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Your resume should stand out and set you up as the leading candidate in the pool of applicants. However, that is often easier said than done. How do you create a resume that catches the eye of hiring managers? The entire writing process is made easier when you have a simple guide to follow. Our foreman resume template for Word is a section-by-section writing guide that helps jobseekers easily and quickly create their own stellar resume, like the one found below. It covers all of the essentials, including the summary statement, skills, work history and education sections.

Construction Labor Construction

Writing Your Summary Statement

The summary statement section is found at the very top of the resume, so is the first thing hiring managers read. It’s the best way to make a great first impression, which can be accomplished by using the exact same keywords and skills found in the job description in your statement.

A summary statement should be short and sweet, with no more than three sentences or bullet points. Also keep the following tips in mind:

  • Include your title and position description

  • Mention hard skills and experience you have in relevant positions or industries

  • Highlight some soft skills

Our foreman resume template for Word can help you get an idea of how to pull these tips together and craft a winning resume.

Example 1

Foreman with 15 years of experience overseeing building construction and renovation projects. Managed teams of up to 12 workers fulfilling a variety of tasks on a daily basis. Planned, assigned and scheduled workers for maximum efficiency and consistently met deadlines, productive inter-trade relations and quality control goals.

Example 2

  • Led team of 100 in all construction activities

  • Assisted in training and recruiting new hires

  • Work well with allocated budgets

Example 3

Experienced foreman plans, schedules and assigns the duties of construction workers daily. Regional specialist in steelwork frames, roofing, fiberglass and siding. Always maintain strict safety standards.

Example 4

  • Forman with 12 years of experience in overseeing electrical construction crews

  • Oversee daily business, including safety training, scheduling and budgets

  • Maintain excellent communication at all times

Writing Your Skills Section

Your resume also contains a skills section in which you include a concise accounting of your top skills. This allows you to show an employer that you are ready and able to excel in your desired position with a snapshot of everything that makes you a desirable candidate. Write a skill section that will wow hiring managers with help from our foreman resume template for Word. Consider the following best practices to compose your document:

  • Pack your resume with keywords straight from the job ad

  • Keep all skills relevant to the job for which you are applying

  • Use bullet points with short phrases and omit all periods

If you need some help coming up with some top foreman skills, you could include the following. Use only those that are relevant.

  • Project scheduling

  • Regulatory compliance

  • Contract negotiation

  • Planning and budgeting

  • Crew management

  • Problem solving in difficult situations

  • Guiding, directing and motivating crew

Writing Your Work History Section

Your work history section is one of the most important parts of your resume. It shows how long you have been in the industry and the length of time in each position you’ve held. You also provide brief descriptions of your previous work. This section is ideal for highlighting your accomplishments. Use the following best practices and our foreman resume template for Word to help get your work history section up to par.

  • Begin with your most recent position and list your work experience chronologically backwards

  • Include the location and dates of employment for each position

  • Describe specific details about projects, leadership roles and times you increased revenue or decreased spending

  • List all relevant information in five to eight bullet points for each relevant position you’ve held

Take a look at the following examples that may appear in a foreman work history section:

  • Forman for multimillion-dollar rifle range remodel

  • Inspected and supervised project progress daily

  • Drafted weekly and daily work reports for property owners

  • Mentored apprentices on safety and proper use of tools

Writing Your Education Section

Ensuring your education section stays easy to read is essential, especially if you are new to the field or have very little experience. Keep your format simple so recruiters don’t have to dig for the information, as shown in our foreman resume template for Word. Consider abiding by these best practices to make the process easier:

  • List your highest degree at the top of the section

  • All education relevant to acting as a foreman is applicable, including certification, seminars and training

  • Omit high school unless it is your only education

Example 1

Certification in Construction Management

Clark College – Vancouver, WA

Example 2

St. Mary’s Technical School

Toledo, OH

Courses included: Building and codes inspection, plumbing codes and inspection and coordinating construction details

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