Database Administrator CV Example

A well-written curriculum vitae does much more than just list your skills and experience, it tells prospective employers who you really are. By following the model shown by the database administrator CV example provided here, you’re able to highlight all the professional and personal attributes that make you the ideal candidate for the position you seek. This writing guide will show you how to convey your message while also retaining a reader’s attention by not being overly wordy. You’ll notice, too, that this example offers the ideal profile of a job candidate if you’re searching for information to include in a job posting.

Tips for Writing Your
Database Administrator CV

  • Database Administrator Overview

    Aside from expressing your interest in a position, your CV is also supposed to show hiring managers how much you actually know about the job you seeking. The better understanding you have of the roles and responsibilities that come with a specific position, the less time and energy is necessary to train you, and the more hirable you become. That’s why you’ll notice that throughout the database administrator CV example, you only see experience listed that applies directly to the job being sought. In the case of a database administrator, that’s experience in data management and security, maintaining user access, and information migration between systems. All these are tasks that will likely be your responsibility should you land the job.

  • Skills and Knowledge to Include in Your Database Administrator CV

    Note how the database administrator CV example given here only allows for a couple of short sections for you to list your knowledge and skills. You may be worried that doesn’t allow you enough space to show how qualified you may be for a database administrator position. Don’t worry, your focus should not be to list all your professional skills, but rather the right ones. For a job in database administration, those include strong technical knowledge as well as the ability to communicate through both the written and spoken word. You also need to be good listener, as you will serve as a central point of contact for external data storage service providers, managers and department leads, architects and programmers as well as frontline users. You’ll also want to develop strong problem-solving skills as the process of data migration and retrieval can present quite a few challenges. Finally, hiring and human resource managers also want to see you understand how to use the hardware used to support data management.

  • Tips for Writing an Excellent CV

    This database administrator CV example can be a terrific reference tool to come back to as you update and edit your document. Remember, however, that the effectiveness of your CV depends largely on your ability to optimize the information it contains. With that in mind, remember these few tips when you review your completed CV:

    • Utilize bullet points to point out important information, yet don’t exceed five points per topic. If you have too many items to list, consider using only those that most directly relate to the position.
    • Don’t go back further than 10 years when listing your work history.
    • Be careful to not include language that could potentially alienate a reader, such as religious or political references.
    • Structure your information as neatly as possible. If the beginning or leading sentences of a paragraph stretch across pages, edit the content to allow all related information to appear together.

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