Project Manager CV Example

Putting together an effective CV is all about knowing how to present your experience and training in a way that is immediately clear when prospective employers and hiring managers look at your document. There are a few ways to do this, including both word choices and space management tips to help place your important information where it will be easily seen. You can tell how effective these two elements are together by checking out the project manager CV example below, and by mixing in some of these other tips, you can easily adapt the structure to make your next CV stand out from the pack.

Tips for Writing Your
Project Manager CV

  • Project Manager Overview

    Project managers can either work in their primary employers’ facilities or as traveling project managers between a few suppliers, depending on their role. Typically, project managers are tasked with ensuring that quality and production expectations are met during a manufacturing process, beginning in the prototype stages and continuing through the product’s run. For products with an ongoing run, it is common for the manager to change periodically, to provide upward mobility for skilled project managers, and the project manager CV example reflects this by demonstrating the varieties of different manufacturing project that one might encounter in just a single industry.

  • Skills and Knowledge to Include in Your Project Manager CV

    Project managers tend to be process-oriented quality control professionals. That means that with few exceptions, the skills that employers evaluate first are those related to your ability to maintain quality processes, delegate work to others, and evaluate the work coming in. A good project manager does not necessarily need to know how to do everything on the line, but the job does require you to know how to understand and manage the overall process. Many employers also value skills that are related specifically to the work processes at hand, which often means some mechanical training or aptitude. To get the best results, follow the project manager CV example and include a variety of options that

  • Tips for Writing an Excellent CV

    When it comes to putting together a killer application package, you need more than just the industry-specific tips provided by the project manager CV example. You also need to know the general practices that make a CV pop, so that you are able to write to the needs and concerns of the hiring manager who will be reviewing your application. Follow the tips below to write a stellar CV for yourself that will impress everyone who encounters it, no matter what their role in the hiring process happens to be.

    • Use strong verbs and action statements about your past accomplishments to highlight exactly what you actually contributed in each workplace situation.
    • Make sure your list of skills covers both the technical skills for the job and also any “soft” skills like communication or problem-solving that can be demonstrated clearly.
    • Remember that the professional statement is your “hook.” It needs to be appealing to the reader by catering directly to that reader’s interests and needs, and it needs personality.
    • Keep in mind that the goal of the CV is not to explain your experience-you get to do that in an interview. Stick to listing skills and accomplishments to keep it concise.

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