Event Coordinator Assistant Resume Examples

A survey of more than 500 companies, including Forbes and SAP, revealed that in-person events play a significant role in achieving a company’s business goals and success. The trend of organizing events is here to stay for a significant future. The demand for event coordinator assistants is directly linked to growth of the events industry. With more and more individuals desiring professional expertise to manage their events, the event management field is continually broadening.

Our event coordinator assistant resume examples will make sure that your relevant event management skills are highlighted. Recruiters will get a good grasp of your qualifications when you use our event coordinator assistant resume examples.


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What Is an Event Coordinator Assistant?

An event coordinator assistant supports the planning and coordination of parties and events. They assist the event coordinator in ensuring that the event is conducted smoothly. Scouting for suitable venues, making security arrangements for guests, hiring decorators, coordinating with other vendors, arranging food, and entertainment are tasks carried out by an event coordinator assistant.

The events may include weddings, parties, charity functions, reunions, product launches, award ceremonies, social gatherings, corporate events and more. Event coordinator assistants play an integral role in managing these events by coordinating with various vendors and updating the event planner on the status of different tasks related to the event. They work more than 40 hours per week in different shifts and often work on weekends and holidays.


What Makes This a Great
Event Coordinator Assistant Resume Example?

Recruiters seek professional and role-specific content in a resume. The quality of a resume reflects the candidate’s dedication and commitment toward the job. Our event coordinator assistant resume examples are crafted by certified writers who know what details hiring managers want to see in top candidates’ resumes.

Here are three ways using our resume examples can help you write a strong event coordinator assistant resume:

  • Offers professionally written content: Studying our resume examples shows you how to incorporate industry-relevant keywords like “catering,” “signage,” and “approve vendor payments” in a way that adds credibility to your resume. For more help, use our Resume Builder which will provide pre-written content suggestions for each section of your resume.
  • Shows you a suitable format: Using the right resume format is essential to writing a resume that shows off your most impressive qualifications. The event coordinator assistant resume example above uses a combination format which works well for professionals with some relevant work experience in their field. For entry-level applicants, a functional resume format would be a better option.
  • Appropriate resume templates: The resume design — or template — you choose should be suitable to the industry in which you are applying. Since event planning is a creative field that requires out-of-the-box thinking, you have the freedom to choose colorful resume templates like the one above. However, if the role you seek is at a conservative company, such as event planning for a law firm, you might choose a more subdued design.


3 Event Coordinator Assistant Professional Summaries Examples

The professional summary occupies the topmost section of a resume. Hiring managers are busy professionals. To capture their attention, candidates must write a compelling summary that compels them to read the rest of the resume. Study our event coordinator resume example to learn how to write a strong professional summary.

Below are three additional professional summary examples to consider for your event coordinator assistant resume:

  1. An event coordinator assistant with two years of experience. Excellent rapport with dozens of vendors, including 12 hotel management teams, 6 floral designers, and 16 catering services. The ability to work smoothly under pressure led to recommendations from customers.
  2. Enthusiastic event coordinator assistant with four years of experience with vendor management, budget administration, and scouting of venues. Excellent communication skills, combined with compelling social media posts, helped to promote the events on social media.
  3. More than five years of experience as an event coordinator assistant with strong computer and internet skills. Developed marketing materials to support sales efforts. Adept in coordinating security and travel arrangements for groups of up to 250 for corporate events.

3 Event Coordinator Assistant Work Experience Section Examples

Our event coordinator assistant resume examples provide relevant content to craft the work experience section, which is the most critical aspect of your resume. You can use it as-is or customize as per your needs. Below are three examples that you can use as a guide:

Given below are three professional summary examples for an event coordinator assistant:

  1. Part of the team that organized a 15-mile marathon event across the metropolitan area with adequate medical, security, and refreshment facilities for 700 runners.
  2. Helped in organizing the Super Bowl sales activities of an apparel brand in San Francisco that generated its highest-ever single-day sales of $15 million.
  3. Assisted the team in managing the media and security team of more than 150 people at the wedding celebration of an A-list celebrity at their Hamptons estate.


Top Skills for Your Event Coordinator Assistant Resume

Your skills section should be impressive enough to capture the attention of hiring managers and clients. Our resume examples provide an exhaustive list of keywords that recruiters look for in event coordinator assistants. Below are some of the skills that our Resume Builder may recommend

Hard Skills

  • Knowledge of local venues
  • ServSafe license
  • Contract preparation
  • Events logistics management

Soft Skills

  • Communication
  • Time management
  • Problem-solving
  • Friendly personality

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Event Coordinator Assistant FAQs

What are the qualifications required for an event coordinator assistant?

A high-school diploma is the minimum educational qualification required for an event coordinator assistant. A bachelor’s degree in hospitality, public relations, or a related field would be more appropriate. There are also various certificate programs offered by several institutes in facilities planning and management, meeting and event planning, that give you the edge. Handling or helping during events at school, high school or college can prove useful. An internship in an events company on your resume will help you get a good job.

. What is the level of experience needed for an event coordinator assistant?

Work experience is not usually needed for an event coordinator assistant. They can be hired and trained on the job by senior event managers and planners. This type of hands-on experience will strengthen your resume and help you climb the ladder to becoming an event coordinator.

What are the benefits of getting employed as an event coordinator assistant?

An event coordinator assistant gains experience of planning many different kinds of events. This work experience can help in strengthening your network and increasing influential and relevant contacts. Your managing skills are also honed as you learn to manage people across various verticals simultaneously. An event coordinator assistant can also diversify and start their own business in event management after learning the tricks of the trade.