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Staff accountants perform important financial duties, such as preparing and maintaining accurate financial records and computing tax payments and preparing tax returns. Depending upon organizational structures, staff accountants may also assess financial operations and recommend best practices to management.

A strong staff accountant job description will mention the proper educational background needed, which is at least a bachelor’s degree and also CPA licensure if needed. Good candidates should have analytical and mathematical skills. They should also be detail oriented.

Your job description should indicate vital personality traits and technical knowledge. Staff accountants must have good communication and interpersonal skills to effectively present reports to and engage with management and clients. Staff accountants also must be organized.

Staff Accountant Job Description Template

Job Summary

Staff accountants are responsible for the preparation and delivery of payroll documentation, as well as the maintenance of all company accounts receivable and accounts payable transactions. As a successful candidate, we’ll depend on you and your time management skills to create pertinent deliverables like reports and monthly journals that communicate the status of the company’s finances. Your presence and hard work are indispensable, as you’ll assist us in maintaining day-to-day records, auditing and reconciling books as needed, and providing situational reports like 401k performance, customer payment histories, and monthly expense reports as assigned. Do you have flawless communication skills? You can further enhance them as you answer questions and handle concerns related to these reports.

Job Responsibilities

  • Process payroll information, including the proper income tax withholding and benefit plan withholding for each employee.
  • Prepare and delivering reports and other documents pertinent to payroll, including annual tax information and ongoing retirement account performance reports.
  • Track both the accounts payable and accounts receivable for the company by performing any necessary data entry and report generation, and preparing monthly reports on the status of accounts while maintaining an accurate day-to-day ledger.
  • Generate weekly sales reports and other information as needed to track company revenues and growth.
  • Perform cashiering duties, including the oversight of petty cash allowances and discretionary budget spending, the preparation and delivery of bank deposits, and other daily financial tasks needed by the company.
  • Coordinate budgeting needs and participating in their review and assessment annually, or when required by the company’s financial cycle.
  • Cross-train with other staff accountants as needed for professional development and to maintain quality assurance on all job-critical skills.

Job Skills & Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in finance, accounting, or business
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Strong organizational and time management skills
  • At least two years’ experience in the field
  • Proficiency with industry standard accounting software, including Excel

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