer
  • Senior Software Engineer


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