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A buyer researches, selects and purchases products that their employer uses or resells to customers. Mostly working within the manufacturing sector, which employs about 23% of buyers in the United States, they also work in government, various management roles and in retail. Buyers are vital to any organization that needs to negotiate contracts with suppliers and review the quality of those products.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2019’s median salary for these kinds of positions was $69,600 per year. If you’re looking to kick off your own career as a buyer, our buyer resume example can guide you toward writing a job-winning resume.


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What is a Buyer?

A buyer’s main responsibility is to evaluate and purchase supplies, products, and services to be used or sold by an organization to their customers. The job requires in-depth market research, selecting vendors, performing quality tests of these products and services, price negotiations and inventory management.

Becoming a buyer typically requires a minimum of a high school diploma. However, many companies may prefer applicants with a bachelor’s degree in business, finance or supply management. These professionals typically get on-the-job training where they learn about the intricacies and nuances of their particular buyer role.

What Makes This a Great
Buyer Resume Example?

Our team of certified resume writers know what hiring managers seek in candidates in any industry, including those that employ buyers the most. They write our resume examples based on those industry-specific keywords and employer needs.

Here are a few ways our buyer resume example can help you write a better resume:

  • Best-in-class, pre-written content: Hiring managers scan resumes for specific, job-relevant keywords when selecting interview candidates. Our buyer resume example uses industry-standard phrases like “negotiation skills” and “inventory management software.” Take inspiration from our examples’ writing, or use our Resume Builder’s pre-written text suggestions for even more expert help.
  • Making the most of format: Our buyer resume example uses a chronological format to make the most of this candidate’s many years of consistent industry experience. If they were a job seeker with less experience, our experts might have used a more skills-focused resume in a functional or combination resume format instead.
  • Savvy template choice: Since buyers find work in many different industries, their choline of resume template should depend on the particular employer to whom they send their resume. Whether they’d be most pleased with something more creative or more traditional, our builder offers a wide variety of templates for every job seeker.


3 Buyer Professional Summary Examples

Your professional summary should communicate your most compelling skills and achievements as they relate to the job you want. You can customize your professional summary with our Resume Builder or simply use our example for inspiration in writing your own:

  1. Dedicated buyer with over two years of experience in vendor purchases for a retail organization. Adept with Microsoft Office, Lawson ERP, SAP ORACLE and PeopleSoft. Skilled in inventory management and resolving delivery delays of goods and services. Introduced a new cost accountability process that led to a 12% cost reduction for the organization.
  2. Process-oriented buyer with over eight years of experience purchasing goods and services for public service organizations and government agencies. Skilled in conducting market research, product planning and distribution operations. Able to minimize pricing discrepancies and streamline order delivery from vendors. Awarded ‘Top Performer of the Quarter’ six times over five years.
  3. Buyer with more than 16 years of experience researching and buying merchandise. Possess in-depth understanding of quality and delivery compliance, managing cross-functional teams and ensuring seamless communication with suppliers. Have trained over fifteen staff members to be top-notch inventory and vendor managers.

3 Buyer Work Experience Examples

Your work experience section does the essential job of contextualizing your past duties with quantifiable achievements. Borrow pre-written content from our Resume Builder or our buyer resume example, both of which you can customize to include your personalized achievements.

Here are a few examples from well-written work experience sections:

  1. Oversaw over material acquisition for 100 new products from international vendors in Korea, Russia and Taiwan.
  2. Streamlined efficient ordering pipeline and set up quality assurance processes that reduced costs by 32%.
  3. Supervised purchase order creation and negotiated with over 500 vendors to maximize profitability of our pricing scheme.

Top Skills for Your Buyer Resume

A well-curated skills section makes it easy for recruiters to see you have the skills they’re looking for. Our Resume Builder offers recommendations for the industry-standard skills that will land you your buyer role.

Here’s a list of hard and soft skills our builder could recommend:

Hard Skills

  • Purchasing and contract management
  • Inventory management software
  • Knowledge of retail and manufacturing markets
  • Budgeting and cost control

Soft Skills

  • Analytical skills
  • Negotiation
  • Ability to perform under pressure
  • Problem-solving

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Buyer FAQs

What are the qualifications and training required to be a buyer?

Organizations typically hire buyer candidates who at least have a high school diploma. However, some employers prefer applicants to have a bachelor’s degree in finance, business or supply management. Once you’ve gained some work experience, you might add to your resume by becoming a Certified Purchasing Professional (CPP), Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP), Senior Professional in Supply Management (SPSM) or Certified Professional Public Buyer (CPPB).

What are a buyer’s responsibilities?

A buyer’s duties involve selecting and buying quality products and services for their employer. The role requires analyzing market trends, monitoring inventory and researching products or services offered by different vendors. Buyers may also take on duties involving budgeting, coordinating with vendors and inventory teams, tracking orders and resolving delivery discrepancies.

What are the work hours of a buyer?

A buyer usually works from an office for 40 hours per week. However, a buyer may have to travel to meet vendors and suppliers, take the time to understand more about market trends and more. Depending on the product, service and industry, a buyer may have to work for extended hours during the peak of a season. Additionally, negotiating prices and ensuring timely delivery can add to the job’s stress level.