Executive Director CV Example

Taking the next step in your career requires rethinking how you present yourself to employers. Your curriculum vitae, or CV, is the first opportunity you have to leave an impression. Therefore, it’s important to decide what to include and what to omit from your document. Fortunately, we have put together this executive director CV example and a few writing tips to refer to while you compose your new CV. With these pointers, we can help you become a stronger, more appealing job candidate.

Tips for Writing Your
Executive Director CV

  • Executive Director Overview

    Though it may be clear from the executive director CV example, knowing the details of the job you’re seeking is extremely important when applying. Executive directors are typically first in command at most private and public sector organizations, responsible for overseeing the major decisions, such as company policies, budget plans and the overall direction of the business. Usually, they work under the Board of Directors, but in smaller companies, they can have nearly autonomous decision-making power.

    Generally, executive directors have a team of subordinates to enact policies and run the day-to-day operations. Most candidates have had experience in leading teams and businesses in the past as this is considered a highly skilled and specialized position.

  • Skills and Knowledge to Include in Your Executive Director CV

    Becoming an executive director requires a great deal of previous experience and education. Typically, candidates will not be considered without a bachelor’s degree or higher. More commonly, a master’s degree in business, law or similar field is preferred. Unlike other job titles, executive directors can come from a variety of backgrounds; however, many share similar professional skills, including decision-making abilities, financial competency, diplomatic finesse and leadership qualities. Candidates need to have a high stress tolerance since this position often requires quick decisions under high stakes. Finally, you must be communicative and able to delegate directions in a clear, effective and personable manner. As you review the executive director CV example above, take a closer look at how some of these skills and traits are included.

  • Tips for Writing an Excellent CV

    With our executive director CV example and writing guide in hand, it’s now time to begin constructing your new and improved CV. Here are a few final pointers to consider when composing your document:

    • Be concise yet thorough. You want to cover as much ground as possible in your CV without going over a few pages. Instead of explaining your professional accomplishments in words, use metrics and numbers when you can to illustrate growth and achievements.
    • Incorporate active verbs and phrases to boost the reader’s engagement. Drab, uninspired language such as “worked at” and “responsible for” are less appealing than “coordinated with” and “spearheaded,” especially when you’re a hiring manager reading 30 CVs per day.
    • You want your document to be a recent reflection of your professional qualifications. Thus, you’ll want to omit jobs you held over 10 years ago or more. If your experience is thin, then include these older positions without going into detail.
    • Always proofread. Spelling errors and grammatical mistakes are a deal-breaker with hiring managers.

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