Paralegal Resume Examples

With a multitude of job opportunities in not only law offices, but also with government entities and corporations, now is a good time to start your paralegal job search. Our paralegal resume examples are designed to teach you how to write, format and design your resume to land your next great opportunity.


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What is a Paralegal?

Paralegals perform a variety of tasks to support lawyers and other legal professionals. Specific duties include drafting correspondence, preparing affidavits, filing court documents and helping lawyers prepare for trials. Paralegals are not licensed to practice law in most jurisdictions and must therefore always perform duties under the direct supervision of an attorney. Some paralegals specialize in one area of law such as criminal, estate or immigration law. Most paralegals have an associate degree or a certification from an accredited program in legal studies. Some lawyers choose to hire college graduates with no relevant experience and provide on-the-job training.

What Makes This a Great
Paralegal Resume Example?

Whether you just graduated from college or have years of legal experience, using our paralegal resume examples can help you write a resume that will set you apart from the competition. Here’s how our resume examples can help:

  • Professionally-written content: Our resume examples offer industry-specific content written by certified resume writers to show you how to craft your resume. Use this content as-is or personalize it with your information. Or, for more help, use our Resume Builder which will offer pre-written text suggestions to help you fill out every section of your resume.
  • Format recommendations: The functional format works well if you have limited experience, while a chronological resume is typically good for candidates with lengthy work histories. The job seeker in the example uses the combination format, which makes both his legal research and account administration skills stand out in equal measure.
  • Template suggestions: This job seeker chose a simple resume template with a pop of color, which is a solid idea for roles in the typically conservative legal field. Our builder can help you pick the right template for each job posting.

3 Paralegal Professional Summary Examples

The professional summary of a resume has one goal — to show hiring managers you have the required skills and education for the role. Our paralegal resume examples show you how to write a professional summary that highlights your most relevant accomplishments. Here are three additional examples of professional summaries for a paralegal resume:

  1. Recent graduate in paralegal studies with two years of internship experience conducting interviews and performing legal research. Organized, dedicated worker with proficiency using law databases LexisNexis and WestLaw. Adept in drafting correspondence, filing motions and preparing retainers.
  2. Energetic team player with five years of experience as a paralegal providing support to six attorneys. Background in hiring, training and managing a team of four other paralegals and legal assistants. In-depth knowledge of e-discovery procedures and case preparation.
  3. Trustworthy paralegal with seven years of experience in criminal and family law. Able to effectively assist attorneys in preparing for trials and hearings. Strong aptitude for handling confidential information and communicating with clients.

3 Paralegal Work Experience Examples

Use our paralegal resume examples to see how to properly format the work experience section of your resume. Our resume examples show you how to write compelling content to show off your paralegal experience. Use our bullet points as-written, or customize them using your own data and metrics. Here are three additional examples of work history content that may work for your resume:

  1. Prepared, filed and organized over 100 pleadings, motions, court orders and judgments for a commercial law firm.
  2. Improved existing filing database by arranging litigation files in a more accessible manner, resulting in a 20% reduction in the time needed to catalog new clients.
  3. Supported a team of five attorneys specializing in estate law.

Top Skills for Your Paralegal Resume

Many large law firms use software, not hiring managers, to scan resumes and identify the most qualified job seekers. Use our paralegal resume examples and other tools to optimize your resume with relevant words and phrases that are highly desired in the law field.

Here are some hard and soft skills that might enhance your resume:

Hard Skills

  • Intuit QuickBooks 
  • Discovery packages
  • Case management
  • Court calendaring

Soft Skills

  • Flexibility 
  • Attention to detail
  • Listening skills 
  • Multitasking

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Paralegal FAQs

Can I work from home as a paralegal?

Whether remote work is possible as a paralegal is up to the discretion of the law firm or corporation that employs you. Some virtual paralegals work directly for one specific firm and perform all duties from their homes. Others work as independent contractors and work for one or more lawyers. When working remotely, paralegals need to communicate daily with an attorney to ensure they receive proper guidance.

What does an entry-level paralegal do?

An entry-level paralegal has just started his or her career and does not have much experience. Paralegals with a limited work history will usually participate in on-the-job training under the direction of a more knowledgeable paralegal or a licensed attorney. Typical duties include attending court sessions, taking notes during client intake appointments, organizing case files and editing basic legal documents written by other paralegals.