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(555) 432-1000,
Montgomery Street, San Francisco, CA 94105
Lean/Agile Coach with expertise growing highly effective teams who frequently delight customers; creating software products and services people love to use. Deeply understands the conditions needed for teams to self-organize, fully own their work, and continuously improve to higher levels of performance. Proficient in guiding mission-critical work from concept to cash; often asked to help teams and projects gone astray. Draws on broad, deep experience to facilitate quickly drilling down to determine root causes and engaging organizations in resolving them. 
Central Connecticut State University , Expected in B.S : Computer Science - GPA : concentrations in Cognitive Psychology & Linguistics (graduated summa cum laude Computer Science concentrations in Cognitive Psychology & Linguistics (graduated summa cum laude
Agile/Scrum Coaching
  • Primary coach for Agile/Scrum transformation of TiVo product development; VPs cited exceptional results as major factor in reversing declining customer satisfaction/subscriptions.
  • Started 15+ Scrum teams at 5 companies; served as Scrum Master, Product Owner or Team Member on 10+ others.
  • Helped 10+ struggling Scrum teams get back on track, becoming happy & productive, via coaching, training.
  • Coached successful adoption of Scrum within TiVo's IT department concurrently with assigned responsibilities.
Software Engineering Management
  • Primary engineering manager for Yahoo!'s 2008 Elections coverage. Site was #1 in traffic for the event, 250M page views in one evening, critical to achieving 108% of Q4 revenue goals.
  • Managed engineering team creating Launched on specific date to realize $2M ad revenue, optimized to make it the #1 Entertainment News site in the world.
  • Managed 17 direct reports implementing UI for TiVo devices. Led team developing UI for multi-room streaming feature on new flagship DVR, and first non-DVR product.
User Experience
  • Energized discouraged team by inspiring and driving creation of tabbed browsing in Netscape 7. CNET users gave 87% thumbs up, "best Netscape browser ever".
  • Reduced support calls 70% in Adobe Creative Suite 2 by working with designers to analyze and teams to optimize first hour experience.
  • Identified major gap in plans for embedding Gecko layout engine in AOL. Added Assistive Technology to meet Section 508 requirements of US Government, a major customer.
Avanade - Agile Coach & Scrum Master
Raleigh, NC, 2016 - 04/2016
  • Contracted by new CTO to introduce Scrum to the IT organization.
  • Taught Agile, Scrum and User Stories using experiential learning workshops.
  • Served as Scrum Master for one team, training and assisting the Product Owner and facilitating all team events.
  • Removed impediments and introduced Kanban for handling work emerging during sprints.
  • Team significantly improved throughput (increasing capacity by 200%), predictability, and stakeholder/customer satisfaction.
W.R. Berkley Corporation - Agile Coach
Greenwich, CT, 01/2015 - 01/2016
  • Contract for coaching and training in Agile, Scrum, Kanban and User Stories for teams developing routers in Core Software Group.
  • Coached 10-12 teams concurrently, taught all needed classes, observed and provided feedback and guidance to teams, Product Owners, Scrum Masters, managers and directors.
  • Evaluated teams to determine their progress.
  • Many satisfied stakeholders on several successful teams.
Manhattan Associates - Lean/Agile Coach
Paris, TX, 01/2015 -
  • Agile coaching and training for software/hardware teams in Internet Of Things domain.
  • Prepared and delivered classes on Agile and Scrum to remotely to distributed teams, coached Scrum Masters.
W.R. Berkley Corporation - Scrum Master/Agile Coach
Jacksonville, FL, 01/2015 -
  • Agile coaching, facilitation for software development teams imaging the Earth via high-resolution satellite cameras.
  • Served as Agile Coach for the group, and as Scrum Master for two teams, facilitating all events.
  • Introduced Kanban to Flight Ops team, greatly improving their results, morale and stakeholder satisfaction.
W.R. Berkley Corporation - Principal Consultant
Stamford, CT, 01/2014 - Present
  • Increasing the flow of value for software development/engineering teams and organizations, by leveraging Lean/Agile principles and practices like Scrum & Kanban.
Engility Corporation - Scrum Master/Agile Coach
Hurlburt Field, FL, 01/2014 -
  • Analysis and resolution of struggling Agile/Scrum adoption within Cortext product development, including serving as Scrum Master for 1-2 teams while providing coaching & Kanban training for 3-4 others.
  • Conducted extensive interviews, facilitated team and site retrospectives, and used Appreciative Inquiry to map, and Schneider's cultural model to identify systemic root causes.
  • Pursued alternate approach, based on Kanban Method, more compatible with company culture.
Amazon.Com, Inc. - Scrum Master/Agile Coach
New York City, NY, 01/2013 - 01/2014
  • Servant leadership for product development, including 2 Scrum teams and 1 Operations team, renewing and supporting organizational transition to Agile, teaching Agile and Lean principles, coaching teams and individuals.
  • Codebase Rewrite - Facilitated the endgame of a major rewrite of all production software in Ruby on Rails.
  • Move to Cloud - Helped move all production operations from internal colo to the cloud in time for "Black Friday", a high-traffic event that was critical to our most important customer.
  • Engagement Platform - Executed a pivot in strategy to provide engagement features as a separate product.
  • Agile Transition - Restarted a stalled transition to Agile by reorganizing as feature teams, training in user stories and Lean product development, conducting Appreciative Inquiry and Value Stream Mapping to improve workflow, and improving the flow of stories to as well as through the teams.
Avi-Spl, Inc. - Principal Scrum Master
Melbourne, FL, 01/2013 -
  • Worked with engineering, product management, UX, QA functions to improving Scrum team performance through strengthening the skills of other Scrum Masters, and training 12 people.
  • Reported to Sr.
  • Manager, Operations.
  • Enterprise Solution - GFE (Good for Enterprise) Got the project back on track as the Scrum Master and project coordinator; allocated work distribution between five developer teams on three continents, and reduced the scope to the most critical needs.
  • Planned and managed the project plan moving forward to offer mobile access to information behind corporate firewalls.] Set the stage to reverse growing customer dissatisfaction; set and enforced zero significant defects, and facilitated quarterly releases with updated UI and new features.
  • Improved product quality, feature predictability and delivery.] Improved planning and communication among and between teams; established a pull model for work flowing to teams, and coached Scrum Masters and Product Owners 1:1 on improving team performance and enabling team autonomy.
  • Increased team engagement, commitment, and sustainable accountability.] Increased team focus on quality; prioritized bug fixing over new development to limit work-in-progress, and coached Product Owners to maintain a high level of work approval standards.
  • GFE - Authentication for Email Security Led a team to add strong two-factor authentication and S/MIME email signing and encryption; built one cohesive team from two geographically isolated teams, facilitated knowledge transfer, and secured team commitment to an achievable schedule (that was becoming increasingly behind).
  • Got the project on track after 5 sprints, and improved value delivered up to 20% each sprint.] Drove immediate results; reduced project scope to the minimal viable product, facilitated engineer co-location, and coached the Product Owner on clarifying scope, setting high expectations, and driving team to achieve them.
  • Agile Transition Restarted the stalled transition to Scrum; created a visible impediment backlog for resolution, and facilitated Innovation Games (gamified business functions) to determine and rank impediments to adoption.
  • Planned and managed Agile transition training, coaching, and policy changes; presented the plan to the VP, and teamed with other Agile Coaches to deliver training to teams on user story creation, slicing and refinement.
Holiday Inn Club Vacations - Sr. Software Engineering Manager/Agile Coach/Scrum Master
New Orleans, LA, 01/2010 - 01/2012
  • Performing as Scrum Master and Agile Leader to introduce and scale Scrum and Agile development to all UI teams (and later to product development, IT, HR).
  • Managed 17 direct reports.
  • Reported to Sr.
  • Director, UI Software Eng.
  • Product Development Projects Multi-Room Streaming: Led UI development to stream video to multiple devices simultaneously; triaged, assigned, and tracked all UI defects.
  • Enabled the release of Premiere (flagship DVR product) and Preview (streaming device) through 'Whole Home' (integrated video, audio, music, photos); this led to a multi-million dollar deal as exclusive UI provider for next generation set top boxes from Virgin Media (Britain's leading media company).] Preview': Managed UI development for the streaming device; provided a competitive low-cost IP set top box offering to extend market reach.
  • This led to major sales to MSO cable providers.] Premiere': Oversaw UI development to optimize this new multiple device streaming product; increased the number of tuners to four.
  • This was the key driver for 'Whole Home' initiative.
  • Started eight teams using Scrum, XP, and Kanban to write a new UI framework to enable a higher-performance HD and rewrote the UI using the new framework; rewrote the UI codebase (new UI framework, reimplementation of existing functionality, addition of HD features).
  • The incremental development approach led to the smoothest TiVo release ever; transformed subscriber loss into growth for the first time in three years.
  • Guided expansion to 25 Scrum teams across product development; moved the company from waterfall to agile development, and established an organizational 'Definition of Done' to ensure quality and measurable product flow.
  • Drove the company from accumulating increasing technical debt to monitoring, managing, and reducing it.] Introduced lean product development strategies; included Unit Testing (to increase quality while saving QE engineering time), and impediment backlog management for increased productivity.
  • Accelerated delivery rate enabled projects to reliably be delivered in 20% less time.] Created and led the Scrum adoption team, and coached Product Owners and Scrum Masters; conducted training on Scrum, Agile, and XP principles/practices for new developers, team members, stakeholders, managers, directors, and VPs across product development, QA, marketing, UX, and IT groups.
YAHOO - Sr. Software Development Manager
City, STATE, 01/2006 - 01/2009
  • Engineering Manager and Program Manager for Yahoo! Media Group properties, including legacy (TV, Movies), new properties (Broadway, omg! celebrity), and News.
  • Managed 15 direct reports / matrix managed 20.
  • Reported to VP, Engineering.
Adobe - Engineering Manager
City, STATE, 01/2004 - 01/2006
  • Engineering application management software.
  • Managed 12 reports.
  • Reported to Sr.
  • Manager.
  • Mac Installer Team Management Led six engineers in providing installers, updaters, self-healing/installation technologies; developed software to support product release/update delivery, installation, authentication, validation, and registration for the Mac OS Creative Suite.
  • Increased product quality, got the schedule back on track, improved productivity and morale, and reduced costs by using a Cocoa framework for suite installation.] Application Management Team (AMT) Managed the 12-person AMT team across point products and creative suites; produced >400 releases annually on multiple platforms (~30 product deliveries per engineer per year); provided installers, update patchers, upgrade libraries, and application management components on Windows and Mac OS.
  • Created a strategic AMT roadmap; extended suite installer frameworks for use on all products, refactoring, and evolving architecture for cross-platform implementation, and collaborated with designers and usability engineers in performing ethnographic research, usability studies, requirements analysis, writing functional specifications.
  • Represented AMT engineering on a cross-functional team; addressed the persistent spike of support calls upon new product releases.
  • Reduced support calls 70%.].
AOL - Sr. Software Development Manager Vault Password Manager
City, STATE, 01/2002 - 01/2004
  • Delivered product where two previous teams had failed; restarted the project and team, and drove it to delivery.
  • Produced a scalable and responsive multi-tiered system for automatic capture, online storage, and replay of secure website login credentials for AOL users; managed six engineers to design 'no setup' seamless integration on popular browsers.
  • This was the first AOL security product for use outside AOL.
  • AOL 9.0 Mail Solved the persistent intractable inbox corruption defect that had affected millions of users for > five years, and also sluggish email performance; managed six engineers in building and optimizing the email client in AOL 9.0.
  • Improved command response time an average 25%, and improved local caching which reduced network calls.] Netscape - Mountain View, CA [Acquired by AOL in 2002].
- Sr. Technical Manager
, , 01/1997 - 01/2002
  • Overseeing the development, quality, performance, and UI for browser and mail products.
  • Managed nine direct reports, and 24 direct reports as Acting Director.
  • Reported to Director.
  • Navigator 7 Managed nine engineers to implement new functionality; delivered a major release with the same budget and in the same time frame as the planned minor release, and coordinated with open source teams.
  • CNET users cited the release as "the best Netscape browser ever", 87% thumbs up, vs.
  • 56% for IE; 10M downloads in the release quarter drove revenue to Netscape.] Introduced the tabbed browsing concept; collaborated with the UX design team and lead engineering to define and refine tabbed browsing, and contributed to requirements gathering, specification, design, and usability testing.
  • Performance & Quality Engineering Improved overall browser performance; included browser launch time, memory usage, and responsiveness.
  • Cut launch time 75%, and significantly reduced the application footprint.] Resolved browser stability issues; triaged defects, tested fixes, and monitored progress.
  • Doubled the mean-time-between-failures over the previous version, incurred no support call spikes upon release, and reduced support costs.] XPToolkit Managed nine engineers to create a cross-platform UI toolkit; established an incremental, iterative schedule of coordinated internal releases to deliver capability in time for client team development.
  • Reduced lead time, and provided added value to the business.] Innovated using the browser as the cross-platform infrastructure for the thin layer toolkit to leverage open web standards and maximize open source contribution; represented the team in convincing the VP to approve this approach.
  • XPToolkit enabled Netscape/Mozilla suite UI rewrite with one-third the staff; the Toolkit was completed within 5% of original projected duration.] Supported and guided the team through creation of XML languages (XUL to create rich dynamic user interfaces, and XBL to extend them with custom widgets and behaviors); based on XML, DOM, CSS, HTML, and RDF standards.
  • Gecko Embedding Project Volunteered to review project plans for the Gecko embedding project, and discovered a lack of support for Accessibility Standards, which placed AOL at risk; hired the company's first assistive technology expert.
  • Documented and escalated the risk, identified and engaged sight-impaired users as stakeholders in guiding and evaluating project progress, and coordinated between the team, stakeholders, and Microsoft support to add assistive technology support via Microsoft Active Accessibility.
  • Met Section 508 U.S.
  • government requirements.] Skunkworks Incubator Built an incubator to demonstrate Netscape's ability to innovate to AOL; paired developers with UX designers, and guided them in rapidly producing functional prototypes using incremental, iterative development.
  • Created a pipeline of viable new products to drive new product funding from AOL; AOL funded several projects in the short-term, others were introduced in competitor's products 1-5 years later.] Led brainstorming and prototyping with application teams on the edge of new technical capabilities (e.g.
  • unified messaging, online presence, sharing, search, personalization); authored executive summaries to solicit funding.
  • Product Delivery & Mozilla Sheriff Increased the bandwidth of Netscape's Client Products Division projects; provided oversight and guidance for first-line managers, reviewed plans and projects, and triaged key issues to resolution.
  • Enabled high-quality delivery of concurrent projects, improved release date predictability, and increased the value of the entire organization.] Performed the Mozilla role when Netscape opened its source code; ensured the code base health by monitoring the automated builds.
  • Maintained open source and Netscape proprietary code repositories.] Messenger Mail/News Established Netscape presence in enterprise messaging (dominated by Microsoft); served as the engineering contact for enterprise customers.
  • Received Marc Andreessen recognition for enabling the $4M Motorola sale.] Got multiple projects back on schedule; served as late-stage release Project Manager for Mac Communicator.
  • Managed 12 engineers on Windows, MacOS, and Unix platform teams; created plans/schedules, tracked through release, and was Acting Director for 24 people.
  • EOY revenue exceeded user traffic goals; Mail 4.5 version of Messenger was shipped a week early, and was recognized by the C-level executives as the highest quality release ever.].
NA - News - Topic Pages
, , - 01/2008
  • Covered the entire election process through 'primary candidate', 'party ticket', and 'election return' phases; planned for 10X usage demand spikes for rolling polling closings and potential disruptions in other news sources.
  • The site was #1 in election traffic: 7.6M unique users spent an avg 14.2 min/session on a total of 259M page views in <24 hrs.
  • This was the highest traffic day in Yahoo! News history, and the ad revenue was key to achieving 108% Q4 goals.] Assumed direct responsibility for News engineering; staffed and oversaw backend engineering, performed capacity planning, planned organization and protocol for an election night "war room" for real-time actions, and coordinated with the Yahoo! front page team to handle a fire hose of requests.
  • Obtained approval from Yahoo! Founder David Filo to procure server hardware to handle the transient load.] Oversaw all software design, development, and deployment; included two Flash dashboards (and web services supplying data to them and Yahoo! front page), a 'General Election' dashboard (poll and prediction market data, plus ability for users to create and share result scenarios), and an 'Election Results' dashboard (integrated with Yahoo! front page to launch as polls closed for Presidential, Senate and House contests).
  • Customized CMS for editors to selectively override states that "called" races in the AP feed to avoid incorrect results.] Led 18 engineers at five sites on three continents to add topical pages to update automatically; coordinated backend U.S./Norway development teams to enrich pages local news content.
  • Drove significant increases in SEO rankings, topic page user engagement.] Collaborated with the Newspaper Consortium (representing ~600 newspapers); facilitated inclusion of local news with links to return traffic to the newspaper sites.
  • Enabled a new stream of revenue from local advertising.] Customized CMS to allow editors to create >500 topics; trained the lead editor on CMS to train other editors.
  • Salvaged the creation of a news feed processing platform to allow ~600 newspapers to push local NewsML content to web services (replacing RSS feeds) under a strict contractual deadline; led 25 developers at four sites on three continents.
  • Enabled enriched content; local news feeds expanded available news content at a nominal cost.] New Property - Developed the site when American Express wanted to engage and monetize (AmEx card-holding) customers attending Broadway shows through ticket sales and associated revenue (restaurants/hotels); collaborated with playwright blogging to promote the site, coordinated tie-in to restaurants/hotels for Yahoo! Maps mash-up module, and to AmEx for ticket purchases.
  • Met the Tony Award launch date; secured a 2-year $6M contract.] New Property - Omg! Celebrity Gossip Led the development of an innovative celebrity gossip property; hired and managed 15 developers at three sites on two continents, projected throughput, performed capacity planning, and secured the hardware.
  • Launched on time which fulfilled the contract for an additional $2M ad revenue for customized launch promotion.] Provided the capability for marketing to select the content; this site attracted a younger demographic that was sought after by advertisers.
  • Higher quality content helped to capture Front Page traffic.] Guided site development (security, BI, capacity, launch preparedness, UX reviews); planned and handled launch traffic spikes.
  • The site supported up to 10X expected traffic, and continues as the #1 Entertainment News site in the world.
Professional Affiliations
The Coaching Stance (trained by Agile Coaching Institute - Lyssa Adkins & David Darst) Scrum Team Training (Agile Learning Labs - Chris Sims) Certified ScrumMaster (CSM, Scrum Alliance) Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO, Scrum Alliance) Innovation Games® Facilitator (Conteneo - Deb Colden) The Game of Scrum (Yahoo! - JF Unson & Joe Arnold) Contextual Design (InContext - Shelley Wood & Karen Holtzblatt) SIGCHI Tutorials: 'Rapid Contextual Design' and 'Cognitive Factors in Design'
Premiere, ad, advertising, Agile, AOL 9.0, AOL, AP, approach, audio, browsers, budget, BI, C, cable, capacity planning, CMS, Coach, coaching, Codebase, com, competitive, CA, hardware, concept, content, encryption, CSS, Client, customer satisfaction, Delivery, DOM, driving, edge, editor, Email, engineer, Engineering Manager, XML, features, firewalls, Flash, focus, frame, Front Page, functional, government, UX, HTML, HR, imaging, Innovation, IE, IP, leadership, team development, Mac, Mac OS, MacOS, Director, managing, marketing, market, memory, messaging, access, Mail 4.5, Mail, Windows, Motorola, Netscape, Communicator, Enterprise, Navigator 7, network, Newspaper, newspapers, next, developer, organizational, page, cameras, Product Development, product management, producing, progress, project plans, promotion, prototyping, Quality, QA, Express, real-time, requirements analysis, requirements gathering, research, routers, sales, Scrum, set top box, software design, software development, software development/engineering, specification, Stories, strategy, strategic, teaching, Team Management, TV, unique, Unix, upgrade, usability testing, validation, video, View, website, workflow, workshops

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Resume Overview

School Attended

  • Central Connecticut State University

Job Titles Held:

  • Agile Coach &amp; Scrum Master
  • Agile Coach
  • Lean/Agile Coach
  • Scrum Master/Agile Coach
  • Principal Consultant
  • Scrum Master/Agile Coach
  • Scrum Master/Agile Coach
  • Principal Scrum Master
  • Sr. Software Engineering Manager/Agile Coach/Scrum Master
  • Sr. Software Development Manager
  • Engineering Manager
  • Sr. Software Development Manager Vault Password Manager
  • Sr. Technical Manager
  • News - Topic Pages


  • B.S

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