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With recruiters sifting through hundreds of candidates for every opening, it’s more important than ever to write a stellar resume. Clean formatting is key for readability, and you can take a look at the image here for inspiration. Solid content is the other aspect of writing an attention-grabbing CV. The program manager resume template for Word and best practices on this page will give you an idea for how to organize and present the best of you. This guide will help you focus on the most crucial aspects of your resume: your summary, skills, experience and education. .

Program Manager Example Resume

Writing Your Summary Statement

Although hiring managers tend to quickly scan through job applications, their eyes oftentimes fixate for a few moments on the summary statement. Your goal for this section should be to paraphrase your entire CV in just a few words. As a case in point, examine the program manager resume template for Word. Notice how the examples highlight the candidate’s fit for a program manager role. The following are must-haves for your summary statement:

  • Your professional title, along with any accreditations you hold

  • A few of your top skills

  • Key accomplishments, specialties and soft skills

Here are four sample summary statements to pull ideas from:

Summary example 1:

  • Program manager respected for community building and on-time execution

  • Deep policy and legal knowledge

  • Strong communication skills as demonstrated through interactions with donors, board members and benefits recipients

Summary example 2:

Software program manager with five years of progressive experience. Strong community builder and liaison to connect customer support with QA, UX and development. Adrenaline junkie who thrives in a fast-paced, ever-changing environment.

Summary example 3:

Health care program manager with a background in biomechanical engineering. Recently completed PMP certification. Adept at managing team members both locally and across the globe.

Summary example 4:

Technical operations program manager with experience in product launching. Data-hungry and numbers-savvy. Consistent with meeting schedule and budget targets.

Writing Your Skills Section

Not everyone creates a skills section for their CV, but there are some important reasons why you should. One, it provides readers with an easy-to-read lineup of your top abilities that they might miss if scattered throughout the body of your resume. Two, your list can be revised for specific positions so that keywords from the job post can be planted within it. This helps your document to pass technologies designed to reject resumes that don’t contain the right content. Here are some best practices that are integrated into the program manager resume template for Word:

  • List your top abilities first

  • Keep each item concise and relatively general

  • Don’t go over 7 Ð 8 skills in total

Here are some of the most highly sought after skills for program managers:

  • Well-organized and efficient

  • Team-player as well as leader

  • Results-focused with attention to detail

  • Deep understanding of business processes

  • Able to identify needs and opportunities for improvements

  • Adept with analytics and reporting tools

Writing Your Work History Section

In your work history, you’ll provide some insight as to where and how you put your abilities to use. As shown in the program manager resume template for Word, accomplishments and responsibilities should be listed throughout. In addition, you’ll want to list your title, organization name, start date, end date and location for each position. Use the following best practices to create a great experience section:

  • Wherever possible, use specific figures rather than general ones

  • Limit the use of adjectives

  • Use a variety of action verbs to describe your accomplishments and responsibilities

  • Include terminology specific to the job for which you’re applying

  • Bulleted lists are one of the best ways to present information

Here are some examples to help you describe your work history:

  • Managed an online community of more than 3,000 users

  • Generated customer-feedback-driven product roadmaps

  • Built a 3-person public outreach team to raise awareness for the need to make fresh produce available in food deserts

  • Managed an affordable housing initiative to provide 350 families with new residences

Writing Your Education Section

Education is of prime importance for acceptance into a program manager role. Whether or not a specific degree is required, you should think carefully about how to present your educational achievements. When scanning your application, hiring managers and recruiters may look at this section first. The program manager resume template for Word puts the following best practices into action:

  • Place your highest level of education at the top of this section

  • Include additional learning participation such as seminars, clinics and certifications

  • Only list your GPA if you are a recent college graduate

Here is one example of how to present your educational accomplishments:

Bachelor of Science: Business Administration Ð 2013

Northwestern University Ð Milwaukee, WI

Dedicated senior capstone to a feasibility study for a new business line at a small company that was later implemented profitably

Davis Corporation Leadership Program Ð 2015

Spent a week on developing my leadership abilities and boosting emotional intelligence

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