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Producers get involved in both the creative and business sides of the film, television and stage industries. It is typically a well-compensated job, earning $29,170 more than the median for all entertainers, performers, sports and related workers. LiveCareer’s producer resume examples will make it easier to create an effective resume that’ll land you a producing job. On the page below, learn more about how you can use our resources to craft each section of a great producer resume.


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What is a Producer?

Producers are essentially business managers for film, television, commercial and stage productions. They raise money for projects and make most business and financial decisions. They also hire directors and certain crew members. In some cases, they may help cast actors. Producers set budgets, manage the timeline and ensure the success of the production. This type of role is well-suited for people who value independence, achievement and recognition

What Makes This a Great
Producer Resume Example?

Working as a producer is a dream job for many. If you want to land more interviews and find your ideal position in the industry, you need a compelling resume. LiveCareer can help with professionally written producer resume examples. Here are a few ways our examples can enhance your resume-writing experience:

  • Learn from pre-written suggestions: Writing an effective resume is easier when you have examples to use as inspiration. LiveCareer provides professionally written suggestions to fill your skills, job history and summary sections. Content such as “innovative producer with years of experience in all aspects of video production” in the above example show how you can best appeal to employers.
  • Get help choosing a format: Choosing the right resume format is necessary to properly emphasize your most noteworthy experience and achievements. In the example, the job seeker selected the combination format to highlight her work history while also drawing attention to desirable skills for a producer, such as pre-production and content development.
  • Pick the perfect template: Find a resume template that shows you are the right producer for a project. This example job seeker chose our “Professional” template, featuring a conventional style with orange accents. Blending the familiar arrangement with eye-catching colors is a good choice for this kind of business-minded role in a creative field.

3 Producer Professional Summary Examples

The professional summary is your first chance to show off your top achievements. As a producer, this may include highlighting successful projects, notable responsibilities or unique experiences. LiveCareer helps you craft a more persuasive professional summary with our producer resume examples. Or, use our resume builder for even more suggested professional summary text. Here are three examples of professional summaries for producers:

  1. Organized and high-energy producer with over nine years of experience in the film industry. In-depth understanding of the business processes of the field. Results-oriented professional with strong skills in personnel management, financing and marketing.
  2. Passionate producer with five years of experience spanning acting, directing and producing. Eager to apply business insights and management skills to fuel the success of a new production. Detail-focused team leader with a strong intuition for the preferences and desires of audiences.
  3. Multi-talented theater producer who has worked on 10 major shows during the past seven years. Experience guiding productions from initial concept through to final performances. Comfortable with all sizes of stages and live environments.

3 Producer Work Experience Examples

Your work experience section tells your unique story as a professional. Use it to highlight projects you’ve worked on, key responsibilities and the successes of your productions. LiveCareer helps you write better work details by providing our producer resume examples as inspiration. Alternatively, you can customize our suggestions with your own quantifiable metrics using our resume builder. These are some examples of work responsibilities our builder might offers:

  1. Oversaw hiring for director, dozens of major crew positions and key acting roles.
  2. Achieved 10 percent increase in ticket sales over original projections.
  3. Collaborated with director and studio executives to ensure optimal creative and financial performance for production; awarded budget increase of nearly 30%.

Top Skills for Your Producer Resume

Your skill set is likely the main reason an employer will want to hire you. Highlight your most vital hard and soft production skills on your resume. LiveCareer helps you identify which are most noteworthy with our producer resume examples and resume builder suggestions. Use them as they are or add your own. These are some sought-after skills for producers:

Hard Skills

  • Theater marketing
  • Knowledge of broadcast standards
  • Film shoot budgeting
  • Location negotiation

Soft Skills

  • Organization
  • Team leadership
  • Creative collaboration
  • Goal visualization

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Producer FAQs

How do you become a producer?

Producers typically have a bachelor’s degree. However, about 26 percent of jobs require either a more specialized professional or postsecondary certificate. Many students study film or theater in college. Producers often start working as assistants or other lower-profile studio jobs. Experience working on productions is usually required to become a producer.

What is the difference between a TV producer and director?

The producer is in charge of the business components of the project. This includes hiring and overseeing the director as well as other production personnel. Although the producer may become involved in creative decisions, this is typically from a business perspective. Conversely, the director is in charge of the creative elements of production. This involves envisioning the work, casting actors, directing performances and overseeing editing.

What is the job of an executive producer?

An executive producer is the head producer who oversees the other producers working on the project. In some cases, the executive producer is the financier or a representative of the studio paying for the project. Typically, the executive producer has less hands-on involvement in the daily production of the project. Instead, this role usually focuses on finance and business objectives.