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The banking and financial service industry is currently undergoing a dynamic change with digitalization overpowering the traditional banking system. Hiring managers are increasingly seeking tech-savvy loan processors with extensive administration skills and experience.

Our loan processor resume examples provide expertly written content by certified writers to help you build an unmissable profile. Study them to learn how to effectively highlight your skills and personality in a resume.


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What is a Loan Processor?

A loan processor, sometimes called a mortgage processor, is charged with processing the details of a loan and submitting it to an underwriter for final approval. Their jobs include reviewing mortgage applications, double-checking that the borrower has provided the necessary documentation, and verifying the accuracy of the information provided.

A loan processor must be detail-oriented and discreet as they are responsible for handling and verifying sensitive personal information and financial documents. They must also have solid communication skills since in order to verify information they must contact employers, credit reporting agencies and other bodies to verify the details of the application.

A loan processor may be employed at banks, mortgage companies, financial organizations or brokerage firms. They must have a high school diploma or GED to qualify for employment. The National Association of Mortgage Processors offers certification programs for candidates seeking to build a successful career.

What Makes This a Great
Loan Processor Resume Example?

To land a role as a loan processor, your resume must articulate your experience, skills and professional achievements in a way that will impress a hiring manager. Our loan processor resume example is written by one of our certified resume writers to show you every aspect of an impactful resume. Here’s how our resume example can help you write a strong resume:

  • Professionally written content: Our certified resume writers have crafted this loan processor resume example using their in-depth understanding of the industry. Study our example to learn how to write a resume that incorporates the most sought-after industry keywords. For more help, use our Resume Builder which offers pre-written content suggestions for every section of your resume.
  • Helps with resume format section:  Choosing the resume format that will best demonstrate your skills and achievements is a critical element of resume writing. In this example, the job seeker utilizes a combination resume format to highlight both their skill set and their impressive work experience as a loan processor. If you are an entry-level or highly-experienced candidate, consider choosing a different resume format.
  • Shows an appropriate template: The look of your resume is just as important as the content. Choose a resume template that is appropriate for your field. Banking is a conservative industry so your loan processor resume should be created using a fairly traditional template, like in the example above. For black and white or more colorful designs, see our library of resume templates.

3 Loan Processor Professional Summary Examples

Your professional summary should succinctly highlight your experience, training and skills to compel a recruiter to continue reading your resume. Our loan processor resume example shows you how. Study it to learn how to write your own professional summary, or use one of these examples as inspiration:

  1. Experienced and detail-oriented loan processor with over eight years of experience maintaining the reliable reputation of organizations while protecting them from potential losses. Adept at providing quick assistance while delivering accurately verified documents promptly. Discreet and trustworthy.
  2. Dedicated loan processor with significant experience in analyzing and evaluating loan applications. Successful track record of verifying application information and spotting errors. Ability to cultivate and expand long term relationships with clients and other employees.
  3. Results-driven junior loan processor with three years of experience in loan funding and sales management. Ability to manage and supervise projects till the final approval. Works well under pressure, observant, and multitasking professional with extensive knowledge of the loan industry standards and regulations.

3 Loan Processor Work Experience Examples

Our loan processor resume examples crafted by certified resume writers show you how to craft an impactful work experience section that shows what you’ll bring to the table. Here are three examples that our builder might suggest for this section:

  1. Handled and thoroughly reviewed an average of 24 files monthly to help underwriters make sound financial decisions.
  2. Developed policies and programs to improve loan processing efficiency by 5%.
  3. Provided a 15% increase in referrals while communicating with borrowers to maintain a detailed record of each application.

Top Skills for Your Loan Processor Resume

Our loan processor resume examples utilize the most sought-after skills for loan processor roles. Study them as you build your resume’s skills section, or choose from the hard and soft skills listed below:

Hard Skills

  • Strong research skills
  • Certified Master Loan Processor
  • Knowledge of loan industry standards and regulations
  • Software and analytical skills

Soft Skills

  • Effective customer service
  • Organized and detail-oriented
  • Eye for detail
  • Risk analysis skills

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Loan Processor FAQs

How should I list achievements and experience in a loan processor resume?

Your work experience section should be more than just a list of job responsibilities; it should show potential employers the impact your work has had. Using data and metrics is the best way to demonstrate these achievements. Be concise and use active verbs like managed, developed, supervised to hook a recruiter’s interest in your profile. Study our loan processor resume example to see how to accomplish this.

What is the working environment like for a loan processor?

A loan processor can be employed in different financial service sectors like banks, realty and mortgage companies, or brokerage firms. A loan processor needs to be available for a client during the entire loan approval process. The working environment for a loan processor is fast-paced and stressful as they are responsible for the verification of all documents and attach them accurately until the final approval.