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Product managers deal with strategy, product development and market research. This combination offers a rewarding and lucrative career for many people. In 2020, the highest-earning product managers receive base salaries above $146,000 per year. Use LiveCareer’s product manager resume examples to learn how to write, design and format a resume that will give you a leg up in this competitive field.


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What Is a Product Manager?

Product managers guide the strategy, execution and user insights of a product and oversee the cross-functional teams that create and improve the product. This is a relatively new role, closely associated with the growth of the tech industry. The exact duties may vary significantly depending on the organization. However, all product managers need to be experts and leaders for the products they work on.

According to Glassdoor, product managers are often well-compensated with bonuses and other additional pay. The average additional cash compensation (beyond base salary) in the U.S. is $12,374.

What Makes This a Great
Product Manager Resume Example?

Finding the right position as a product manager can be rewarding. Many enjoy the opportunity to make a substantial impact on a product for a potentially large audience.

LiveCareer can help you get your ideal job with product manager resume examples to inspire your resume writing. Here are some ways that our examples can guide you:

  • Keyword suggestions: Our project manager resume examples show you exactly what recruiters look for in a resume. Study them as you write your own for examples of professionally-written content. Or, use our Resume Builder, which offers pre-written text for each resume section. Use the suggestions as-is or customize them to fit your unique experience.
  • Format recommendations: Job seekers should choose their resume format based on their level of work experience. The example above utilizes a chronological resume format that puts the focus on the job seeker’s work history. If you are an entry- or senior-level worker, consider using a different resume format to highlight your skills and experience.
  • Appropriate templates: Choose a resume template that fits the industry to which you are applying. This construction manager resume uses a polished layout and a bright color palette. However, if you are applying in a very conservative or highly creative field, our resume builder might recommend a different resume template.


3 Product Manager Professional Summaries Examples

Your professional summary is a chance to highlight your most significant qualifications. Our product manager resume examples show you how to create an impactful summary. Use our content as-is or let it inspire your writing. Here are three additional examples of product manager summaries to consider for your resume:

  1. Product manager with over 8 years of experience guiding the strategy, development and marketing of enterprise products. Ready to bring my proven abilities to an innovative team. Dedicated team member with strong leadership abilities in startup environments.
  2. Multi-talented senior product manager who has successfully guided consumer products from conception through to delivery for more than 10 years. In-depth understanding of consumer market research and user experience planning. Substantial experience working with complex, cross-functional product teams.
  3. Eager product manager with an MBA who is ready to apply classroom theory to a new professional setting. Dedicated learner and detail-oriented team player. Enthusiastic to bring new perspectives to a customer-centric team.

3 Product Manager Work Experience Section Examples

When you apply to a product manager job, your unique experience helps you stand out. It shows that you have the insight and skill set necessary to succeed. Our product manager resume examples show you how to craft compelling work history content and how to incorporate metrics to show your impact. Here are three additional bullet points to consider:

  1. Managed commercial banking solution from concept to launch over a period of 16 months.
  2. Created and maintained roadmaps for product launch and six subsequent releases.
  3. Analyzed customer feedback data and primary market research to guide redesign of account portal.


Top Skills for Your Product Manager Resume

Hiring managers are looking for applicants with impactful and valuable skills. Study our product manager resume examples, which feature the skills that are most sought after by recruiters. Or, choose from this list of hard and soft skills:


Hard Skills

  • Atlassian JIRA
  • Roadmap management
  • Tableau
  • User requirements analysis


Soft Skills

  • Cross-functional coordination
  • Complex problem-solving
  • Product strategy
  • Customer communication

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Product Manager FAQs

What is the role of a product manager?

Product managers guide the success of a product or group of products. They lead (or play a leading role in) the cross-functional team that creates and improves the product. Product managers may set the strategy, roadmap and feature definitions for the products they oversee. The role played by a product manager is similar to a brand manager at a packaged goods company.

What makes a good product manager resume?

A great product manager resume needs to be specific to the job posting. This includes any prior experience working on similar products, required skills and a strong summary highlighting key achievements. Many product manager employers look for applicants with quantifiable accomplishments and specific, results-oriented work history descriptions. Product managers are responsible for product success. Your resume should clearly demonstrate your ability to deliver on that need.

Do you need an MBA to be a product manager?

No, many product managers have other degrees and experience in product strategy and management. Having an MBA is a common path to becoming a product manager, especially for recent graduates. However, it is not the only way to become one. Some product managers have previously worked as product specialists, analysts or associate product managers.