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Writing is a competitive field. People from all walks of life feel drawn to this job, competing for both readers and employers internationally. In fact, in 2018 there were 181,000 writers in the workforce. Having the right tools at your disposal will improve your chances of landing an interview for your next role. When you are applying for work in this field, using our writer resume example can boost your odds of success. Written by our team of professional resume writers, studying them can show you how to create the resume that will help you join the ranks of professional writers.


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What Is a Writer?

Writers craft content for blogs, books, newspapers, marketing copy and more. This is a diverse field with many specializations and a wealth of industries to tap into. However, competition remains high. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that competition will only become more fierce as the number of writing roles decline.

Common writer position titles include freelance writer, copywriter, content writer and author. While most writers seeking employment contracts are not authors, there are some who pen books as ghostwriters on behalf of famous professionals and personalities around the world.

What Makes This a Great
Writer Resume Example?

With so many professionals competing for contract work, employment and publishing opportunities, a writer needs to put their best foot forward. We provide the tools you need to improve your chances of making it to the top of a recruiter’s list. Here are some  ways that writer resume examples can help:

  • Including the right words and phrases: Employers expect the best-written resumes to come from writers even when resume writing is not the individual’s specialty. Relying on pre-written phrases can help. This candidate uses several phrases worth adding to your own writer resume, such as “accomplished writer,” “exceptional writing” and “original, creative content.”
  • Choosing a format: The skills and work history sections are two critical parts of a writer’s resume. Choose a resume format that showcases these areas. Consider the industry and tailor your resume to the job. Someone applying for a job as a journalist versus joining an insurance company’s marketing team should highlight different skills.
  • Identifying the right template: Creativity is the number one talent employers want to see in writers. This is true of all positions and industries in which a writer might work. You might acknowledge this by picking a resume template that adds color to your resume. This candidate chose to use red and pink, which indicates they are not afraid to take risks.

3 Writer Professional Summaries Examples

Use our writer resume examples to create a professional summary that highlights your best qualities and achievements. If you’d like further help, our resume builder can make pre-written content recommendations to help you fill out your page. Use it verbatim or customize it for your writer professional summary. Here are some recommendations you might receive while using our builder:

  1. Freelance writer with 10 years of experience creating compelling copy for local restaurants. Proficient in handling not just website copy but social media and guest blogging outreach. Ready to turn this experience into a full-time position with clients in the food industry.
  2. Professional ghostwriter known well in financial expert circles for producing high-quality books in record time that suit the expertise and tone of clients. Proven ability to build and grow readership bases by the millions. Proficient in handling social media and website moderation.
  3. Accomplished content writer with five years of experience working for a marketing firm with clients in multiple industries. Proven ability to research technical topics and speak authoritatively. Currently seeking full-time employment or long-term contract work.

3 Writer Work Experience Section Examples

Our resume examples demonstrate the way you’ll need to detail your writer work experience for employers. From there, make adjustments and add metrics that properly reflect your employment history and the role you’re after. Here are some recommendations from our resume builder, which you’ll also have at your disposal:

  1. Wrote a dozen best-selling books as a ghostwriter for industry leaders and politicians around the world
  2. Produced original and humorous content for the company newsletter on a bi-weekly basis to boost employee morale
  3. Created daily content for Janey’s Corner at the Byron Paper, which attracted 20,000 new readers from a previously unreached demographic


Top Skills for Your Writer Resume

Writing is a skill in itself, but writers require others to become successful in this field. Both soft skills and hard skills are important to the job. They also play a role in landing an interview, as skills make great keywords to help bypass automated resume-sorting systems. Here are some to consider:

Hard Skills

  • Storytelling
  • Chicago style
  • Search engine optimization
  • Website moderation

Soft Skills

  • Creative thinking
  • Self-motivation
  • Communication
  • Organization

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Writer FAQs

How do you define a writer?

Some people say that anyone who writes is a writer, but there is a big difference between a hobbyist and a professional. Professional writers are artists who create written content for public consumption and receive payment for doing so. Here are some examples of professionals that fit under this broad category:

  • Screenwriters
  • Authors
  • Bloggers
  • Copywriters

What kind of writers are there?

There is no general consensus on how to classify professional writers. Some people only draw a distinction between hobbyists and paid writers. Others divide writers into those who write fiction and those who do not. Finally, some rely on classifying writers into several different groups, such as the following:

  • Technical
  • Academic
  • Journalistic
  • Creative

Can anyone become a writer?

The self-publishing market makes it possible for anyone to become a professional or paid writer as a blogger or an author. However, not everyone successfully makes a career in this field because competition is fierce. Put simply, writing is an easy field to get into but a challenging one to excel in.