Technical Recruiter CV Example

Some technical recruiter job postings may ask for a CV, not a resume. Use your judgment to determine if the American or European style is called for; an American CV is typically for jobs in academia, so it is likely that your technical recruiter position is asking for a European-style CV. This style is shorter, at no more than three pages for executive-level positions and one page for entry-level jobs. To show what you can put under sections such as professional summary, work experience, education, skills and interests, we have written a technical recruiter CV example and writing guide.

Tips for Writing Your
Technical Recruiter CV

  • Technical Recruiter Overview

    Technical recruiting is a job that is often precise. For example, many companies may hire for specialized areas of knowledge such as systems administration. With this in mind, be sure to always analyze job openings so that you can best write a CV to match an employer’s needs. A lot goes into recruiting; cold calling, campus recruitment and performing Boolean searches are just a few aspects. If you are especially good in one area, discuss it if doing so makes sense. This technical recruiter CV example portrays the job candidate as an expert in cold calling, something that many recruiters struggle with.

  • Skills and Knowledge to Include in Your Technical Recruiter CV

    As this technical recruiter CV example does, you want to strike a balance between technical skills, such as HTML knowledge, and soft skills, such as communication and confidence. As touched on above, refer to individual job postings to determine which skills to prioritize or emphasize. Sections you may want to add to your CV in addition to (or instead of) the four basic areas on the example include organizational/managerial skills, digital competence and additional information. Additional information is where you list honors you have received and workshops and trainings you have hosted. Projects and publications go here, too. Under a job-related skills section, you can detail technical skills you have that specifically relate to IT and/or human resources.

  • Tips for Writing an Excellent CV

    The technical recruiter CV example follows best practices for a CV, and you can use the tips listed below when you write your own. In fact, these guidelines apply for any type of job, not just technical recruiter.

    • Aim for one, two or three pages. Three pages are appropriate for executive-level CVs, and two pages are okay if you have about 20 years of relevant experience. For entry-level positions, stay with one page.
    • Include your city, state and postal code in the contact information section. You can give your full home address but doing so is not necessary if you are uncomfortable.
    • Write in present tense about jobs you currently hold, switching to past tense for accomplishments already reached. Use past tense to describe your duties at previous jobs.
    • Include a photograph of yourself and information on your nationality and marital status if you want.

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