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Jessica Claire
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Professional Summary
Dear Human Resourses: Through my vast expertise in various fields varied from medicine, microelectronics to meat -even from automotive, autoimmune to pharmaceuticals. I am highly motivated by grim circumstances, agonizing challenges and near product catastrophes. My consistent track records exhibited saving several billions of dollars due to products recall nearing the brim of utter market failure to eminent success and financial prosperities to several prominent corporations worldwide. I am seeking a CEO post in any applicable disciplines placing my talents in motion to continue achieving superiority in advancing the technology, market expansion, economic benefits, organizational harmony, and implement new products in the market. I am seeking a full time, part time, or even on a consulting employment post are all viable alternatives. Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall. 3D Printing Designing Through Binder Jetting 168 Binder 168 Design Features 169 xiv 3D Printing & Design Designing for Selective Metal Laser Sintering--Selective Laser Melting DMLS/SLM 172 Common Design Parameters 174 Metal Printing Design Table 176 Tools for 3D Print Designs 177 Topology Optimization 181 Applications of Fast Fused Filament 185 Applications of Stereolithography (SLA) and Digital light processing (DLP) 3D Printing SLA/DLP 187 Applications of SLS 189 Applications of Material Jetting 191 Applications of Binder Jetting 192 Applications of--Direct Metal Laser Sintering - 3D Selective Laser Melting - DMLS/SLM 193 3D Printing Materials 195 References 220 6. Accelerate Design Cycles Design Verification Lowering Production Costs ............................................................................................... 220 Introduction 220 When to Prototype and Why? 220 Speed Invented Product to Market 220 Agile Manufacturing 221 Packaging Design Approval by 3D Printed Prototypes 223 3D Scanning Techniques for 3D Printing 229 The 3D Scanner Landscape 230 Understanding 3D Scanner for 3D Printing 233 3D Bioprinter/Scanner 236 Purchasing 3D Scanner 239 XYZ Printing Da Vinci 1.0 Pro 3in1 3D Printer/Scanner/Engraver 241 Einscan SE Desktop 3D Scanner 243 Leica 3D Disto 250 Ideal Methods to Scan Objects for 3D Printing 251 CAD Design to 3D Printing 252 Introduction 256 Non Traditional Manufacturing Innovative Technique 259 Shorter Lead Time and Design Freedom 264 3D Printing Possibilities 265 The Digital Model 271 Advance Perception of Additive Manufacturing 281 Phases of Rapid Prototyping to Home Fabrication 289 References 302 Contents xv 8. 3D Printing & Design in Healthcare, Food, Fashion & Environmental Safety .................................................................................................................. 303 Healthcare 303 3D Printing in Health Care 304 Successful Implants of Printed Organs 309 3D Bio-Pen with Bio-Ink 314 Automotive Industry 325 Consumer Products 328 Additive Manufacturing 329 Sociocultural Application 331 Objective 373 Subtractive Manufacturing 373 Questioning- Additive Manufacturing- Friend or Foe? 377 The Justification Challenge 383 Constructing the Financial Justification 386 3D Printing Technology Impact on Society and Economy 392 Worldwide Positive Influence: 396 Selecting the 3D Printer 397 Selecting the 3D Printing--Methodology 398 xvi 3D Printing & Design Selecting the 3D Printing--Procedures and Materials 398 Definitions Provided by ASTM 398 3D Printing Materials Classifications 399 Additive Manufacturing Cost 400 Poorly-Structured Costs 401 Consumer's Proximity to Production 402 Supply Chain Management 403 Vulnerability to Supply Disruption 403 Cost Models and Comparisons 407 Additive Manufacturing Total Advantage 410 Implementation and Adoption of Additive Manufacturing 412 The Conclusion of the Matter 414
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Work History
Founder - CEO - , 01/1994 to 09/XXX9
Shockwave MedicalAtlanta, GA, USA
  • Invented SpectRx(TM) Infrared Light Energy - Pharmaceuticals-Medical-Food-Chemicals - Applied Worldwide - Patented.
  • Invented InspectRx(R) High Speed Vision System - Cosmetics-Pharmaceutical-Automotive-Microelectronics-Food, Beet, Pork, Poultry- Applied Worldwide - Patented.
  • Invented FilleRx(R) - High Speed Tablet/Capsule Filling System - 1000/S Tablets/Capsules- Applied Worldwide - Patented.
  • I have Personally Developed and Participated in excess of Custom built 200 Complex Engineering and Production systems
  • Established and administered annual budget with effective controls to prevent overages, minimize burn rate and support sustainability objectives.
  • My Strategies have lead my Organization Revenues to Climb to Few Hundreds millions of Dollars
  • Sample Projects are related to: Measuring Active Ingredients - Cosmetics - Beef, Pork and Poultry - Chemicals - Consumers Products - Hemostasis - Biosurgical Products - Stents - Heart Rhythmic Management - Microelectronics - Automotives - Packaging - Vision Inspection - Pharmaceutical Accurate Filling.
  • Developed, Validated (FDA) and Implemented in Excess of 175 Products to Various Pharmaceutical and Medical Industries
  • I Founded My Corporation from a Humble Beginning to Many million dollars Revenue /Annum
  • Introduced new matrix organizational plan with clear roles and responsibilities to enhance processes while ensuring quality and regulatory compliance.
  • Developed key operational inventiveness to drive and maintain substantial business growth.
  • Negotiated terms of business acquisitions to increase business base, solidify market presence and diversify offerings.
  • Drove industry-leading profit increase by transforming production process and aligning sales targets to meet dynamic industry conditions.
  • Established, optimized and enforced business policies to maintain consistency and high-quality standards across All my manufacturing operations.
  • Built and strengthened productive and valuable industry and Academia partnerships to drive collaboration, engagement and revenue stream development.
  • I have Personally Conducted target market research to scope out industry competition and identify advantageous trends.
  • Investigated and addressed business development challenges to proactively mitigate problems.
  • Maintained agile, responsible organization with sustained revenue growth by monitoring industry forecasts, honing budgets and adjusting marketing strategies.
  • Participated in high-level hiring decisions for key leadership positions, conducted senior hire interviews and nominated new board members.
  • Cultivated forward-thinking, inclusive and performance-oriented business culture to lead industry in innovation and push progress.
  • Drove implementation of new market expansion to propel business forward and adapt to market changes.
  • Aligned organizational objectives with company mission, increasing revenue, profit and business growth by collaboratively developing integrated strategies.
  • Spearheaded expansion strategies to increase business market share, drive growth and bring in more than 150 new customers in 5. years.
  • Reviewed individual department performance and worked with leadership to improve processes, procedures and practices.
  • Created and monitored incentive promotional approaches to increase sales and profit levels 30% per annum.
  • Stayed current with market trends to determine optimal pricing of goods and services and to capitalize on emerging opportunities.
Director, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Technology, 12/1983 to 05/1994
Pfizer, Inc.City, STATE,
  • Invented Single Cell Inspection. A system ensuring full count of pharmaceutical product - Patented
  • Directed work of key Manufacturing and Validation team members to create cutting-edge Pharmaceutical Packaging activities.
  • Focused teams on developing innovative and cutting-edge approaches at all levels of pharmaceutical production manufacturing with effective resource allocation and strategic planning.
  • Worked closely with organizational leadership, including board of directors, to strategically affect direction of operations.
  • Completed accurate material and labor estimates for jobs with $450 million + budgets.
  • Delegated assignments based on site plans, project needs and knowledge of individual team members.
  • Collaborated with management, technical staff members and fellow managers to organize efficient site operations and achieve demanding schedule targets, specifically for a new "Product Launch."
  • Directed oversight of testing labs, and coordinated quality control policies, GMP, and FDA Validation Protocol and practices.
  • Worked with Production and Manufacturing Managers to arrange schedules based on production requirements and available resources.
  • Dealt with product and pre-launch catastrophes with calm, logical and well composed solutions maintaining successful, and distinctive solutions.
  • Assisted corporate executives during decision-making process by compiling daily reports to suggest corrective action.
  • Directed work related to new product Research and Development of to coordinate efficient production implementations.
  • Directed the creation of all documents fundamental to FDA approval, as well as identifying creative strategies and resource needs for effective production according to GMP practices.
  • Tasked to turn around low growth operation by solidifying workflow processes, strengthening departmental relationships, and improving communications between corporate organizations.
  • Reached conformity with product quality specifications by suggesting numerous corrective actions.
  • Assisted the production planning and validation of Many Vital Pharmaceutical Products: Cardura, Zithromax, Vagistat, Viagra, and Celebrex, to name a few.
  • Led and directed 15 departments of 10 with over 750 employees total.
  • Confirmed company documentation met ISO, FDA, GMP, cGMP requirements and day-to-day operations followed documentation.
  • Supported trouble sites to mitigate obstacles and foster successful solutions.
  • Chaired technical leadership group in directing process development and technology transfer activities within technical operations and CMO manufacturing facility.
  • Established performance goals for each department and provided feedback on methods for reaching those milestones.
  • Managed daily operations while overseeing 5 production floors (sites) to foster increased productivity.
  • Created organization's mission and vision statements for use by all employees.
  • Assessed final products and developed several systems to check quality and consistency of all products with creative advanced vision technology.
  • Directed the FDA Validation department for regulatory filings and provided feedback to health agencies.
Adjunct Professor - Founder, 09/1990 to Current
Columbia UniversityCity, STATE, USA
  • I Founded The Post Graduate Studies, Advanced Manufacturing Technology Department- Columbia University.
  • I Composed the Entire Curriculum, Hired the Required Teaching Staff, and Lectured 5 Courses Related to my Books.
  • Author - McGraw-Hill, NY - USA, 17 Text Books on Sensors and Control Systems; 2 Handbooks on Sensors Technology; 3D Industrial Printing, 3D BioPrinting; Advanced Vision Technology, Electromechanical Engineering, Modern Welding Technology, Robotics, and Affordable Automation
  • Taught Advanced Technology Courses, providing instruction to My Teaching Staff and Postgraduate Students.
  • Collaborated with Heads of Science Departments to create dynamic, ongoing curriculum development and instruction improvement program.
  • Aided in migration of technological options and course materials for my 5 Subjects Including software to add better functionality for students and faculty members.
  • Transitioned course material and applied technological options for online (Columbia Video Conferencing) and course-related software for all my 5 Subjects.
  • Worked with colleagues and administrators to create robust education programs.
  • Recorded lessons on video and audio for online instruction.
  • Wrote and modernized Advanced Technology course materials, including syllabi, assignments and exams.
  • Board of Directors: Lancaster Bible College (LBC); New Jersey Institute of Technology (NIT), and Patterson Mission Home
Board of Directors Member, 12/1989 to 09/XXX6
Brooklyn Institute Of Technology, New York State UniversityCity, STATE,
  • Engaged in Developing Advanced Manufacturing Technology Laboratory and engaged in fundraising activities, raising over $1million.
  • Collaborated with 7 other members to seek involvement in policy decisions, fundraising and visibility of organization.
Manager Design Engineering , 06/1976 to 07/1979
Exxon Enterprises Corporation - QYX DivisionCity, STATE,
  • Startup Company - Developed the First Electronic Memory Typewriter, Mechanically, Electrically, Electronically and Software.
  • Reduced product rollout time by 50% through effective multitasking on design, engineering and manufacturing.
  • Provided technical direction on all related design projects and initiatives to my design engineers, manufacturing engineers, testing engineers, material scientists, designers and technicians.
  • Managed capital funding requests of up to $25 million from project approval to project closeout.
  • Coordinated engineering team for all engineering projects in development.
  • Managed capital funding requests of up to $5 million from project approval to project closeout.
  • Prepared, checked and coordinated documentation to support design and manufacturing component design and testing.
  • Provided technical leadership for company to effectively steer strategic plans and future projects.
  • Developed and tested models of alternate designs and processing methods to assess feasibility, operating condition effects, possible new applications and necessity of modification.
  • Gathered requirements for ongoing projects and organized details for management use.
  • Developed proposals for upper management outlining project scope, cost and timeline.
  • Worked with manufacturing team members to accomplish technical aspects of projects.
  • Implemented quality control standards for consistent approach and results.
  • Administered budgets of $25,000 to $250,000 for each project.
  • Participated in development meetings for high-value management and business operations updates.
  • Evaluated existing procedures and made proactive adjustments to meet changing demands.
Manager, Manufacturing Engineering, 07/1979 to 12/1982
Exxon Enterprises Corporation - QYX DivisionCity, STATE,
  • Expanded cross-functional organizational capacity by collaborating with Engineering department about Manufacturing and common goals.
  • Developed efficient work stations to assemble numerous components to create error free subassemblies.
  • Evaluated suppliers to assess quality, timeliness and compliance of deliveries, maintain tight cost controls and maximize business operational efficiency.
  • Cross-trained existing employees in order to maximize manufacturing and assembly teams performance.
  • Recruited all design and manufacturing engineering staff and developed production engineering personnel to serve engineering and manufacturing departments.
  • Oversaw and improved manufacturing methods and on time delivery worth more than $5,000,000 per year through efficient coordination of automation and specific mechanization.
  • Demonstrated new products, procedures and techniques to employees.
  • Raised component accuracy and accountability by creating new automated tracking method.
  • Reviewed performance data to monitor and measure productivity, goal progress and activity levels.
  • Achieved or exceeded financial goals on regular basis by controlling expenses, optimizing schedules and regulating inventory usage.
  • Communicated best manufacturing practices among on-site and external personnel to align efforts and goals.
  • Monitored and supported progress of plant production orders by managing shop capacity and loading functions at 4 facilities.
  • Maintained current knowledge of all facets of operations.
  • Controlled costs and optimized spending via restructuring of budgets for labor, capital assets, inventory purchasing, and technology upgrades.
  • Evaluated employees' strengths and assigned tasks based upon experience and training.
  • Hired, trained and mentored staff to maximize effectiveness.
  • Reduced workflow inconsistencies by recruiting and hiring capable staff members.
  • Created and implemented aggressive action plan to address pressing cost control needs.
  • Established and administered annual budget with effective controls to prevent overages, minimize burn rate and support sustainability objectives.
Engineering Director: Designing Data Storage , 07/1982 to 12/1987
Control Data CorporationCity, STATE,
  • Directed the design teams of various types of high speed hard and floppy drives
  • Applied engineering methods for sound product design to manage understandable execution of calculations and best practices.
  • Assessed effectiveness of Storage program policies and provided recommendations for improvement to enhance laser tracking operations.
  • Remained highly knowledgeable in practices related to government agency guidelines for aircraft data storage installations and utilized expertise to optimize video recording data.
  • Performed technical planning, system integration and verification tasks for magnetic storage systems.
  • Managed functional analysis and requirements allocation related to evaluating software specification compliance and determining required corrections to meet regulatory requirements.
  • Estimated project costs and identified scope of work and optimal schedules for each job function.
  • Determined and recommended methods to address improvement opportunities.
  • Conducted training and change management processes to improve operations.
  • Provided observations, took measurements and performed tests at various stages according to quality control plan.
  • Identified and resolved process issues to encourage smoother procedures, more efficient workflow and overall business growth.
  • Conducted field visits and met corporate customers for business development.
  • Cultivated and nurtured relationships with customers in strategic vertical markets to support ongoing definition of differentiated product value.
  • Updated quality control standards, methods and procedures to meet compliance requirements.
  • Partnered with cross-functional teams to conduct thorough discovery and due diligence on existing processes.
  • Collaborated with materials purchasing specialist to meet production requirements and quality standards.
  • Offered data-driven recommendations aligned with overall company strategies and prioritized process improvement initiatives.
  • Negotiated agreements between employees to clarify misunderstood directions and resolve conflicts affecting performance.
  • Developed and executed go-to-market plans and facilitated internal organizational readiness.
  • Resolved conflicts and negotiated agreements between parties in order to reach win-win solutions to disagreements and clarify misunderstandings.
  • Supported marketing programs and campaigns with content and messaging to drive demand.
  • Evaluated quality problems and performed action plans to identify and resolve issues.
  • Supervised and led employees to high performance levels in cross-functional matrix management structure.
  • Inspected inbound and outbound products for compliance with established industry standards, company policies and procedures.
  • Complied with safety and hazardous material handling, storage regulatory requirements and internal procedures affecting business operations.
  • Adhered to established policies, procedures and compliance for satisfactory audit rating.
  • Managed quality assurance program including on site evaluations, internal audits and customer surveys.
  • Developed standard operating procedures and document workflows for current and future process steps.
  • Represented company at public service events and client registration.
  • Researched competitive solutions and maintained competitive market comparisons and evaluations.
  • Investigated and resolved customer complaints to foster satisfaction.
  • Followed quality standards and procedures to minimize errors and maximize customer satisfaction.
Author - Technology Text & Hand Books , 03/1990 to Current
McGraw-Hill Publishing Company, New York, USACity, STATE,
  • Authored 17 Textbooks and 2 Handbooks - Published by McGraw-Hill, NY, USA
  • Introduction to Electromechanical Engineering
  • Modern Welding Technology
  • Sensors and Control Systems in Manufacturing - 1st Edition
  • Affordable Automation
  • Advanced Vision Technology
  • Sensors Handbook -1st Edition
  • Sensors Handbook - 2nd Edition
  • Sensors and Control Systems in Manufacturing 2nd Edition
  • Additive Manufacturing - 3D Printing & Design
  • 3D Bioprinting Technology
B.Sc.: Science & Engineering, Expected in
Cambridge University England Trinity College - ,
Ph.D: Science & Engineering Technology, Expected in
New Castle Upon-Tyne University - ,
New Castle Upon-Tyne, England England Associate Professor, New Castle Upon-Tyne University, England England MBA, New Castle Upon-Tyne University, Integral Corporate Economy Sc.D., New Castle Upon-Tyne University, Discovered Jessica's Index of "Near
Additive Manufacturing ..................................................................................... 335 The Push to Maturity 335 Limited Prototyping - Low Volume of Parts 335 Hazards of Printing Materials 340 3D Printing State and Federal Laws 341 Steps towards AM Cybersecurity 344 3D printing in Forensics Science 345 Ethics and Legality of 3D Printing 349 The Intricacy of 3D Printing 351 Worldwide Impact of 3D Printing 353 3D Printing Impact on Global Manufacturing 353 Revolutionizing Mass Manufacturing 354 Cost of 3D Printing 355 How to Cut 3D Printing Costs 355 Future of 3D Printing Materials 363 "Organogel" Material Aids Scientists in 3D Print Future Medical Implants 365 Prosperity & Advancements--Material Science 368: , Expected in
- ,
Handbooks for Foreign Academic Institutions Curricula 16 Handbooks Translated and Sold Worldwide Academic Institutions Curricula 14 Several Books Translated and Sold Worldwide 15
  • Highly Advanced "3D Printing" and 3D Bioprinting" Technology.
  • Participated in numerous Product Launches in USA and around the world; "Cardura, " Zithromax," "Vagistat," "Viagra," "Celebrex," "Heart Rhythmic Management, Stents, and "Hemostatic Matrices" to name a few.
  • Validated and FDA Approved in excess of: >60 Products; Pharmaceuticals & Medical Product Lines; Manufacturing Processes; Software; Product Techniques, Methodologies and Applications; Saved Undisclosed Pharmaceutical Corporations from a Brink of Disaster due to: Product Mix-ups by Developing Proprietary Technology Segregating Foreign Unwanted Products from Specified Product at a rate in excess of 1000 tablets/capsules/Gels/Second including:.
  • Measuring Active Ingredients by Weight for each Tablet/Capsule/Gel,.
  • Metrological Measurements, and Eliminating Flawed Products 2 Authored 17 Books and 2 Handbooks Published by McGraw-Hill Publishing Co, NY: Advanced Technologies, Advanced Sensing, and Control Systems Published 3D Printing & Design Book, January 2020 Published 3D Bioprinting Revolution, January 2020 Consequently, my corporation has developed: Countless Unique Systems Tailored Specifically to Each Industry Applications, varies from Medicine to Microelectronics to Cosmetics as well as Automotive and Meat Inductries Worldwide; Every Delivered Production System Provided to numerous clients is still in Operation since 1994, with the Exception of updating the Control Functions with a much Higher Speed Processors than in 1994 Technology.
  • My organization consisted of many Departments: Quality Assurance and Validation, Engineering and Development, Manufacturing, Software Development (IT), After Sales Follow up, Marketing, Market Research, Sales Forecast, Regulatory Affairs and Compliance, Accounting, and Management and Administration.
  • System Implementations Implemented in excess of several hundred systems in the Health Care Industries: Pharmaceuticals; Solid, Gels, Liquid and Gases 100% Guarantee of Accurate Counts, and No Product Mix up Active Ingredients by Weight, Chemical Composition, and Humidity Heart Rhythmic Management; Defibrillations Carbon Heart Valves Stents Stop Production Line In Case of Fatal Error (Flaw/Foreign) - Product Quarantine Instant Secured Reporting to Upper Management Similarly, Implemented in excess of several hundred systems in the Food Industries: Pork, Beef, and Poultry Ground Beef 97% Lean Ground Beed 82% Lean Carcass De-Hair Carcass Price Evaluation Additionally, Implemented in excess of several hundred systems in the Cosmetic and Consumes Products: Internal Tube Inspection (Micro Flaws) Microbor Metrology and Inspection Systems Tufts Counts and Gaps of Tooth Brushes Error Printing Labels on Cylindrical Tubes (English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese) Color Degradation Lot Number, Expirations Dates, and Product Serial Numbers Cosmetic Flaws 3 In 2006 I have directed my Corporation, American SensoRx, Inc., to Establish: Braches in China, "SensoRx Chongqing Ltd.," Selling High Speed Patented, Automated Tablet-Capsule Bottle-Filling, and Packaging Machines; Similar activities and affiliations have taken place in Japan, and South Korea; Established Affiliations with most Countries in Western Europe, Israel, Canada and Australia.
  • 1979 - 1994 Directed Pfizer Pharmaceuticals' Teams of Engineering, Manufacturing, Production Control, Process Development, Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Validation, Quality Control, Material Management, Maintenance, Facilities, and Product Development; Implemented Highly Advanced Inspection and Verification Systems ensuring GMP Requirement's.
  • 1990-Pesent, Founded the Department of Advanced Manufacturing Technology for Post Graduate Studies at Columbia University; Lecturing 5 Post Graduate Courses Utilizing my Published Books; Sensors and Control Systems in Manufacturing, Flexible Manufacturing Systems, Computer Integrated Manufacturing, Affordable Automation, Advanced Vision Technology; Raised $24 million Creating Laboratories for Hands-On Manufacturing Engineering and Test Equipment.
  • 1994-XXX5, Chairman & CEO, American SensoRx, Inc.; The Corporation was Initially Established on my Discovery of the Correlation between Tablet Hardness and NIR Light Energy; Measuring by Weight Tablet/Capsule Active Ingredients through NIR Light Energy; Measuring Tablet/Capsule Dissolution and Disintegration through NIR Light Energy; Built Several on-Line Production Systems to Measure and Inspect Each Function at the Speed of Production; Developed and Patented Systems and New Algorithms to Create 3D Vision Inspection Systems for Measurement, and Verification Requirements; My Systems Applications Extended from Pharmaceutical and Medical Products to Automotive Products.
  • 4 1980 - Present, My first Book, "Introduction to Electromechanical Engineering" was tailored to provide the Reader with Distinctive Understanding of Scientific Fundamentals and Hands-On Methodologies to:.
  • Design any System Requires Linear or Rotating Motions; My Book is Sensors Handbook, 2nd Edition, Composed to Furnish the Reader with numerous Sensors and Sensing Techniques to:.
  • Detect Physical Phenomena, as well as Provide Highly Advanced Control to:.
  • System and/or an Entire Factory Control; Includes: Hierarchical Data Exchange, and Reporting Systems Incorporating Several Level of PDF Security My Latest books are:.
  • 3D Printing & Design.
  • 3D Bioprinting Revolition 1977 - Present, My first Invention was granted to my Name on Behalf of "T.S.
  • Harrison & Sons, Ltd.," Heckmondwike, England; It Deals with automatically segregating randomly shaped objects - as Irregular shaped Stones, mixed randomly with orderly shaped spherical objects; the invented system segregates and arranges the stones separating them from the spherical objects and automatically arrange the spherical objects in an orderly fashion.
  • My Last Invention is Developing the World Fastest & Highly Automated Delivery System of Tablet/Capsule/Gels for: Packaging, Filling, Counting, Inspection and Verification; Also, The Invented Systems Incorporate the Following Technologies:.
  • Electronic and Electromechanical Systems,.
  • Laser,.
  • Very High Speed Processing,.
  • Sensing, NIR, and.
  • Measuring Active Ingredients, Tablet Hardness, Disintegration, Humidity, and all other Chemical Composition by Weight.
  • High Speed Data Acquisitions Technologies.
  • Organ 3D Printing - Stem Cell Tissue Engineering Jessica Claire January 15, 2020, Exhibits Related Awarded Patents - American SensoRx Technologies 6 Invention to Count, Inspect, Verify, Measure Active Ingredients & Fill Tablets, Capsules, and Gels - 1000 Units/Second 7 Patent of Unique Packaging Applications to Compliment Patent US 8,416,331 B2 8 Discovery of Light Energy Absorption and Reflection as Function of Tablet Hardness, Disintegration, Humidity and Chemical Composition 9 A Sample of American SensoRx Product Registration 17 A Sample of Dr.
  • Claire's Product Trade Marks 18 Fundamental Book in Sensing and Control Tailored for All Industries, Extended from Pharmaceuticals, and Medical, to Automotive 10 Sensors & Control Systems in Manufacturing nd 2 Edition 11 rd 3 Edition - in Foreign Languages Sensors & Control Systems in Manufacturing 12 A Cook-Book on How to Automate a Factory 13 Printing & Design Dr.
  • Jessica Claire Ph.D., Sc.D., MBA, PE KHANNA BOOK PUBLISHING CO.
  • (P) LTD.
  • Publisher of Engineering and Computer Books, AMA).
  • Dr.
  • Claire is considered an international authority on advanced manufacturing technology, robotics, biomedical engineering, pharmaceuticals, and automation in the microelectronic, automotive, beef, pork, poultry industries.
  • He has been and continues to be instrumental in developing and implementing several industrial and modernization programs through the United Nations to European, Asian, and African countries.
  • He is the first to introduce and implement unmanned flexible synchronous/ asynchronous manufacturing systems the microelectronic and meat industries, and the first to incorporate advanced vision technology in a wide array of robot/micro-robot manipulators.
  • Dr.
  • Claire was selected to deliver the US Presidential closing address, "Innovative Remote Sensors Technologies," at the Universal Design Conference, New York, USA.
  • Preface "Rising costs.
  • Shorter lead time.
  • Complex customer specifications.
  • Intricate product design.
  • Competition from across the street--and around the world." Business today faces an ever-increasing number of challenges.
  • The manufactures that develop more effective and efficient forms of production, development, and faster time to marketing, will be the ones who meet these challenges.
  • The use of Additive Manufacturing--3D printing makes a fundamental commitment to rapid manufacturing solutions based on simple and affordable 3D printing technology.
  • With this technology, one can integrate Additive Manufacturing--3D printing processes, react to rapidly changing product performance conditions, help management to react to rapidly changing production conditions, help personnel to react more effectively to complex qualitative decisions, and lower the cost of and improve product quality throughout the manufacturing enterprise.
  • The first step in achieving such flexibility is to establish a rapid entity system that can be reshaped whenever necessary, thus enabling it to quickly respond to the changing requirements of the enterprise-and the environment.
  • This reshaping must be accomplished with minimal cost and disruption to the ongoing operation.
  • Additive Manufacturing--3D printing will play a key role in achieving flexibility in the product performance and manufacturing system.
  • However, this technology alone cannot shorten lead time, reduce inventories, and minimize excess capacity to the extent required by today's manufacturing operation.
  • This can be accomplished only by integrating various types of materials presented in different innovative forms with appropriate control means throughout the manufacturing process within computer integrated digital manufacturing strategy.
  • The result is that individual product design and manufacturing processes will be able to flow--communicate --and respond together as a unified cell, well-structured to face rapid efficient product to market demands.
  • In order to develop a Computer Aided Design & Manufacturing CAD/CAM and control information system that will achieve these objectives, the enterprise must start with a specific long-range strategy, one providing a foundation that accommodates today's needs as well as taking those of tomorrow's --including the support of new manufacturing processes, incorporating new data functions, and establishing new data bases and distributed channels- into account.
  • The tools for this control and integration are available today through the implementation of Additive Manufacturing Technology.
  • The United States leads the world in inventing new products; however, many of these new products, ultimately, are manufactured by other countries.
  • The inability of U.S.
  • Manufacturers to compete globally cannot be only blamed on low-cost labor in other countries; more than one- half the trade deficit comes from foreign industries that pay higher wages.
  • The inability to vi 3D Printing & Design apply rapid affordable design and manufacturing systems for production can be a contributing factor to this dilemma.
  • Additive Manufacturing--Rapid Prototyping--3D Printing is the game changer.
  • A rapid and affordable design and manufacturing system is, simply, a system that contains a variety of reliable parts, harmoniously joined together to generate a specific product that will achieve a particular manufacturing operation, directed and controlled by simple and effective sensors and control systems.
  • Modern rapid design and manufacturing technology is prevalent in the rapid change in CAD, and in applying the sensory fast-feedback and control technology in the rapid iteration of manufacturing improvement systems to simplify product fabrication, assembly, and performance.
  • This is greatly enabled through the fast iterations in 3D printing technology.
  • When considering the Computer Aided Design aspect of a system the following must be taken into account: dynamics, kinematics, statics, and even styling of parts.
  • All of these play a vital role in forming optimum manufacturing parameters in product design.
  • The generation and control through various iterations of rapid prototyping provides a review of manufacturing engineering concepts and performance from a system's point of view, directed towards solving the manufacturing and mass production problems.
  • Additive Manufacturing--3D printing plays a key role in translating new product specifications from design engineering into manufacturing process plans which are then used to manufacture the final part.
  • As the part is being deigned and reiterated, manufacturing technical evaluators work with design engineers to ascertain if material strength and part specifications for manufacturing can be integrated into the design of a total product, and at what cost.
  • Tolerances, materials, clearances, appropriate handling of parts, acceptable types and orientation of part and product assembly times are particularly important factors in this evaluation because they directly affect productivity, the guidelines of which are essential to this analysis.
  • Cost estimates are equally important.
  • If a new part or process is needed because, for example, existing parts or processes are deemed too expensive or incapable of producing the desired product, process engineers would be asked to either develop a new economical part or process or to change product design.
  • Choosing the best alternative could be very difficult because such a decision is based on many conflicting objectives, e.g., cost, feasibility, timeliness, market share, part's available material, standard parts, availability of part tooling, sensors locations, and the like.
  • A well CAD for a part incorporating simple strategy for the rapid generation of a new part to improve the performance of a manufacturing system plays a fundamental role in the new manufacturing thinking.
  • Advanced 3D printing technology is more than an implementation of new technologies.
  • It is a long-range strategy that allows components of the entire manufacturing operation to work together to achieve the qualitative and quantitative goals of business.
  • It must have top management commitment and may entail changing the mind --set of people in the organization and managing that change.
  • However, the rewards are great since successful implementation of this technology is, in large measure, responsible for the success of rapid prototyping through Additive Manufacturing--3D printing strategy today.
  • Contents vii In the last few years, Additive Manufacturing - 3D printing technology has taken the world by storm, revolutionizing applications in every field from education to astrophysics.
  • The manufacturing and medical world has grasped numerous benefits as 3D printing becomes more affordable and more versatile.
  • Everything from microelectronics to personalized organs and from implants to medical prostheses can be 3D printed.
  • The future of medicine certainly contains 3D printers.
  • Whether medical professionals are using them to help students practice and research new treatments and procedures, or patients are receiving new organs and prosthetics, 3D printing has hundreds of possible applications.
  • The future of industries and medicine certainly contains countless 3D printers.
  • Whether entrepreneurs creating novel products or medical professionals using them to help students practice and research new treatments and procedures, or patients are receiving new organs and prosthetics, Additive Manufacturing --3D printing technology has countless of applications.
  • It is a game changer! Jessica Claire Foreword The ongoing revolution in Additive Manufacturing- 3D Printing Technology, well into its third decade, has now (albeit somewhat belatedly) become recognized and joined by government, industry, health and academe in USA and around the world.
  • It is based on a number of concepts which have made their way into the professional jargon and have been brought to the public's awareness by technical and business writers: concurrent engineering, Additive Manufacturing, digital manufacturing, flexible manufacturing, just-in- time production and inventory, automation, and manufacturing quality.
  • Each of these are ingredients that contribute to the ultimate goal, which, simply stated, is to achieve the highest quality products at the lowest possible cost, and to do so in a timely fashion.
  • A tall order, this, but one on which depend the welfare of a host of individual companies and, even more importantly, the economic health of entire countries, with political and social implications beyond overstatement.
  • A principal ingredient in the process, perhaps the most important one, is the achievement and implementation of error-free 3D printing production, at one and the same time a guarantor of quality and a minimizer of waste of materials and labor.
  • At first impression, the term "error-free" will sound like a pious ideal, to be striven for but impossible to attain.
  • A moment of reflection will persuade, however, that the aim need not be a philosophical abstraction.
  • In the final analysis, it is the end 3D printing product alone that must fall within the range of prescribed tolerances, not each of the many steps in the printing process.
  • That is to say, given within the context of computer-aided-design integrated 3D printing a sufficient array of monitors distributed throughout the printing envelope-i.e., sensors measuring layer thickness, temperature, speed, materials (and appropriate means to feedback and respond to, in real time, the information gathered by them) and control systems which can identify, rectify, or remove defects in the course of part printing- every item that reaches the end of the part printing will be, ipso facto, acceptable.
  • The book before the reader contains not only an exposition of 3D printing systems and controls, but a host of invaluable asides, comments, and extended discourses on key topics of modern Additive Manufacturing.
  • The author, Dr.
  • Jessica Claire is an active practitioner of advanced manufacturing techniques and a highly regarded teacher of the subject.
  • In this volume, he brings error-free 3D printing a step nearer to realization; the world of additive manufacturing - 3D printing, digital manufacturing and design engineering owes him a debt of gratitude.
  • H.
  • Deresiewicz Chairman Applied Science and Engineering, Support structures 41 Support pattern 41 3D Digital Configuration - Use Off-the-Shelf "Slash" Software 45 References 46 2.
  • Digital Design for 3D Printing ............................................................................
  • 47.
3D Printing--Proof of Principle 33 Social and Economic Change 36 Setting the Strategy for Additive Manufacturing Advanced 3D Printing 36 Additive Manufacturing - 3D Bioprinting Technology 36 Preparing Your 3D CAD-Design, 3D-Scanning & Printing 38, Introduction 47 Transferring Prototyping to 3D Printing 48 STL file for 3D Printing 49 3D Printing--The Additive Manufacturing--Rapid Prototyping 50 Classification of 3D Printing Technologies 51 Correlating 3D Printing Technologies 53 Industrial and Personal Fused Filament Fabrication of 3D Printing Machines 56 Continuous Filament Fabrication CFF 57, Solid-Freeform Systems 89 Parameters Considered in 3D Printed Product Design 89 Combining Powders and Binders 91 Structural Ceramic Parts 91 The Demand for 3D Additive Manufacturing 95 References 98 3. Fundamentals of Additive Manufacturing.......................................................... 99 Core Processes - The Role of Photo-curing Technique 99 Simplification of 3D Printing Technology 99 Vat Polymerization 101
several US Product Registrations. He is a Fellow of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers, USA, The Royal Society of Manufacturing Engineers (England), and L'Ordes Des Ingenieurs Du Quebec (Canada). He received several awards from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME), and the American Management Association
Additional Information
  • SLA vs. DLP 102 Continuous Light Processing - CLP 109 Polymer Powder Bed Fusion Technology 109 The Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) 110 Selective Sintering Laser Printer 110 Powder Bed Fusion Materials 112 Benefits and limitations 113 New developments 114 Desktop SLS 115 Material Jetting--Drop On Demand (DOD) 115 Drop On Demand (DOD) 116 Printer Characteristics and Parameters 116 Support Structures 117 Dimensional Accuracy 117 Contents xiii Materials 117 Post Processing 118 Common Applications 119 Nano Particle Jetting - XJet 120 Binder Jetting 120 "Binder Jetting" Technologies 121 Sand "Binder Jetting" 121 "Binder Jetting" - Metal 122 Printer characteristics 122 Dimensional Accuracy 123 Powder Materials 123 Benefits and Limitations 124 Common Applications 124 Powder Bed Fusion (Metals) DMLS/SLM, EBM 125 Powder Bed Fusion technologies DMLS/SLM 125 EBM 125 Printer Characteristics 126 Dimensional Accuracy 126 Materials 126 Benefits and Limitations 127 Metal Powder Bed Fusion vs. Binder Jetting 127 Common Applications 128 References 128 4. Design for 3D Printing ....................................................................................... 130 Design for 3D Printing 130 Technology Summary Table 130 Guideline Selecting Printing Technology 131 Design Criteria 132 General design considerations for 3D Printing 133 Top-Down Support Structures 147 Designing for Material Jetting 154 CAD--STL Files 158 Special Rules for the STL Format 161 Advantages and Disadvantages of STL File format over other File formats 164 Other Advantages of the STL File Format 164

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Resume Overview

School Attended

  • Cambridge University England Trinity College
  • New Castle Upon-Tyne University

Job Titles Held:

  • Founder - CEO -
  • Director, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Technology
  • Adjunct Professor - Founder
  • Board of Directors Member
  • Manager Design Engineering
  • Manager, Manufacturing Engineering
  • Engineering Director: Designing Data Storage
  • Author - Technology Text & Hand Books


  • B.Sc.
  • Ph.D
  • Additive Manufacturing ..................................................................................... 335 The Push to Maturity 335 Limited Prototyping - Low Volume of Parts 335 Hazards of Printing Materials 340 3D Printing State and Federal Laws 341 Steps towards AM Cybersecurity 344 3D printing in Forensics Science 345 Ethics and Legality of 3D Printing 349 The Intricacy of 3D Printing 351 Worldwide Impact of 3D Printing 353 3D Printing Impact on Global Manufacturing 353 Revolutionizing Mass Manufacturing 354 Cost of 3D Printing 355 How to Cut 3D Printing Costs 355 Future of 3D Printing Materials 363 "Organogel" Material Aids Scientists in 3D Print Future Medical Implants 365 Prosperity & Advancements--Material Science 368

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