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The summary statement is the first thing an employer is going to see on your resume after your contact information. This place was once held by the traditional objective statement, but employers have come to prefer a summary statement because it more effectively communicates your value as a potential employee. In a sense, writing a resume summary statement allows you to introduce yourself before getting into the education, skills and work experience sections of your resume.

What to Include in a Fitness and Personal Trainer Resume Summary Statement

When writing a resume summary statement, consider including especially relevant experience, skills and character attributes that set you apart as a fitness and personal trainer. You can also include special training or areas of specialty. Weaving in those characteristics of your personality that make you an exceptional fitness and personal trainer gives your summary statement a personal spin. If you are particularly good at motivating your clients or have outstanding interpersonal or group leadership skills, communicate these traits to the prospective employer in the summary statement.

How to Format a Fitness and Personal Trainer Resume Summary Statement

Your goal for formatting the resume statement should be similar to the way you design your workouts: to aim for efficiency and effectiveness. Consider the characteristics that make you an exceptional trainer, and then write these into about four to six sentence fragments, separating each one with a period.

When writing a resume summary statement, always use the first-person voice, but omit the pronouns and first-person verbs. For instance, instead of writing, “I am an efficient and organized personal trainer,” write, “Efficient and organized personal trainer.” Using this format gives your summary statement a no-nonsense feel.

Tips for Writing a Fitness and Personal Trainer Resume Summary Statement

Try writing a resume summary statement with your prospective employer’s values and expectations in mind. Anticipating an employer’s criteria for the optimal personal trainer allows you to structure your summary statement to show how you are a perfect fit. You can generate excitement about yourself as an employee right from the start and solidify that impression with the rest of your resume.

Also, incorporating those aspects of your personality that make you an excellent personal and fitness trainer gives the employer a chance to relate to you as a person through your words. This personality factor sets you apart from other candidates.

Examples of a Fitness and Personal Trainer Resume Summary Statement

The following examples show how writing a resume summary statement uses a trainer’s experience, specialty and personality to provide a well-rounded description of the potential employee.

Enthusiastic fitness trainer with experience leading Pilates, kickboxing and spinning classes. Team player with extraordinary interpersonal skills and leadership abilities. Up-to-date training in health and sport medicine. Reliable and organized.

Positive, fun fitness class leader and motivational personal trainer. Energetic professional with outstanding communication skills. Goal-oriented and focused on helping clients improve overall fitness and body image perceptions. Experience creating results-driven workouts.

Versatile and committed personal and fitness trainer with a background in weight training and nutrition. Enthusiastic motivational style and positive attitude. Dedicated to helping clients reach fitness goals. English-Spanish bilingual.

Whether you are a new fitness and personal trainer building your first resume or an experienced trainer updating your resume with your latest work experience, LiveCareer can help you build a powerful summary statement. You may also want to explore LiveCareer’s extensive collection of other tools and advice so you can round out your perfect resume.

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