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Program managers help choose television show and film project ideas for studios and television stations. The number of scripted shows continues to increase each year, with 495 scripted originals in 2018, demonstrating the need for talented people in these roles. LiveCareer’s program manager resume examples can help you land one of these coveted roles. We show you impressive resumes designed to help aspiring programming applicants land exciting jobs.


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What is a Program Manager ?

A program manager is a key player in film production or broadcasting and television. This administrator works with a programming schedule for a film studio, sports program, radio show or television service. Program managers analyze a studio’s ratings, goals, viewer demographics and other programming options to make decisions about what to add or remove from the schedule. They may also work with other staff members and outside productions to pitch new ideas to studio heads or upper management. Sometimes program managers develop audience surveys or other polls to determine a programming strategy.

What Makes This a Great
Program Manager Resume Example?

Without a strong resume, it’s not easy to get a job in the competitive entertainment industry. With our comprehensive program manager resume examples, you will see exactly how to write a resume that will get you noticed. Here are three ways our examples can benefit your resume writing process:

  • Impresses recruiters with expert-written content: Use our resume examples for examples of professionally-written text to use in your resume, such as “maintained tight production timetables” and “cultivated community and media relations.” Or, use our builder which will make text suggestions written by our team of certified resume writers for every section of your resume.
  • Promotes success with an organized format: Landing a job in this industry starts with choosing the right resume format that reflects one’s career progress, such as this combination resume example. Applicants in the middle of a career use this format to combine chronological job history and a display of functional skills such as “budget coordination” and “program leadership.”
  • Grabs attention with a striking template: Getting noticed with a sleek, employer-appropriate resume template is easy with our help. This example uses a bold yet simple design that stands out in a stack of boring black and white pages. With lots of competition from other talented applicants, this template design gives your resume the power to attract attention.

3 Program Manager Professional Summary Examples

Starting a resume off on the right foot with a compelling professional summary is always necessary. Our program manager resume examples offer some possible wording choices for this important opening statement. Here are three additional program manager professional summary statements to show job seekers how to put this essential part of a resume together:

  1. Imaginative program manager with a passion for quality programming in an educational cable channel setting. Responsible for pitching 16 new, successful documentary show ideas. Strong understanding of viewer demographics and attitudes about current schedules.
  2. Insightful program manager with seven years of experience in designing nightly television show lineups. Successful in crafting a schedule that led to higher ratings. Skilled coordinator of different departments across a television studio to improve programming and station success.
  3. Intuitive program manager with a history of success in scripted streaming content. Partnered with independent production studios to procure scripted pilots each season. Assisted with development of four award-winning shows on the programming schedule.

3 Program Manager Work Experience Examples

Program managers have to prove they produce results with a dazzling work history. Our program manager resume examples offer pertinent help creating this section. Applicants can also utilize the resume builder for pre-written content ideas that can be used exactly as given or modified with their personal metrics. Here are some possible work experience examples for a program manager resume:

  1. Held daily programming update meetings with content producers, acquisition team members and marketing staff.
  2. Implemented bi-monthly audience surveys to get feedback about programming satisfaction.
  3. Scouted potential new content by attending four film festivals annually and working with contacts in pilot television offerings.

Top Skills for Your Illustrator Resume

Each job in film and television requires industry-specific skills. With the help of program manager resume examples or our resume builder, job seekers can choose potential relevant skills to add to their resumes’ skill sections.

Check out these in-demand program manager hard and soft skills:

Hard Skills

  • Awareness of FCC broadcasting rules and regulations
  • Experience in cable television
  • Knowledge of television production
  • Skills with ratings methodology

Soft Skills

  • Multitasking ability
  • Creativity
  • Excellent decision making
  • Works well under pressure

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Program Manager FAQs

How do you list movie experience on a resume?

Program managers may work on a variety of film productions throughout their careers. When detailing these projects on a resume, do what you can to highlight the most well-known and successful productions in your chronological work history. Include jobs and skills that match the program manager duties and responsibilities for the individual job posting.

How do you become a film production manager?

Most jobs in film production begin with some experience in the industry. Some people in this field first get a film degree and then begin working on projects. They may start out with employment as low-level production members, such as assistants or drivers. Eventually, as they gain more experience and network with others, they may receive more job offers for higher-level positions, including film production manager.

How do you list credits on a resume?

When listing credits on a resume, applicants should include projects where they had a major role, such as a production manager or producer, at the top of the summary. First, list the name of the production, movie or television show. Then include the type of production. Specify the date of the project and the individual job title from the production. Finally, include the name of the production company, producer or director.