Contractor Termination Letter Sample

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Brady Kline, Esq.
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Dear Ms. Loekle,

You entered into a contracting agreement with my client, Company Name, signed May 1, 2014 and, according to the terms, your company has failed to hold up its end. This leaves my client no choice but to terminate the agreement and move on to another contractor in hopes of getting their project completed.

Unfortunately, on three occasions within the last two weeks, your team either failed to show up for work, showed up late or did not show up ready to work. In one instance they apparently forgot to bring a tool that held up production for three hours. There have also been unexplained expenses, including costs for services for a full team that took place on days when your team was not in full attendance.

So far, a project that should have only taken six weeks has stretched to near five months. We have missed three deadlines and have had to renegotiate other vendor contracts because they cannot begin their portion of the work until your company has completed theirs.

My client feels they have wasted more than enough time through this association. Outside of sending a representative to retrieve any tools, we are requesting you cease and desist sending your people to the site immediately.

Best regards,

Brady Kline, Esq.

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