Hair Stylist Resume Example

Give your resume a complete makeover to get the hair stylist job you want. Though your work speaks volumes about your abilities, it’s still vital to highlight your skills on your resume. Begin with a well-written summary statement that showcases your strengths in hairstyling and touches on your sales abilities. To accomplish the latter, note your client base and describe your success with selling salon products. Use your skills section to share your areas of expertise, such as tools and techniques you’ve mastered. Use your work experience section to detail your professional achievements and your duties. Check out the hair stylist resume example for more guidance.

Hair Stylist Advice 

Like helping people to look their best? Consider a career as a hair stylist. You’ll need training, a sense of style, and a professional resume. The resume examples below are designed for hair stylists searching for new opportunities. Use these resume examples as a starting point in crafting your own resume, and start getting more interviews for hair stylist jobs. Just click on any of the templates shown below to get started.

Resume Tips for Hair Stylist 

Finding jobs as a hair stylist takes a positive attitude and a varied tool belt of job-seeking skills. Follow these tips to make your search easier and effective.
1. Prepare for interviews by gathering information from various sources for your potential employer. Utilize annual business reports and trade publications to be knowledgeable and current on latest trends and business practices.
2. Organize your list of contacts. Your professional network, friends and family can all be helpful in your job search. Don’t forget former classmates and instructors. Keep track of your communications to facilitate more interaction and potential job leads.
3. Practice your elevator speech. This quick two minute summary of your skill set and career goals are a must in your networking. It is also good to follow up with a question to stimulate conversation. For example: “Do you have any advice for me?”
4. Polish up your interview skills. The ability to make eye contact, posture, and effective verbal communication skills all play a large role in how you present yourself to decision makers.
5. Professionalism in your online presence should be a priority. Future employers will look at your profiles and posts online. Be mindful of your statements on social media, and don’t speak negatively of past employers.

Hair Stylist Job Seeking Tips 

Your best showcase in the search for jobs as a hair stylist is your resume. This time-honored tradition still holds true to be the main information that sells you to future employers. Consider these tips to make sure your goals and skills are documented with the highest quality to land that new job.
1. Use a branding statement for focus at the top of your resume. Differentiate yourself with a quick summary of personal characteristics, best accomplishments and noteworthy personality traits.
2. Organize your information for maximum impact. Reverse chronological order is standard for your experience section so your future employer can quickly see your best and most recent qualifications.
3. Use strong action verbs in your job descriptions like “boosted” or “implemented” to showcase your strengths. This can highlight your skill set to potential employers in a positive and exciting way.
4. If you have any gaps in your resume and performed consulting, contracting, or freelancing duties make sure to include these to eliminate “red flags. ”
5. It is typical to format your resume with experience displayed first. If you are a recent college graduate, use education first after your initial information. After you gain job experience, this can be reversed after about eighteen months.

Related Resumes:

Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist Resume

Company: Hair On The Run
Date Range: April 2011 to Current

Hair On The Run is an on location bridal and event, hair and makeup company.
I am specialized in airbrush makeup and up-do styling.
Up to date with knowledge on the latest hair styling techniques and makeup application.
Our mission is to make our clients feel beautiful and extra special on their special day!

Hair stylist Resume

Company: Parlor
Date Range: 02/2011 to 09/2013

Meet and greet clients at arrival, examined hair texture and condition to determine appropriate treatment.Promoted and sold salon services and products.Educated guests on proper hair care.Recommended home care hair regimens and treatments.Set up workstation and treatment room with necessary products, equipment and supplies.Promptly fielded all incoming phone calls and scheduled appointments.Shaped hair pieces and added elaborate extensions.Conducted weekly salon inventory.Pre-booked appointments to guarantee repeat business.Politely answered the phone and scheduled appointments for clients.

Stylist Resume

Company: JcPenney Salon -
Date Range: December 2012 to Current

Promoted and sold salon services and products.
Examined hair texture and condition to determine appropriate treatment.
Recommended home care hair regimens and treatments.
Educated guests on proper hair care.
Set up workstation and treatment room with necessary products, equipment and supplies.
Selected hair colors based on customer preference.
Used state-of-the-art techniques in coloring and treating hair.

Hair Stylist Resume

Company: Michelangelo Hair House
Date Range: March 2013 to Current

Full service hair stylist.
Used state-of-the-art techniques in coloring and treating hair.
Employed a variety of hair style techniques, including curling and straightening.
Kept current on hair products and their chemical composition, structure and properties.
Developed new hair styling techniques using creativity and knowledge of trends.
Trimmed and styled hair for weddings and special occasions.

Hair Stylist Resume

Date Range: November 2006 to Current

Cut, colored and styled clients' hair with precision and expertise.
Shampooed, conditioned and rinsed guests' hair using salon-exclusive products.
Completed safety training and certifications.
Advised customers on proper treatment of dry and damaged hair.
Assessed customer needs and gave advice about hair style and color options.
Sold and promoted hair care products and cosmetics
Educated clients about products and self-maintenance for healthy hair.

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