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Videography and similar jobs are already popular, and they’re only projected to grow more in the coming years.. To break through the incoming competition, you can use our videographer resume examples to pinpoint the precise skills and qualifications employers want to see. Crafted by our certified resume writers, our examples will show you how to organize each section of your page to make hiring managers take notice.


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What is a Videographer?

Videographers are hired to shoot videos, often at weddings, birthdays, documentaries and other celebrations or ceremonies for individuals and companies. They might also edit filmed material, which may include adding sound effects or a musical soundtrack. Many videographers work for themselves, which requires creating and submitting bids to potential clients, securing permission to shoot on private property and copyrighting their material. Videographers can use past work to secure future work by putting their productions online for others to see, using the viral nature of social media to grow their business reach.

What Makes This a Great
Videographer Resume Example?

When you work for yourself, it can be tough to know how your resume stacks up next to your competitors’ and if employers will find your qualifications enticing. To overcome this common obstacle, use our videographer resume examples to guide your way. Here’s how they can help you find an ideal videographer position:

  • Content pre-written by experts: Our examples, crafted by professional resume writers, can help make sure your videographer resume includes key phrases and keywords hiring managers want to see. Note the use of “enthusiastic about developing and realizing cohesive vision” in this example’s professional summary, which describes the job seeker’s passion and success, and could very well echo language used in an ad for this position. For help writing your own resume, our builder will make pre-written content suggestions for each section of your resume. Use them as suggested, or customize them to make them your own.
  • Showing how to use different formats: Your personal skills and experience dictate which resume format you should use. If you have an abundance of experience with post-production work or scheduling shoots, opt for a chronological format like in this example. If you just graduated with a degree in film and video production, go with a functional format instead.
  • Helping pick a fitting template: Your resume template can dictate the document’s overall design, which employers should notice for the right reasons. In the example, placing different sections on each side of the page makes good use of whitespace.

3 Videographer Professional Summary Examples

Feeling stuck on crafting a satisfying videographer professional summary? Use our resume examples for guidance or write your own with help from our resume builder. Following are three professional summary examples similar to those our resume builder might offer for your videographer resume:

  1. Videographer with 10 years of experience filming documentaries, short films and marketing materials. Knowledgeable about the latest editing software and filming techniques. Dedicated to saving clients money without sacrificing quality and putting time-management skills to expert use on each project.
  2. Newly graduated videographer with a focus on music videos, graphic effects and sound effects. Experienced working with a team of two video producers and a director. Desire to learn how to build a loyal customer base, further exceed client expectations and write fair contracts.
  3. Dedicated and skilled videographer with a seven-year background in graphic design. Specialize in the latest editing techniques and equipment. Familiar with conducting screenings for production staff members and directors. Committed to learning and exceeding the client’s vision.

3 Videographer Work Experience Examples

With assistance from our resume examples, you can gain inspiration and understanding for your own videographer work experience section. If you prefer, use our resume builder, which features pre-written content for each job title. It is up to you to decide whether you want to keep our content as is or adjust it to your personal requirements, such as by adding specific metrics that reflect accomplishments throughout your career. Check out these examples:

  1. Conducted weekly meetings with each client to sharpen and understand project vision, content and central message.
  2. Worked with sound effects editors to decide on and finalize picture sound requirements across dozens of projects.
  3. Reviewed hundreds of hours of footage to piece together coherent narratives according to scripts.

Top Skills for Your Videographer Resume

Do not waste time guessing which videographer skills and qualifications deserve a spot on your resume’s skills section. Our builder spells out which proficiencies recruiters desire most. Decide if you want to include the recommended skills, add your own, or blend the two options. Following are hard and soft skills to consider for your videographer resume:

Hard Skills

  • Music and sound editing software
  • Video camera operation
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Final Cut Pro

Soft Skills

  • Active listening
  • Complex problem-solving
  • Artistic vision
  • Critical thinking

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Videographer FAQs

Is video editing a high income skill?

IIn 2019, the median yearly earnings for video editors was $63,780, coming out to hourly earnings of $30.66. This salary is significantly higher than the median of all jobs, which is $39,810 per year. In May 2019, though the lowest 10% of video editors made less than $26,560, the top 10% made more than $168,320 a year.

How can I improve my video editing skills?

After earning an undergraduate degree, focus on learning to use editing software and digital cameras. Some employers offer training on specific editing software. Earning certifications from software vendors can open advancement opportunities, as could improving or cultivating your leadership and creativity skills to manage your own projects.

Is video editing in demand?

From now until 2028, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 14% or higher job growth rate for film and video editors, which is much faster than the average for all occupations. Experts expect online platforms to provide editors with increasing job opportunities. Currently, cities with the most job openings include Los Angeles and New York City.