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Are you an aspiring real estate agent? Or are you looking for a new professional home? Our real estate resume templates are an ideal way for both new and accomplished real estate agents to improve their chances of getting hired this year. Whether you want to work as an independent contractor or are applying for a position at a real estate group, our real estate resume template will provide the keywords and real-world examples you’ll need to include in your resume to edge out the competition. Remember, a well-written real estate resume is your first impression with potential employers. Make it count!

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Apartment Leasing Agent

Real estate resume templates are an ideal way for aspiring real estate agents improve their chances of being hired by one of the approximately 300, 000 real estate employers operating in 2013 alone. Whether working as an independent contractor or applying to a real estate group, real estate resume templates provide real-world examples and an edge against the competition. A well-written real estate resume is a great way to demonstrate past sales experience and create a professional first impression with potential employers.

Apartment Leasing Agent Example Resume

Resume Tips for Real Estate

Real Estate Agent

These days, the job hunt involves more than responding to help wanted ads. Jobseekers need to utilize several tools and techniques. Here’s a list of the basic must-dos for a productive job search:

  1. Create an elevator speech. Before you attend a networking event, have an elevator speech in hand. An elevator speech is a statement that summaries what you do and what kind of work you are looking for. Think about it this way: if you met a hiring manager in an elevator, what would you say to make an impression during the short elevator ride?
  2. Build networking relationships. Let’s say you went to a networking event and met a lot of people, but how do you get those people to remember you down the line? Build the relationship beyond the networking event, such as following up with an email, connecting on LinkedIn or extending an invitation to meet for drinks or coffee.
  3. Spruce up your social media profile. Recruiters and hiring managers are using social media as an informal background check. A professional-looking photo or fresh content on your social media page keeps you in control of your virtual first impression.
  4. Enroll in additional job training or online classes. When your priority is searching for jobs in real estate, it’s easy to overlook additional job training or continuing education classes. But an additional skill or a certificate can enhance your resume and put you in a better position as a strong candidate.
  5. Stay positive. Remember, your attitude affects your job search. A negative attitude can affect the tone in your resumes, cover letter or how you respond to prospective employers. Utilizing various job hunting methods, like in-person networking or social media, can help you move forward and stay focused on achieving your ultimate goal: landing a new job.
Real Estate Agent Example Resume

Real Estate Job Seeking Tips

Real Estate Broker Resume Example

Applications for jobs in real estate and the surrounding area will always require a resume. It’s one thing to create resume, it’s another to get recruiters and hiring managers to read it. Here are a few tips on ways to help your resume communicate your value and get you to the interview stage of your job hunt:

  1. Quantify your accomplishments. Numbers like sales figures, statistics or other numbers help to describe your accomplishments. For example, you could include how much sales you brought in or how many people you supervised in your office or department.
  2. Highlight your skills with a summary section or profile statement. These sections help to immediately communicate the skills you have to meet the needs of a perspective employer.
  3. Incorporate reader-friendly design elements. Recruiters and hiring managers are viewing hundreds of resumes, so the best way to stand out is making your resume reader-friendly with the following elements: bullet list, appropriate font size and left text alignment.
  4. Include keywords from the job posting. The best way to state how you meet the needs of the job is to pull the keywords from the job description.
  5. Concentrate on transferrable skills. In your resume, make sure that you are highlighting how your past responsibilities are relevant to jobs in real estate.
Real Estate Broker Example Resume
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