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Whether alone or as a team, general managers typically oversee all operations within a business. According to the Harvard Business Review, it’s up to general managers to develop strategies that improve productivity, promote innovation and otherwise help their company grow, as well as to handle other miscellaneous administrative duties.

If you’ve got the experience and leadership skills needed, our general manager resume example will demonstrate how to write a compelling resume for this critical, high-level role. Let our team of certified resume writers show you which skills and other qualifications can help differentiate you from the competition.


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What Is a General Manager?

General managers oversee daily operations of companies and are often responsible for directly supervising employees as well. They typically have a broader scope of responsibility than, for example, an operations manager. General managers can recruit and train junior managers, develop growth strategies, monitor revenue performance, budget finances, optimize work environments, implement staff policies and more.

The specifics of their role depends on companies’ specific hierarchies, and they may be assigned different names in different industries. They might be called branch managers in banking, product managers in IT and so on. Their exact responsibilities and authority is usually determined by the next-highest or corporate-level management.

What Makes This a Great
General Manager Resume Example?

A resume should quickly communicate your top qualifications, so we’ll show you how a general manager can draft a resume that immediately impresses. The general manager resume example above was written by a certified resume writer who knows what recruiters seek. Here’s how their expert-crafted examples can assist your resume writing:

  • Professionally-worded content: General managers are upper-level management personnel, and our example demonstrates qualifications that reflect this experience. Both our examples’ content and our Resume Builder provide a host of pre-written, job-relevant phrases and terms like “specialize in cost-volume-profit analysis” and “proficiency in SAP” that will strengthen your resume.
  • Offers all format types: Your resume’s format is usually dictated by your level of experience. Since it belongs to an applicant with over a decade of experience, the resume example above uses a chronological format to display their work history in reverse-chronological order. Candidates with fewer years of experience might benefit from using a functional or combination resume format instead.
  • Variety of resume templates: We cater to the needs of every job seeker by providing a wide variety of templates in our resume builder. Since general managers work in many industries, many of our templates could work for your particular role. Whichever type of template you require, our builder has you covered.

3 General Manager Professional Summaries Examples

A short and captivating professional summary solidifies your chances of landing on a recruiters’ shortlist of candidates. You can learn to write this kind of attention-grabbing summary by using our resume examples as a guide.

Here are three example summaries you might consider when writing your resume:

  1. Self-driven general manager with 12 years of experience in the IT industry. CSM-certified professional with profound recruitment experience and establishing employee performance metrics. Excellent leadership skills with an impressive track record of steering teams through complex business cycles.
  2. Detail-oriented and engaging general manager with eight years of experience in hospitality. Certified restaurant manager with supply chain management expertise and experience in implementing ARPU-generating policies. Strong communication skills and accustomed to working in target-driven environments.
  3. Dedicated general manager with eleven years of experience in the FMCG industry. Strong operational knowledge of inventory management, capital turnover, logistics, and accounts management. Efficient leadership skills with effective communication and staff-management skills. Proficient in Tableau, advanced Excel and MS Outlook.

3 General Manager Work Experience Section Examples

General managers typically have worked many years in their field, so the work experience section is naturally a great place to illustrate past achievements. These should be succinctly and strategically presented. Both our examples and Resume Builder can provide you with easily customizable content to achieve this on your own resume.

Here are three work experience examples we might offer:

  1. Supervised a team of seven junior managers and increased their hourly efficiency, resulting in reduced costs by 2%.
  2. Contributed thousands of words across several entries in the “Journal of General Management.”
  3. Leading member of the six-person advisory committee formed by the board to develop innovative business strategies.


Top Skills for Your General Manager Resume

Recruiters seek specific hard and soft skills on general managers’ resumes when judging whether they would be capable of the role. Our Resume Builder has an extensive list of skills you can refer to and borrow from while writing your resume. Here are some skills our builder might recommend for general managers:

Hard Skills

  • Supply chain management
  • Data analytics
  • Recruitment
  • Business strategy

Soft Skills

  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Active listening

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General Manager FAQs

What are the minimum educational requirements for a general manager?

The majority of companies require general managers to have a bachelor’s degree in business administration and a few years of experience in their specific field. A bachelor’s degree in a technical field can be an added advantage if you are working in IT or manufacturing, for example. Apart from the degree and field knowledge, general managers need to have a sharp business acumen coupled with strong organizational and communication skills.

How do you establish credibility as a general manager?

Companies endow much responsibility to general managers, so it’s natural for these employers to look for trustworthy, talented individuals with track records that suit the company’s interests and needs. Besides having the knowledge and skills that suit the role, general managers can also prove their credibility by gaining additional certifications, perhaps as a certified general manager, from reputed organizations like AIBMC or GAQM.

What is the career scope of general managers?

The general manager’s role is a great place to display the full might of one’s skills and expertise. They enjoy decision-making powers in various areas of their business and shoulder huge responsibilities. General managers are in a position in which if they perform successfully, their next job might extend to the C-suite, perhaps as COO or VP of operations.