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Jessica Claire
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Seeking a position with a company to utilize my skills gained from working 7+ years as a Logistics/RMA Coordinator/Asset Manager/Assistant Manager, Customer Service Rep, General Warehouse Worker, Data Entry Associate, and so much more, to further develop time management and organizational skills. To obtain a position as an employee with a company that will value my diverse work skills, my ability to acquire new skills, and to make a significant contribution to a team effort. Also I am gifted in connecting with business customers to meet account needs, drive growth and build retention. Knowledgeable about their product, skilled at meeting and exceeding targets. Service-oriented and quality-focused with demonstrated success over 10 years of experience & proven previous experience with working with Samsung at Denali with Doordash, using RMA logostics for Samsung, Zebra, and so many other vendors, and working at the Samsung warehouse as a temporary replacement for a customer service rep, which included utilizing S.A.P and Oracle.

  • Quality control reviews
  • Shipment preparation
  • Documentation skills
  • Safety awareness
  • Product pulling
  • Inventory audits
  • Meeting planning and leadership
  • Implementation support
  • Presentation skills
  • Fundraising expertise
  • Business development
  • Data gathering and documentation
  • First Aid/CPR
  • Basic math
  • Communication
  • Training & development
  • Organizational skills
  • Organization
  • Teambuilding
  • Reliable & trustworthy
  • PPE use
  • Relationship building
  • Active listening
  • People skills
  • Maintenance & repair
  • Analytical
  • Logistics oversight
  • Planning production
  • Budget controls
  • Safety standards
  • Database documentation
  • Mentoring and training
  • Production Waste Control
  • Planning & organizing
  • Application development
  • Project documentation
  • HTML
  • Embedded systems development software
  • Efficient data management
  • Defining requirements
  • Configuration management
  • Testing and debugging
  • System Administration
  • Data warehousing and analytics
  • Testing and deployment
  • Correction plans
  • Technical writing
  • Statistical analysis
  • Product inspections
  • Sampling procedures
  • Materials testing
  • Testing protocols
  • Inspections and audits
  • Staff mentoring
  • Reporting and analysis
  • Schematic understanding
  • Safety procedures
  • Training and mentorship
  • Inspection documentation
  • Quality control
  • Issue escalation
  • Production experience
  • Inspection procedures
  • Sampling protocols
  • Vendor negotiations
  • Reporting abilities
  • Schedule management
  • Good work ethic
  • Computer skills
  • Equipment operations
Logistics Coordinator/RMA Coordinator , 11/2019 to 10/2022
HcaMckinney, TX,
  • Communicates with sales team
  • Communicates with upper management
  • Time management skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Communication skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Flexibility
  • Customer service
  • Accounts payable
  • Oracle WMS
  • Cherwell WMS
  • Accountant skills
  • Advanced Excel skills
  • Reporting skills
  • Communication with vendors through email and phone
  • I approve and decline warranty’s
  • In control of all data reports using excel spread sheets
  • Advanced Secretary skills
  • Control all inventory
  • Communicates 3PL
  • Asset Management
  • Uses warehouse management system
  • Creates order processing
  • Special projects
  • Shipping and receiving specialist
  • Organization skills
  • Advanced clerical skills
  • Advanced reporting skills
  • Reviewed work orders to check correctness of deliveries.
  • Compared shipment contents with paperwork to support inventory accuracy and records management.
  • Performed inspections of shipment contents, verifying accuracy against invoices and manifests.
  • Organized storage areas to maximize movement and minimize labor.
  • Prepared and processed shipping documents and routed materials and bills of lading.
  • Prepared accurate shipping orders and bills of lading to direct and route materials.
  • Investigated inventory discrepancies to maintain recordkeeping validity.
  • Rejected deliveries containing damaged items or shortages and corresponded with shipper to rectify issues.
  • Checked accuracy of cargo manifests against purchase orders, identifying errors before invoices entered wms system.
  • Input weights, charges, discrepancies and other data in cherwell.
  • Received and staged incoming inventory for movement to storage or sales floor.
  • Opened and checked deliveries to verify contents and resolve issues with vendors promptly.
  • Kept stockroom free of hazards, working efficiently and properly organized.
  • Supervised warehouse team, including schedule management, training and task delegation.
  • Collected merchandise returns from sales floor, checked price tags and hung on racks.
  • Liaised with vendor representatives to rectify damages and shortages.
  • Implemented cost-effective methods, carriers and routes to optimize shipping and receiving strategies.
  • Led and managed projects to support logistics efforts and plans.
  • Prepared inventory for shipment by attaching tags and labels.
  • Reported maintenance and repair needs for transportation vehicles and equipment.
  • Consistently met company and department objectives within budget and time constraints.
  • Utilized ordering, tracking and billing systems and associated processes.
  • Created and enforced policies and procedures for entire logistics team.
  • Managed day-to-day logistics operations, monitoring incoming deliveries and overseeing task.
  • Supervised staff of 5 in daily activities, delivering continuous training and coaching to bolster each employees skill set.
  • Identified opportunities to reduce cost and improve productivity.
  • Created policies and procedures to inform and educate personnel on logistics activities.
  • Implemented on-the-job training activities to cross-train employees on various tasks.
  • Handled departmental scheduling to maintain proper staffing for shifts.
  • Assessed needs and allocated resources to meet demand.
  • Established strategies to address changing market environments and Internet technology.
  • Advanced in reporting
  • Advanced in management
  • Advanced in using warehouse management systems
  • Advanced in talking to customers or vendors via email, and phone
  • Advanced in troubleshooting
  • Scheduled appointments for patients via phone and in person.
  • Developed and implemented account-specific strategies to facilitate revenue growth.
  • Routinely reviewed bank statements, profit and loss statements, inventory reports and accounts payable reports.
  • Prepared and presented investment strategies to potential investors, tailoring services to fit needs.
  • Collaborated with managers on key client issues with focus on implementing tax strategies to align with client's business objectives.
  • Executed skill in specialized facets of hedge fund, private equity fund and mutual fund taxation.
  • Trained multiple Brokers in Bulk sales and marketing techniques.
  • Created detailed technical reports highlighting findings to diverse stakeholders.
  • Assessed quality of products and compliance with tolerance standards by inspecting products, components and materials.
  • Performed detailed measurements with handheld devices and performed visual inspections of line.
  • Generated reports with documented findings and recommendations.
  • Assessed materials, parts and products for conformance with quality control requirements and production specifications.
  • Trained newly hired employees by explaining company procedures, job duties and performance expectations.
  • Adhered to safety protocols to minimize equipment damage and avoid injuries.
  • Wrote detailed reports outlining performance, quality and defect rates.
  • Completed non-destructive tests and conducted continuous inspections.
  • Inspected and repaired products to meet project expectations.
  • Used specialized tools to take precise measurements of various aspects of samples.
  • Documented nonconformities and recommended techniques for prompt resolution.
  • Consulted with engineers to resolve quality, production and efficiency problems.
  • Examined products and materials for defects or deviations to remove or discard non-conforming items.
  • Analyzed plans, specifications and blueprints to understand product requirements.
  • Oversaw proper tagging and identification of parts and components, enabling rejected or non-repairable parts to be properly marked, quarantined and rendered unusable.
  • Recommended improvement measures to production process to meet quality control standards.
  • Developed and implemented strategies for defect prevention and process efficiency.
  • Reviewed drawings and blueprints to complete inspection at appropriate levels.
  • Updated and documented inspection results by accurately completing reports.
  • Motivated and encouraged new junior employees.
  • Confirmed the required specifications and measurements of materials that were ordered for projects.
  • Maintained equipment by performing quality assurance checks and reporting damaged or broken equipment to repair companies.
  • Checked production performance for compliance with process standards.
  • Consulted with management and personnel to educate on QA standards.
  • Monitored QA procedures for adherence by employees, notifying personnel of non-compliance issues.
  • Maintained quality management structure by conducting continuous reviews.
  • Optimized tools and equipment to reduce errors.
  • Recorded test data and applied statistical quality control procedures.
  • Partnered with training and operational leaders to develop strategies to enhance customer experience.
  • Executed test cases and logged generated various reports and graphs for further analysis.
  • Extracted and organized metrics to monitor results for internal quality reports.
  • Executed and developed methods to obtain post-production product feedback from customers.
  • Updated documentation for rejected components and finished products.
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction ratings by building client rapport and timely resolving crises and issues.
  • Wrote and maintained test cases, user stories and requirements.
  • Managed inbound and outbound delivery schedules for optimal flow of goods.
  • Restocked supplies, organized storage areas and gathered materials for specific jobs.
  • Assessed, sorted and delivered incoming stock to correct warehouse locations.
  • Loaded, unloaded, moved and sorted materials to keep items flowing to correct locations.
  • Checked items into computer system, printed labels and directed to storage locations.
  • Supported logistics department by leveraging existing resources with cost-effective savings.
  • Reviewed logistics performance with customers against service agreements, targets and benchmarks.
  • Explained proposed solutions to customers and management through oral presentations and written proposals.
  • Managed subcontractor activities by reviewing proposals and developing performance specifications.
  • Directed and supported compilation and analysis of technical source data necessary for product development.
  • Implemented inventory control measures to safeguard sensitive items and equipment.
  • Marked stock items with identification tags, stamps and electric marking tools.
  • Verified inventory computations by comparing to physical counts of stock and investigating discrepancies.
  • Supported development of training materials and technical manuals for new team members.
  • Stayed informed of logistics technology advances to apply appropriate solutions and improve processes.
  • Managed department priorities and provided leadership for on-time delivery production
  • Oversaw staff to prepare production cycles on time using specified requirements.
  • Organized training for production staff to achieve performance objectives with quality instruction.
  • Balanced quality, productivity, cost, safety and morale to boost performance in production.
Quality Control Technician/Inventory Control Specialist, 01/2018 to 11/2019
SamsungCity, STATE,
  • Building a report on excel for 1st and 2nd shift inventory. Using the material number, date, shift, customer, and product name information, also known as a Stock Keeping Unit mostly for phones accessories and labels. This report has the quantity of each product, that was delivered to inventory that day. If the material was short, or had any discrepancy, I would then have to search the location through the application S.A.P, and cycle count the material, before emailing the Cooperate Supervisors
  • Report any shortages, or discrepancy through email to the Cooperate Supervisors.
  • Deliver orders to the customer in a timely manor.
  • Putting the product that is not needed into the warehouse stock.
  • Using S.A.P/W.m.p,/G.m.p to manual pick phones.
  • Finding locations through S.A.P application, for pallets with material on it.
  • Pick designated orders out of S.A.P For customers/vendors
  • Search material in the inventory.
  • Staying organized.
  • Exceeded team goals and collaborated with staff to implement customer service initiatives.
  • Investigated technical issues using knowledge base and personal experience to complete timely resolutions.
  • Interviewed customers regarding discrepancy issues and reported feedback to management team.
  • Delivered fast, friendly and knowledgeable service for routine questions and service complaints.
  • Answered incoming calls and offered highest level of professionalism and knowledgeable service to every customer.
  • Documented conversations with customers to track requests, problems and solutions.
  • Communicated information to customers about product quality, value and style.
  • Informed customers about billing procedures, processed payments and provided payment option setup assistance.
  • Suggested products and services to clients based on individual needs to drive consistent sales.
  • Escalated customer concerns, store issues and inventory requirements to supervisors.
  • Enhanced sales by implementing merchandising and promotional improvements.
  • Reviewed account and service histories to identify trends and issues.
  • Filed completed customer orders to begin processing and facilitate smooth shipments.
  • Provided quality support to ensure that products met quality standards and customer requirements.
  • Completed routine inspections of components and products to fulfill quality assurance requirements.
  • Monitored daily performance of production team to identify and address issues affecting quality product output.
  • Compared samples to standards and specifications by performing detailed measurements and tests.
  • Provided lab staff with samples for testing to check quality and safety of finished products.
  • Compiled inspection and test data in reports to document compliance with or deviations from strict quality standards.
  • Implemented quality control objectives to resolve production issues, optimize product reliability and reduce costs.
  • Monitored and upheld safe operating procedures and clean area mandates to meet regulatory requirements.
  • Conducted frequent quality and compliance reviews of production work.
  • Assisted with correcting systemic problems in order to eliminate errors.
  • Recorded lot numbers and serial numbers in ERP system for traceability of produced items.
  • Produced thorough reports detailing findings and proposed recommendations.
  • Conducted tests on product samples and recorded results.
  • Analyzed informational results, noting discrepancies to assist problem resolution.
  • Researched and logged quality performance data within database system.
  • Compiled measurement data and standardized tests based on collected component material samples.
  • Led data documentation and retention efforts to provide customized QA corrective actions.
  • Recommended strategy for improving testing plan, manufacturing and employee training processes to streamline QC measures.
  • Lent statistical analysis to oversee trend evaluation and modeling.
  • Tested lab solutions, sampled raw materials and performed in-process tests for quality.
  • Assisted with development and implementation of quality assurance policies, objectives and procedures.
  • Identified and resolved problems with QC instrumentation.
  • Reviewed contracts and analyzed procedures to ensure quality and accuracy.
  • Oversaw compliance with GMPs, GLPs and laboratory best practices.
  • Managed generation, accumulation and disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous waste.
  • Implemented PCRs, immunoassays, chromatography and electrophoresis to support QC operations.
  • Maintained quality assurance procedure documentation.
  • Monitored completed work and provided feedback to improve team member performance.
  • Contributed to business growth by confirming customer satisfaction with service and quality.
  • Maintained policy, procedures, work instructions and projects for quality and continuous improvement agendas.
  • Identified quality trends to investigate system flaws, process inefficiencies and training needs.
  • Leveraged Six Sigma principles to identify and communicate compliance risks and quality improvement opportunities.
  • Participated in calibration sessions with stakeholders to promote consistent alignment on policies and processes.
  • Recommended improvements to systems and procedures for increased productivity.
Inventory Management, 12/2017 to 07/2018
OntronicsCity, STATE,
  • Scan bar code of all the phones that came into the inventory.
  • Use the website given to scan them into the inventory , for accounts receivable.
  • Grade the phones depending on the damage, and quality of the phone.
  • Scanning and grading at least 5000 phones a day alone into inventory.
  • Sending a updated report every 2 hrs.
  • Provided product shipment
  • Delivery quality control
  • Eliminating downtime to maximize revenue
  • Monitored and organized logistics documents, including bills of lading, delivery receipts, packing lists and load tags.
  • Coordinated import and export operations and ensured adherence to schedules and deadlines.
Fiber Optic Specialist, 01/2017 to 12/2017
  • Polishing/polish cleaning cables, To polish fiber optic cables on machine until fully cleansed.
  • Identified and resolved issues presenting with fiber optics light sources.
  • Setup and properly maintained all equipment to achieve precise testing and maximum functionality.
Education and Training
Bachelor of Applied Science in Information Technology: Information Technology Project Management, Expected in to Collin College - Plano,
CNA Certification: Certified Nurses Assistant, Expected in to CE Global - Garland, TX,
Correctional Officer Certification: , Expected in to Gary Job Corps - San Marcos, TX,
High School Diploma: , Expected in to South West Texas High School - San Marcos, TX,
Cpr/First Aid/American Heart Assoc./Bls Cert.: , Expected in to Ce Global - Garland, TX,
Activities and Honors

Pleasant Valley Rehabilitation Center

Certified Nurses Assistant

Garland, TX

Sights And Sounds Festival


San Marcos, TX

Texas State University Graduation


San Marcos, TX

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Resume Overview

School Attended

  • Collin College
  • CE Global
  • Gary Job Corps
  • South West Texas High School
  • Ce Global

Job Titles Held:

  • Logistics Coordinator/RMA Coordinator
  • Quality Control Technician/Inventory Control Specialist
  • Inventory Management
  • Fiber Optic Specialist


  • Bachelor of Applied Science in Information Technology
  • CNA Certification
  • Correctional Officer Certification
  • High School Diploma
  • Cpr/First Aid/American Heart Assoc./Bls Cert.

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