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Your designs may speak for themselves, but a strong resume can help a graphic designer tell more of her or his own story to agency hiring managers or potential clients. A detailed resume that communicates specifics about your skills and experience can accentuate your portfolio. Our graphic designer resume template for Word demonstrates ways to present your background in the best light. There are also explanations, tips, and sample entries for each resume section, from the summary statement to skills, work history, and education.

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Writing Your Summary Statement

One of the best ways to approach writing a summary statement is to think of this section as a 30-second elevator pitch near the top of your resume that showcases your best qualifications. Bring up no more than three key points relating to your skills, experience, or personal character that correspond with the position for which you are applying. Format this section in a series of short statements, which do not need to be complete sentences, or by using bullet points. You might consider including:

  • The extent of your experience
  • The type or styles of design in which you specialize
  • Any awards or accomplishments

Take a look at our graphic designer resume template for Word to see a sample summary statement in context.

Example 1

Graphic designer with more than five years of experience. Specializes in creating original web graphics and layouts for brands. Experienced user of Adobe Creative Suite and other industry-standard design software.

Example 2

Senior graphic designer with extensive background in package design. Created packaging for hundreds of products. Winner of American Package Design Award in 2015.

Example 3

  • Graphic designer with over two years of design experience
  • Layouts and original graphics for catalogs and trade show displays
  • Outstanding verbal and visual communication skills

Example 4

  • Textile printing and pattern designer specializing in apparel and accessories
  • Over a decade of design and printing experience
  • Expert digital designer with certification from NedGraphics

Writing Your Skills Section

The skills section of your resume is where you show off the specific types of experience you have acquired over the course of your career. This section should be skimmable and formatted using bullet points. Depending on the type of position, you might want to include a mix of hard and soft skills. For instance, you can emphasize your communication and collaboration skills if the position involves working as part of a team. Check out the sample skills section on our graphic designer resume template for Word. Here are a few useful tips for writing your own skills section:

  • List approximately 6-8 skills, describing each in a few words
  • Include keywords and phrases from the job description
  • Prioritize skills that are directly applicable to a graphic design position

A few general skills for graphic designers include:

  • Original image creation
  • Editing and modification
  • Layouts and design mockups
  • Establishing and maintaining client relations
  • Creative problem solving

Writing Your Work History Section

The work history section of your resume should include precise descriptions of your current role and previous jobs or design gigs. Start this section with your current or most recent position and continue backward in reverse chronological order to include previous positions. Refer to our graphic designer resume template for Word for an example of how to format and organize this section and keep a few best practices in mind.

  • Include the titles of your current and past positions, the names of your employers or clients, and the places and dates of your employment
  • Follow these details with a bullet-pointed list in which you set forth your responsibilities and accomplishments
  • Include metrics or figures to capture the impact of your work

Here are a few sample entries that might appear in the work history section of a graphic designer’s resume:

  • Created over 200 original designs
  • Established and maintained contacts with 30 clients
  • Designed in-store display graphics and website layouts
  • Finalized more than 50 infographics

Writing Your Education Section

The education section of a graphic design resume is likely to include specialized education or training. If you have taken professional courses or attained technical certifications, you may include them in the education section or a separate section. Start the education training with your most recent degree or training and move backward in time through previous achievements. Look over the education section on our graphic designer resume template for Word and the following pointers:

  • Include the years in which you attained all degrees or certifications unless it was some time ago or would cause a gap on your resume
  • You may want to mention relevant coursework if you are just getting started in your career
  • There is no need to include your GPA unless you are a recent graduate

Example 1

Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design and Media – 2015

University of Nevada – Las Vegas, NV

Courses included: Advertising Design, Interactive Media

Example 2

Adobe Certified Expert – 2015

Adobe Certified Associate – 2013

Associate of Occupational Studies in Graphic Design – 2012

Pratt Institute – New York, NY

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