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To get a good job, you need to be more than a good worker. You also need to be able to explain why you’re a qualified candidate so hiring managers will take interest in you. You can’t expect to get an interview if your resume doesn’t adequately showcase your plumbing experience. With the help of our plumber resume template for Word, you can create a document that truly highlights your abilities and has the proper formatting for the summary statement, skills, work history and education sections.

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Writing Your Summary Statement

While this section is short, it serves as a very important introduction to the rest of your resume. The summary statement needs to touch on some of your plumbing skills while also offering a little information about your work history.

Our plumber resume template for Word allows you to use three sentences or three bullet points. In either case, each sentence needs to be concise and to the point. Here are a few important things to include in this section:

  • Your years of experience and exact professional title

  • Two to three of your top plumbing skills

  • A personality trait that relates to your abilities or work ethic

Here are four strong examples that will help you write your own summary:

Example 1

Professional journeyman plumber with over 15 years’ experience. Excellent with drain clearing, pipe replacement and problem diagnosis. Good communicator with strong customer service skills.

Example 2

Experienced plumber with eight years’ of commercial and residential plumbing work. Very knowledgeable about plumbing codes and repairing gas and water fixtures. Extremely organized and excellent with project estimations.

Example 3

  • Professional plumber with five years’ experience

  • Trained on field service software and environmentally safe procedures

  • Capable of meeting the physical demands of the job

Example 4

  • Plumber apprentice with six years’ experience

  • Experience operating various types of high-powered equipment

  • Exceptionally detailed worker and recorder

Writing Your Skills Section

Since plumbing requires a variety of unique skills, you want this section to be filled with specific abilities hiring managers are looking for. Whenever possible, it’s a good practice to cite skills mentioned in the job description when listing your abilities. The plumber resume template for Word will help you see how this portion is formatted. Here are a few tips to think about when writing out your skills:

  • List six to eight skills, ideally pulling some directly from the job description

  • Make sure all bullet points include relevant plumbing skills

  • Keep this section short by avoiding long explanations

This example shows how a plumber’s skill section should look:

  • Strong communication and customer service skills

  • Excellent critical thinking and assessment abilities

  • Very accurate with time management

  • Knowledgeable about working with gas, water and waste

  • Aware of all safety and plumbing codes

  • Hardworking and attentive to detail

  • Able to read and interpret blueprints and work plans

Writing Your Work History Section

This section is where you’ll give employers an idea your real capabilities as a worker. You work history needs to show the skills you’ve learned and accomplishments you’ve made. To make sure you’re covering the right details while working through the plumber resume template for Word, follow these guidelines as you write:

  • Include position, company name, work period and location for each listing

  • Start each responsibility with a strong active verb

  • Come up with a couple metrics that demonstrate your effectiveness as an employee

  • Like with the other sections, don’t include personal pronouns

Here are a few job description examples that could be found in a plumber resume:

  • Installed updated gas heating systems for residential customers

  • Utilized powerful jetting equipment to clear drains, expediting process and shortening customer visits by 30 minutes on average

  • Maintained customer time frames by being very accurate with project estimates

  • Explained solutions very clearly so customers could make educated decisions about services

Writing Your Education Section

You never know exactly what education requirements different companies will have, so it’s good to get this section organized. Our plumber resume template for Word makes it easy to include your most important schooling while leaving out unnecessary details. Here are a few tips you should be sure to consider:

  • If you have multiple degrees, list them reverse chronologically

  • Include relevant certificates or plumbing courses

  • Leave out superfluous details such as your GPA if you aren’t a recent grad

These two examples can help you get a feel for what the education section should look like:

Example 1

Associate of Science in Engineering – 2015

University of Montana – Missoula, MT

Courses included: Industrial design, physics

Certified in Plumbing Design – 2015

American Society of Plumbing Engineers

Example 2

Certificate of Achievement in Sustainable Technology – 2016

Santa Rosa Junior College – Santa Rosa, CA

Courses included: HVAC training, building science theory

Service Plumber Certification – 2016

American Society of Safety Engineers

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