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A consultant recommendation letter needs to outline specific areas of expertise and then convey a confidence in the candidate’s abilities. Give potential employers all of the information they need to feel comfortable about hiring a candidate when writing a consultant recommendation letter.

Maeve Guerra

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Felicity Weeks,

This letter is my official recommendation for Bradley Pace as a business consultant for your organization. I own a retail organization that has hired Bradley several times over the past four years and the results we have gotten have always been very positive.

Bradley is the consummate business consulting professional as he knows how to put everyone at ease the moment he enters the room. He is diligent about collecting information and insists on developing custom reports and charts to give a very helpful presentation. Most importantly to us, Bradley always indicates the practical applications his work has for our organization and future revenue generation. He is the main reason why our company has been profitable so many years in a row.

We also found out that Bradley has strong group communication skills, which are very useful in his business consulting career. Bradley’s professional and refined approach make his work much more valuable to clients and he also has a great way of keeping everyone updated on any changes he has made to his initial recommendations. Bradley should be your next business consultant and I would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.


Donald Holt

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