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Working as a construction project manager can be a personally and professionally rewarding career. If you want to accelerate your job search, LiveCareer can help. Our construction project manager resume examples can show you how to craft a resume that will get you noticed. By studying our resume examples, written by our team of certified resume writers, see the job-specific keywords, templates and formats that are most impactful in today’s job market.


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What is a Construction Project Manager?

Construction project managers oversee the building of public, commercial, residential and industrial structures by planning and coordinating the necessary work involved. They often deal with planning specific construction requirements, budgeting, coordinating with subcontractors and ensuring timely completion of work. Many construction project managers specialize in a type of construction such as homes or commercial spaces.

According to O*Net, 76% of construction project manager positions require a bachelor’s degree (typically four years). Others require candidates to have some college education or a postsecondary certificate.

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Construction Project Manager Resume Example?

LiveCareer’s construction project manager resume examples can be an invaluable tool as you learn to create your own document. Or, use our builder for step-by-step assistance in building your resume. Here’s how our tools can help:

  • Keyword suggestions: Our construction project manager resume examples show you exactly what recruiters look for in a resume. Study them as you write your own or use our Resume Builder for more help. The builder takes the guesswork out of resume writing by offering pre-written text for each resume section. Use them as-is or customize them to fit your unique experience.
  • Format recommendations: Job seekers should choose their resume format used based on their level of work experience. The example above utilizes a combination format that gives equal weight to the job seeker’s work history and her skills. This format is ideal for individuals in the middle of their careers. If you are an entry- or senior-level worker, consider using a different resume format to highlight your skills and experience.
  • Appropriate templates: Choose a resume template that fits the industry to which you are applying. This construction manager resume uses a polished layout and subtle color palette that would be appropriate across industries. If you are applying in a very conservative or highly creative field, our resume builder might recommend a different resume template.

3 Construction Project Manager Professional Summary Examples

Your resume’s professional summary is the first few sentences of your resume. A strong summary describes the skills and experience that make you a desirable job candidate. Study our resume examples for job-specific summaries or use LiveCareer’s Resume Builder, which will offer customizable pre-written suggestions for this critical section. Here are some examples that our builder might recommend for a construction project manager resume:

  1. Detail-oriented construction project manager with 10 years of experience with residential projects. In-depth understanding of building processes, materials and personnel needs. Competent administrator and team member. Eager to apply veteran skills to new projects.
  2. Enthusiastic, recent graduate with a bachelor’s degree in engineering. Two years of experience in construction project management. Capable collaborator and solid team player. Strong understanding of materials engineering and construction techniques.
  3. Multi-talented construction project manager who has worked on commercial projects for over five years. Comprehensive understanding of structural design, building code compliance and construction processes. Skilled manager with experience leading teams of up to 25 people.

3 Construction Project Manager Work Experience Examples

A well-written work experience section is crucial to showing that you will excel in a construction project manager role. Persuasive, action-oriented descriptions in this section engage the reader and show how your contributions have positively-impacted past projects. Study our construction project manager resume examples for ideas or let our Resume Builder make suggestions for writing this critical section. Here are three examples our builder might recommend:

  1. Developed and oversaw work plans for subcontractors working on a 12-unit residential project.
  2. Identified, ordered and tracked materials for 40,000-square-foot commercial property.
  3. Coordinated with architects and a team of engineers to ensure full and accurate implementation of designs.

Top Skills for Your Construction Project Manager Resume

Your resume should highlight your most relevant skills. Our resume examples help you identify the most desirable, industry-specific skills employers seek in construction project managers today. Or, use our builder for job-specific skills suggestions. Here are some examples of the construction project manager skills our builder might suggest:

Hard Skills

  • Autodesk Revit
  • SCADA software
  • ISS Construction Manager
  • Microsoft Visio

Soft Skills

  • Customer service
  • Team leadership
  • Complex problem solving
  • Critical thinking

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Construction Project Manager FAQs

What is the difference between a construction manager and a project manager?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the titles “construction manager” and “construction project manager” are often used interchangeably. However, the former is more likely to refer to a wider-ranging position that includes more financial and personnel management. Construction project managers may focus more narrowly on project success, such as by organizing and overseeing tasks and materials.

How do you become a construction project manager?

The BLS reports that construction project managers are increasingly expected (although not always required) to have bachelor’s degrees in construction science, engineering, architecture or construction management. Many construction project managers also work in construction for several years before becoming managers. Positions require an in-depth understanding of construction techniques and procedures.

Which are a construction manager’s responsibilities?

Construction managers coordinate and supervise many of the functions of building a public, commercial, industrial or residential structure. This includes organizing personnel, ensuring access to necessary supplies, overseeing budgets and complying with legal requirements. They also coordinate with specialist subcontractors. On smaller projects, construction managers may also directly contribute to the construction work.