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LiveCareer’s property manager resume examples can help you land the job you want. Written by certified resume writers, our examples show you how to write every section of your resume. In addition, studying our examples can help you learn more about which format and resume design is right for you.


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What is a Property Manager ?

Property managers oversee rental properties and coordinate various administrative tasks related to these properties. Some of the most important tasks, including setting rates and collecting rental payments, managing the budget, maintaining properties and screening tenants. Property managers can manage both commercial and residential properties. Organizations and individuals will always need a place to rent, regardless of how the economy or housing market fares, so property managers have relatively stable jobs. Business Insider expects the property management industry value to reach $22.04 billion by 2023.

What Makes This a Great
Property Manager Resume Example?

Property manager resume examples simplify the application process by showing you what a strong resume should look like. Here are some of the ways our property manager resume examples can help your resume writing process:

  • Professionally-written content: Written by certified resume writers, our property manager resume examples show you how to clearly communicate your competencies and experience. For instance, this resume includes key phrases such as “affordable housing programs knowledge” to illustrate strong capabilities. Or, use our builder for pre-written content suggestions for every section of your resume.
  • Format selection: Whether you are starting your career, have several years of experience or have advanced to the experienced level, the resume format you choose makes a difference. In the example provided, the individual chose a combination format that perfectly showcases both his work experience and skills, like marketing and communication.
  • Best resume template: You should choose a resume template based on the culture of the business to which you are applying. Our property manager resume examples show you acceptable designs for this field, such as the contemporary blue-and-white template used here. Or, peruse our library of resume templates to find one that fits your taste.

3 Property Manager Professional Summary Examples

Many people struggle to write a succinct professional summary. Our property manager resume examples can help. Study them, or use these property manager professional summaries for inspiration:

  1. Emerging property management professional who has self-managed three Airbnb properties over the past three years, which were all featured in the company’s monthly magazines. Properties ranked in the top-20 vacation rental spots several times. Eager to put the skills acquired to use for other vacation rental property owners.
  2. Experienced property manager with a strong focus on managing commercial properties. Proven ability to determine market rates, set fair prices, generate consistent profit and maintain at least 80% occupancy rate. Strongest skills include contractor management, disaster planning and property maintenance.
  3. Property management professional with 20 years of experience managing residential rental properties across the Bay Area. Well-known for attracting and screening excellent tenants with a 90% chance of making at least 95% of rental payments in full and on time. Proven ability to successfully manage properties even in volatile areas.

3 Property Manager Work Experience Examples

At the heart of success in this field is experience. Property manager resume examples are a great way to learn how to write powerful content and incorporate metrics that will get your resume notice. Here are some additional examples to review as you write your property manager work experience section:

  1. Maintained 90% capacity of 50-floor building by introducing a fully-equipped co-working space and by allowing some tenants to share floors.
  2. Coordinated with a team of six department heads and contractors to ensure security, cleanliness and timely repairs.
  3. Successfully screened for financially stable clients with excellent payment histories to ensure the payment of rent on time and in full.

Top Skills for Your Property Manager Resume

Property managers often refer to themselves as jacks of all trades. There are many different skills that go into making a successful career in this field. Choosing the right ones can make the difference in whether or not you get the interview. Here are some skills to consider for your resume:

Hard Skills

  • Landlord-tenant laws
  • Basic property repairs
  • Background checks
  • Rental property appraisal

Soft Skills

  • Diplomacy
  • Active listening
  • Time management
  • Decision making

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Property Manager FAQs

What is expected of a property manager?

Real estate owners have many expectations when they decide to invest profits in property management services. They need professionals to accomplish the following:

  • Maintain high occupancy rates
  • Generate profit
  • Keep properties in excellent shape
  • Find and screen the best possible tenants for each rental unit
  • Handle queries and concerns tenants might have
  • Reduce and handle proceedings related to liabilities, such as evictions

How do property managers make their money?

Property managers have several different payment arrangements to consider. Managers who work independently for residential property owners often do so on a commission basis, which spurs them to ensure they maintain high occupancy rates and tenant satisfaction. This arrangement is especially common in the vacation rental community. For commercial properties and when property managers work as employees, they receive salaries from the revenue generated by properties.

How many properties should a property manager have?

There is no predetermined set of properties a manager should control. It all comes down to personal and professional capabilities. Quantity also fails to consider size. For instance, a person appointed as property manager at one high-rise building might end up managing dozens of floors and working with several different commercial tenants.