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Working as a video producer can be a personally rewarding and lucrative career. It’s well-suited to people who value independence, achievement, and recognition. If this seems like the right career path for you, a strong resume is your next step toward success. LiveCareer helps you take that step with professionally written video producer resume examples. Study them to learn how to write, format, and design a more persuasive resume.


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What is a Video Producer?

Video producers are professionals who plan and coordinate many aspects of the video production process. They oversee creative and commercial video projects such as advertisements, social media content, and stock video. A video producer typically handles budgeting, logistics, deadlines, and communication. In some cases, the job also entails creative direction and scriptwriting. A little more than half of video producer jobs require a bachelor’s degree. Fifteen percent require a professional degree and 11% require a post-secondary certificate.

What Makes This a Great
Video Producer Resume Example?

Working as a video producer can be a rewarding career for people who enjoy combining creative pursuits with organizational skills and a business mindset. Finding your ideal job is easier with an attention-grabbing resume. Using LiveCareer’s video producer resume examples, you can craft a more effective resume for your job search. Here are a few ways that our examples will guide you:

  • Job-specific content suggestions: Create a strong resume more easily by studying our resume examples which feature professionally-written content for the summary, work history, skills section, and more. Copy our wording or adapt it to your needs. For example, you could use “experienced running operations alone and in large groups.” Or, if you need more help to craft your document, use our builder, which offers pre-written content suggestions for every section of your resume.
  • Format guidance: Emphasizing your best qualifications starts with the right resume format. Our example job seeker selected a chronological resume format, which gives the spotlight to his impressive work history and career trajectory while leaving space at the bottom for his skills, including casting and project organization. For entry-level or mid-career professionals, a functional or combination resume format might be more appropriate.
  • Template selection: Choosing a design that suits the organization to which you are applying is key. The above example features a resume template with a classic look, which is a good choice for applying to a variety of employers. However, for video producers applying for roles in highly creative environments, like at an animation studio, a more colorful resume template would be an option.

3 Video Producer Professional Summary Examples

Your professional summary is the introduction to your resume. It is an opportunity to describe some of your most distinguishing qualifications and impressive achievements. LiveCareer’s video producer resume examples include well-written summaries that you can copy or modify. Or, study these three examples for more ideas:

  1. Detail-oriented and organized video producer with experience in commercials and short-form video content ranging from 30 seconds to eight minutes. In-depth understanding of the latest technologies, equipment, and editing software. Capable team leader who excels at organizing production teams.
  2. Multitalented video producer with over five years of experience producing diverse videos. Capable of leading production teams or working on solo projects. Knowledgeable professional with a commitment to learning the latest production techniques.
  3. Innovative video producer with a proven track record of creative and effective projects. Over six years of experience in amateur and professional video production. Organized professional who consistently delivers on-time, on-budget, and engaging results.

3 Video Producer Work Experience Examples

Part of writing a great resume is differentiating yourself from other applicants. Your work history is an excellent opportunity to do this. LiveCareer’s video producer resume examples show you how to highlight noteworthy and persuasive work details and how to use metrics to your advantage. Get more inspiration from these examples of work history bullet points:

  1. Oversaw productions of series of 12 promotional 30-second videos for use on social and other marketing channels.
  2. Planned budgets for in-house video content production involving a team of six content creators.
  3. Researched audience and leveraged insight to plan content release schedule.

Top Skills for Your Video Producer Resume

As a video producer, you need to know how to use the tools of the trade. You also need to excel in management and interpersonal interactions. LiveCareer’s resume examples take the guesswork out of finding industry-specific skills. Here are some additional in-demand skills to consider for your video producer resume:

Hard Skills

  • Adobe AfterEffects
  • Final Cut Pro
  • Digital video production
  • YouTube

Soft Skills

  • Organization
  • Creative problem-solving
  • Multitasking
  • Collaboration

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Video Producer FAQs

How do you become a video producer?

Video producers often complete an undergraduate degree in the arts or business. Many start out earning experience working as assistant producers or other low-profile entry-level jobs on video productions. Others begin by getting their own equipment to create or collaborate on amateur projects and then use their portfolios to seek professional production jobs.

How much does a video producer make?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that the median annual wage for all producers and directors is $74,420 as of May 2019, with those in the video and film industry making a median of $87,790. There is a wide range of compensation, however. The lowest-earning people in this job category receive less than $35,480. Conversely, the highest-earning 10% receive more than $173,680.

What degree do you need for video production?

Typically, video producers have bachelor’s degrees, although some have more advanced education. They often study in accredited theater arts programs but may also get degrees in arts administration, business, communications, or nonprofit management. Many video producers take courses in both artistic and management subjects, regardless of the degree they are pursuing. Frequently, video producers’ portfolios of work are of equal or greater importance than their degree fields.