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In a competitive marketplace, you need every advantage you can get to stand out in hiring managers’ minds. Your resume should go over your skillset and achievements so an employer has a good idea of what you offer before even meeting you. Compare the resume you currently have to the one pictured to see how it stacks up. Make any necessary adjustments based on the guidelines below that review how to write your summary statement, skills, work experience and education sections. Soon, your application will be just as impressive as the electrician resume template for Word.

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Writing Your Summary Statement

Your summary statement essentially serves as your resume’s introduction. It allows you to briefly go over your most relevant qualifications so hiring managers feel the need to continue reading. It does not have to be very long, as seen in the electrician resume template for Word, but it does need to be impactful.

It does not matter if you choose to use bullet points or a paragraph for this section, but you do want to keep it short and sweet. The following information should be included:

* Your job title

* Two or three job-specific skills

* Accomplishments or specific areas of expertise

Here are some examples to guide you in the right direction.

Example 1

Electrician with eight years of experience working on commercial and residential buildings. Proficient in developing blueprints and communicating schematics to team members. Strong ability to troubleshoot.

Example 2

* Electrician working in the industry for 10 years

* Expertise with using computer aided designed software to map out projects

* Able to respond quickly in the event of an emergency

Example 3

Professional electrician with five years’ experience. Able to perform a variety of physically demanding tasks, including lifting objects over 60 pounds in weight and standing for hours at a time. Excellent communication skills to speak with individuals at every level of a company.

Example 4

* Fully licensed electrician with 12 years of experience

* Capable of working with cable reels, terminal crimpers, wire cutters, conduit benders and more

* Quick judgment skills

Writing Your Skills Section

The skills section is where you quickly go over skillsets that will be useful in this line of work. Bullet points are good to use because they make the section easy to skim over. Similar to the electrician resume template for Word, you want it to be near the top of the document. Some beneficial tips to keep in mind include:

* Aim for between six and eight bullet points

* Start with your most impressive skillsets and work down from there

* Each bullet point should only be a few words long

Although you may have talents in other areas, you want the focus of the section to be on what would be most useful for the career you want. Some skills that could be useful for an electrician resume include:

* Knowledge of analytical software

* Able to provide cost estimates

* Excellent communicator

* Understanding of construction practices

* Deductive and inductive reasoning skills

* Able to work in hot, loud environments

* Diagnostic expertise

Writing Your Work History Section

Your work history is going to be the longest section of your resume, and for good reason. This is where you show what you accomplished at previous places of employment. This is your time to shine. You can show how you implemented skills mentioned in the previous section or how your responsibilities grew as the years wore on. Some tips to bear in mind include:

* Always start with what is most recent and work backward

* Make sure the location and dates of your employment are mentioned

* There is no need to include salary information alongside positions

* Experiences should always be listed out using bullet points instead of paragraphs

* Aim for between five and eight bullet points for each position

Some additional duties that would feel right at home within the electrician resume template for Word include:

* Planned layout of new electrical fixtures and wiring, ensuring everything is in compliance with state codes

* Prepared cost estimates for building owners, often coming in within $150 of the final price

* Directed workers on the job site

* Provided assistance to buildings with backup generators during emergencies, including floods and high winds

Writing Your Education Section

For some positions, the education section can be an important component. You do not always have to list college degrees; you can also mention certifications you earned or conferences you attended. The following are good pieces of advice that were utilized in the electrician resume template for Word:

* If you are still in school, clarity it as “In Progress”

* Do not discuss GPA if you graduated longer than a year ago

* Leave out your high school diploma if you went to college

Example 1

Associate’s Degree in Electrical Engineering – 2013

Jefferson County Community College

Courses included: Economics, mechanical engineering

Certification: Electrical Work – 2014

National Electrician Association

Example 2

Completed one-year apprenticeship program – 2015

Certifications in residential wiring, commercial wiring and electrical code – 2015

National Electrician Association


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