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Serving as both bookkeeping experts and the primary point of contact for hotel guests during night-time shifts, night auditors fill a unique, dual role that helps keep hotels running 24 hours a day. Among the estimated 267,940 workers employed in hotel, motel and resort desk clerk roles, night auditor positions may be more widespread and essential than many realize.

If you’re looking to take on this position yourself, take cues from our night auditor resume example to learn how to write a resume designed to catch a hiring manager’s eye. Below we’ll break down the many ways LiveCareer can help you land the role you’re after.


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What is a Night Auditor ?

A night auditor works overnight at hotels and other lodging establishments to provide customer service from the front desk. Simultaneously, many night auditors also perform additional accounting and bookkeeping duties when not assisting guests.

The more important half of a night auditor’s responsibilities are those related to offering customer service to guests arriving at night, and assisting them with check-ins and other needs. They are also responsible for answering phone calls and placing reservations, and responding to guest complaints or inquiries. As of 2019, the mean annual wage for these kinds of front-desk clerks in the United States stood around $25,950.

What Makes This a Great
Night Auditor Resume Example?

Having a well-written resume vastly increases the odds you’ll be contacted for an interview. Our night auditor resume example, written by our team of experts, can demonstrate how to write a resume that meets that standard. Here are some highlights of what you can learn from our examples:

  • Professionally-written content: Our certified resume writers make sure each of our examples include the industry-specific terminology you’ll need to get noticed. They use sought-after keywords and phrases, such as “risk mitigation” and “customer service” in the resume above. Use our night auditor resume example as inspiration, or turn to our Resume Builder for even more guided writing help.
  • The right format: Using the correct resume format can make or break your chances of landing an interview. As shown in the above example, a moderately experienced candidate would be best served by a combination format, which showcases one’s skills just as much as their work history. A more experienced professional, on the other hand, should opt for a chronological format.
  • Appropriate resume templates: Submitting a resume with a design that doesn’t mesh well with a company’s style or culture risks telling recruiters that you haven’t done your research. For a night auditor role, be sure to pick a resume template that suits the branding or tone put forth by your prospective employer. Our Resume Builder provides a large selection of templates to suit any situation.

3 Night Auditor Professional Summary Examples

A well-written professional summary can help candidates make a positive first impression on recruiters. You can follow our resume examples as blueprints for writing an engaging summary, as well as take advantage of our Resume Builder’s pre-written suggestions.


Here are some examples of professional summaries to consider for a night auditor resume:

  1. Hard-working and dedicated night auditor with 15 years of experience providing top-tier customer service to all guests of two international hotel chains. Adept at multitasking by performing accounting and bookkeeping duties simultaneously with front-desk tasks.
  2. Detail-oriented night auditor with ten years of experience in luxury hotels. Highly dependable and ethical support specialist proficient in customer service, report generation and data analysis. Work efficiently with cross-functional teams to ensure smooth operations and excellent service to the guests.
  3. Reliable and trustworthy night auditor skilled in delivering excellent customer service to guests. Accomplished at thoroughly answering questions and solving issues while maintaining a calm demeanor. Specialize in coordinating with various other hotel staff to accomplish inter-departmental goals.

3 Night Auditor Work Experience Examples

Your work experience section should tell recruiters exactly how you contributed to your employers’ success in past roles. To more easily lay out these achievements on your resume, you’re welcome to borrow our Resume Builder’s pre-written text, which you can easily customize with your own specific and measurable accomplishments.

Below are a few examples of work experience sections for a night auditor’s resume:

  1. Assisted late-arriving groups of over 25 guests without reservations, offering excellent customer service that resulted in a 15% increase in positive reviews online.
  2. Overhauled computerized reservation and accounting software to nearly halve required front-desk staffing levels.
  3. Handled medical emergencies during overnight hours by calling 911 and coordinating with medical professionals to ensure guests’ complete safety.

Top Skills for Your Night Auditor Resume

Your night auditor resume needs to display an even balance of the hard and soft skills listed in the job description. You can use our examples as guides, or use our Resume Builder to optimize your resume with these industry-specific skills that recruiters look for.

Here are some hard and soft skills a recruiter may seek when looking over a night auditor’s resume:

Hard Skills

  • Bookkeeping
  • Mathematical skills
  • Managing reservations
  • Accounting and facility management software

Soft Skills

  • Communication
  • Problem-solving 
  • Multitasking
  • Attention to detail

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Night Auditor FAQs

Are the roles of night auditors and accountants the same?

The roles of night auditors and accountants are not the same. Even though night auditors may take on bookkeeping or accounting responsibilities, their primary roles revolve around customer service and front-desk tasks. A night auditor doesn’t necessarily need to have the same educational qualifications required for accountants.

What differentiates a night auditor from their daytime counterparts?

There is usually little difference between night auditors and daytime receptionists or front desk managers except for their shift hours. Most of a night auditor’s tasks are similar to their daytime counterparts, including guest support and overseeing hotel transactions. The main difference is that night auditors work only during night shifts.

Can a night auditor become a hotel manager?

With enough experience, it is very possible for night auditors to be promoted to management positions. Before becoming a hotel manager, however, you may have to take on an assistant manager, department manager, lodging manager or another mid-level role. Additionally, earning a degree in management may also help you advance toward becoming a hotel manager.