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Most job openings will receive many applications from a large number of highly qualified candidates. Hiring managers commonly use the resume as the primary way of deciding which candidates to call back for an interview. If you want to greatly improve your chances of being hired, use this general manager resume template for Word to create a resume that will catch their attention. The following guide will show you how to write a summary statement, work history section, education section and skills section.

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Writing Your Summary Statement

When writing your summary statement, remember that it is the first thing employers will read, which means it will determine their first impression of you. You should not assume that they will always read your entire resume, so you need to impress them immediately. Follow the example in the general manager resume template for Word and implement these writing tips.

  • Incorporate information from throughout the rest of your resume in this section

  • Do not use any personal pronouns when writing your summary, although sentence fragments are acceptable

  • Either write a short paragraph or a bulleted list

There are many ways you can write your summary statement. These examples demonstrate several different methods:

Example 1

Talented and professional general manager with 10 years’ working experience in business administration. Confident filling positions of leadership and management. Experienced managing every aspect of office operations.

Example 2

  • Results-driven and self-motivated office manager with five years of experience working as a general manager

  • Prioritize interpersonal and professional communication to facilitate cooperation

  • Hold a background in the human resources department

Example 3

General manager with extensive background in the service industry. Able to combine strong leadership abilities with a heart for providing excellent service. Familiar managing an entire team of service employees.

Example 4

  • Business administration expert holding extensive experience as an office general manager

  • Hold both leadership capabilities and business knowledge to facilitate improvement

  • Critical thinking and strong analysis abilities put into daily practice

Writing Your Skills Section

The skills section is one of the shortest sections in a resume. Your goal should be to communicate your skills and abilities as quickly as possible so employers can understand this information at only a glance. The general manager resume template for Word offers an example to help you develop your own skill section, and these tips will help you refine it.

  • Think carefully about what abilities will be necessary on a daily basis if you are hired, and only include directly related skills

  • Write between five and eight bullet points in this section. This is enough to make it clear that you are talented, but not too much to risk readers losing interest

  • Include keywords from the job description to make yourself seem like a perfect fit for the position specifically

Some of the more common skills included in general manager resumes are listed below:

  • Management and leadership

  • Interpersonal and professional communication

  • Training and development

  • Critical thinking and evaluation

  • Human resource management

Writing Your Work History Section

The section of your resume that outlines your work history should be the longest section and include the strongest information possible. Employers commonly have high expectations for this section, so follow the standard format closely and use this expert advice:

  • Write this section in past tense, with only current jobs described in present tense

  • Use strong action verbs at the start of each bullet point

  • List your previous working experiences in reverse chronological order, always beginning with the most recent

  • Include 5-8 bullet points per job depending on how important each position is to the job at hand

Both the general manager resume template for Word and the following example entries will help you write your work history section:

  • Oversee all office operations and ensure work is completed effectively and efficiently

  • Assemble special teams for assignments based on individual talent

  • Provide instruction for team members, answering inquiries and explaining information

  • Offer assistance to struggling employees, taking measures to help them improve

Writing Your Education Section

The education section should be the shortest section in your resume and be at the very end of the document. While this is usually the least important part of your resume, you should still follow the formatting rules to meet employers’ expectations. Review the general manager resume template for Word to help with this section, and keep in mind these tips:

  • The date of graduation, type of degree and name of your school are the only pieces of information required

  • If you graduated more than 10 years ago, you can opt not to mention your graduation date

  • Including any relevant internships or certificates strengthens your resume

Example 1

Master of Science in Business Administration – 2014

University of Orlando, Florida

Bachelor of Science in Business – 2012

University of Orlando, Florida

Example 2

Master of Science in Business Administration Candidate – 2018

University of Salem, Oregon

Bachelor of Science in Communication – 2014

University of Salem, Oregon

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